Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 988

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Chapter 988

There is a beautiful and virtuous and affectionate wife at home, who naturally has to support her every word and deed, but she became a gambler and lost her life.

It really shouldn’t be for Faith’s mommy.

Faith’s cry gradually stopped.

Jacob raised his eyes and looked at the room upstairs, only to feel that the child’s xinxing was clear.

Jacob stood up and said, “Thank you for your hospitality. I have something to do. Let me go ahead.”

Irene looked upstairs with his eyes, slightly lost.

Jacob walked outside with his long legs.

Irene didn’t get up to send him either, just pinched his eyebrows with a headache.

Until Jacob closed the door and left, the room upstairs slowly slid open, and behind Faith, there was still a beautiful figure standing.

Irene’s face was sad, and she slowly went downstairs.

Irene looked at her and said, “You have heard it all. I think he will not abandon his current wife and children. Just give up.”

Irene sat in front of Irene, tears flickering in her eyes.

Irene pulled a paper towel and handed it to her, “Why cry? Cry. He can find other women, so can you find other men.”

Irene hid her face and burst into tears.

Irene was a little helpless, “Lingbao, don’t cry. If you cry, my heart will be broken.”

Irene stood up and said angrily: “Or, I’ll go find out with him. I told him that he is your husband and the daddy of three children. I took him back to fulfill his husband and Father’s duty.”

Irene grabbed Irene’s hand and choked and reprimanded: “You know, I have waited for him for several years, how life is better than death. He is back now, although he can’t be my god. But at least I can see. To him. If you force him to cause any problems, you are killing me?”

Irene said: “Why is he so fragile? He is the warlord who kills and decides.”

Irene shook his head painfully, “I don’t allow you to do this impulsively. It was you who said that when he blew up the tourmaline manor that day, his chariot was bumped in the fire, and his body had suffered so much. No longer the indestructible war master.”

Faith was also excited to stop her uncle, “Even the doctor said. There are blood clots in Daddy’s brain. Moreover, the blood clots are located in a special place, which is easy to cause the risk of bleeding. I would rather Daddy not come back than Daddy’s accident.”

Irene looked at the mother and daughter who had the same caliber, and said helplessly: “Okay, okay. I’ll let him go.”

Irene stroked Faith’s head and comforted her: “This matter is not entirely without room for change. As long as he is alive and the rest of his life is long, I will slowly influence him. I believe that one day, he will come back. .”

Faith is very confident in Mommy, “Mommy, I believe you, it will be possible.”

After Jacob left Haitian Yishi, he went straight back to his rented house.

From afar, he saw a familiar figure leaning against the door of the rented house, with a cigarette with sparks in his mouth.

Jacob’s eyes were frozen and slowly walked over.

“What are you doing?” The voice was cold and gloomy.

Huang Ping looked at Jacob with a wicked sneer in his eyes.

“Ayue, you lost my job. You also let me squat into the game for a few days. You hurt me so badly, do you think you should compensate me?”

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