Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 990

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Chapter 990

Jacob dumbfounded.

The usual arrogant female devil would be like an egg. Just call the kidnapper ancestors.

“Are you crazy? How can my life be so valuable?” Jacob shouted at Irene.

Irene Hedong’s lion roar overwhelmed him, “Don’t irritate the robber, you promise him whatever he wants. Money is just something outside of your body, promise me that you must protect yourself.”

Irene became more nervous and battled Jacob, and Huang Ping got better.

“President Yan, I changed my mind. I want one billion.”

“Okay, I’ll give it to you right away.”

Huang Ping’s mobile phone quickly received the transfer information, and seeing the huge numbers, Huang Ping’s eyes showed a smirk.

“Ayue, that big president really treats you as a darling baby. I’m leaving, bye!” Huang Ping didn’t dare to stay, and quickly fled.

Jacob sighed suddenly.

Secretly scolded Irene: “Idiot.”

When Jacob took out the key and opened the door of the room, he never thought that Huang Ping would suddenly come back and stabbed him unexpectedly.

“Ayue, this is the price you paid for betraying me.” Huang Ping said viciously.

When Jacob approached him, his body dodged, and the dagger that should have been stabbed into the vest was slashed from his shoulder blades.

After Huang Ping stabbed the wounded Jacob, he fled.

Jacob dragged his aching body in and threw his body on the bed. His handsome face twisted into twists because of the pain, and he looked at the ceiling in despair.

A billion, Irene just gave that kind of bastard for nothing. Doesn’t she feel heartache?

Media Asia.

When Irene received a call from Jacob and heard the blackmailer’s voice, her body was immediately engulfed by ice.

Trembling and commanded: “Guan Xiao, send out all the ghost members, follow me to rescue him.”

Guan Xiao didn’t dare to neglect for half a second.

Ten minutes later, Irene came to Jacob’s rental house. The ghost members searched for Huang Ping’s whereabouts centered on renting a house.

Irene saw the bright red blood stain at the door, and suddenly called out tragically.

“Ah! Brother Ayue…”

Jacob’s gloomy voice came from the room, “Don’t worry, I’m not dead yet.”

Irene pushed the door in and saw Jacob lying on the bed with one hand covering the wound, his face pale. Irene ran over immediately.

“Sorry for causing you trouble.” Jacob said weakly.

Irene glared at him in horror, her eyes falling on the large patches of blood on the bed sheet. She didn’t know where his wound was, or whether he was badly injured, but she was shocked when she saw this horrible scene.

Jacob looked at the teardrops in her eyes, and was slightly startled, “I’m fine, I have suffered a little skin trauma.”

This sentence seemed to give Irene a reassurance, and Irene came back to her senses.

But she stretched out her hand to take off his compassion, and she wanted to check his injury.

Jacob screamed in panic, “What are you doing?”

Irene said: “I want to check your injury.”

Jacob shook her restless hand, “Whether a man or a woman can k!ss or not. Don’t you know?”

Irene looked at her hand, “Then what are you holding my hand for?”

Jacob quickly released her hand.

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