Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 991

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Chapter 991

As soon as he let go, her hands became restless again.

Jacob didn’t care about the pain and sat up, “Irene…” he roared fiercely.

Irene was shocked by his aura.

“I have a hygiene disorder. I don’t like others to touch me.” Jacob’s tone softened.

Irene bit his scalp and touched the wound on his shoulder blade, believing that it was just a skin injury, and he was relieved slightly.

Then, she poured a basin of warm water and ordered him to take off his clothes. “Take off your clothes and I will wipe your back.”

Jacob did not move, a touch of helplessness spread in the eagle pupil. “Irene, don’t you see the concept of’there is a difference between men and women’?”

Irene said: “When the doctor is saving the dying and healing the wounded, there is no concept of’the difference between men and women’ in his eyes.”

“But you are not a doctor.” Jacob said angrily.

“I have worked as a nurse at Media Asia Hospital. You are a skin injury, and I can handle it.” Irene said confidently.

Jacob teased: “Dignified President of Media Asia has worked as a caregiver? It’s as ridiculous as living in a slum before your fortune!” Obviously, he didn’t believe her.

“In the past, after falling down and disfigured, my face looked like a fascination. When others saw me, they were scared, so I put on a mask and hid in Huanyali as a caregiver.” Irene said lightly.

Falling down?

Jacob knew that she had had plastic surgery, but he didn’t expect it to be because of such a painful cause.

He thought she just loved being pretty.

For some reason, he felt distressed for her experience.

Irene insisted on undressing him, the more he stopped, the closer she got to him.

The fragrance of a woman puffed his nose, and there was a touch of helplessness in Jacob’s eyes.

In order not to happen more embarrassing things, Jacob can only reluctantly agree to her.

Irene took off his T-shirt. Jacob’s sexy, charming, thin and perfect figure immediately appeared in front of her, without extra fat, and the perfect lines were a masterpiece of God.

Irene couldn’t help swallowing.

Red stars began to appear in her eyes.

Jacob’s head was curled with green smoke. “Don’t watch.” Yu Sui ordered.

Irene muttered: “Is such a good figure, isn’t it a violent thing if you don’t show it to others?”

Jacob stared at her fiercely. “You don’t have a bad figure, do you want to go out and run for two laps? That way, you won’t be violent?”

Irene was so stupefied by his poisonous tongue that she just wanted to pierce the ground.

Hurry up and silence, squeeze a dry facial mask, and gently wipe the blood on his back.

Her hand touched his back from time to time, and there was a burst of electric current on his back.

He knew that it was an inadvertent rub, but he still frowned.

He didn’t even hate the touch of her. There are some damn like feelings.

This annoyed him!

After Irene wiped his back, she took out the healing ointment she carried with her from her bag. Because there was no cotton swab, she used her fingertips instead of the cotton swab, and gently applied the ointment to his wound.

The action is so gentle.

But the exit, his words were rude, and the domineering side leaked: “Which of you was assassinated by a thousand swords? I want to dig out his ancestor for the eighteenth generation and whip the corpse!”

“What’s the matter with the eighteenth generation of his ancestor?” The corner of Jacob’s lips rose slightly.

Irene grinned her teeth and said: “Who would let them pass on from generation to generation and give birth to such a damn bastard.”

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