Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 989

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Chapter 989

Jacob’s eyes filled with coldness. “Go away.” roared in a low voice.

Huang Ping got up straight and approached Jacob.

Then he threw the cigarette butt in his hand to the ground bitterly, and stomped it hard with his foot. As if he was stepping on Jacob.

Huang Ping was angry and ferocious, and said viciously: “Ayue, what are you so proud of? Are you the most incompetent waste in our fishing village? I have been raised by my wife for the past few years, and I can comfortably eat soft meals. Hum, it’s me. Pretend to be upright in front of you?”

Jacob’s lips and teeth lightly opened, and he said grimly: “f*ck. don’t let me say it a third time.”

Huang Ping’s gaze fell on his clenched fist, “Oh, want to hit me? You see you are thin and tender, will you fight?”

Jacob remembered Irene’s moves to deal with those robbers in his mind, and suddenly jumped. A 540-degree spin kick kicked Huang Ping far away.

Huang Ping stared at Jacob in disbelief, wiped his nosebleeds, and got up angrily, “I didn’t expect you would really have a second life.”

Jacob looked at his fist, he also felt very strange, martial arts is not a skill that is quick to develop overnight, is this clearly what he knew before?

Huang Ping took out his mobile phone and set the mobile phone microphone to hands-free. Jacob immediately heard the cries of the tiger from inside: “Dad, help me.”

The indifferent eyes of Jacob were immediately shrouded in haze, “Asshole, let go of my son.”

Huang Ping turned off his mobile phone and smiled grimly, “Ayue, I kindly introduced the men from the fishing village to the tourmaline construction site to earn money, but you retaliated my money and I want you to repay it twice.”

“How much do you want?” Jacob asked angrily.

Huang Ping said, “Then it depends on how much your son is worth in your heart.”

At that moment, Jacob really weighed Hu Zi’s status in his heart.

It seems a little insignificant…

This irrelevant feeling made Jacob feel self-disgusted. That’s his child, how could he be so indifferent to his own flesh and blood?

Huang Ping said: “I know you and President Media Asia are getting better. Now that I treat you like this, she will definitely not let me go. I want five million, and I will disappear in the imperial capital after I get the five million.”

Jacob glared at him angrily, “You are simply frantic. If you want money, you will die.”

“You go to the president of Media Asia and ask her to give you five million.”

“I am not relative to her, why did she give me so much money? I have hundreds of thousands of dollars on my body. If you want me to give it to you, you have to let the tiger go. If you dare to move the tiger, I will never forgive you.” Jacob warned.

With his stern face, his voice wrapped in a low pressure, Huang Ping trembled involuntarily.

However, Huang Ping plans this kidnapping case, but he has the determination to survive.

“Don’t bargain with me. Five million, one cent is not a lot. Otherwise, those who kidnap Huzi will tear up their votes if they don’t get the money?”

Jacob’s face is blue…

Huang Ping urged: “Call her quickly.”

Jacob took out his cell phone reluctantly. In order to protect Huzi, he had to call Irene.

He has to hold down these frantic people.

The phone was connected quickly, but he didn’t know how to speak.

“Hey, Brother Ayue.” Irene’s joyous voice soon came from the microphone.

Jacob glared at Huang Ping angrily, cold eyes lingering.

Seeing that he was not threatened, Huang Ping simply said to Irene: “President Yan, Ah Yue is now in my hands. If you want him to survive, I will immediately make 5 million for 184, remember not to Call the police.”

There was silence over the microphone.

The corner of Jacob’s lips curled up with an extraordinary smile.

Irene is also a person who has seen the world. How could it be easily threatened by a kidnapper?

Of course…

Irene seemed to come back to her senses, and her voice came tremblingly, “As long as you guarantee his safety, let alone five million, even fifty billion old women will give you too.”

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