Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 827

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Chapter 827


And just when these people’s words fell.

Suddenly, the hum of an engine resounded from the front.

Then everyone saw that a green sports car came quickly from the front.

This is more than that.

Behind this sports car, there were Toyota cars.

There are as many as ten cars.


Soon, these cars stopped.

“Who is that bastard who has interfered in Gao Shengyuan’s business?”

“Is this shabby yard so hard to grab?”

A gloomy sound came from the sports car.

They saw the car door opened.

Then a young man in a floral shirt wearing sunglasses came down with a hot girl.

Not only them!


From the Toyotas behind, many strong men got out of the cars.

This scene made the evil man and the others ecstatic.

“Master Gao, this is that bastard!”

Hearing this!

Young Master Gao only looked at the evil young man, and when he saw his bloody cheeks, he got shocked.

“Fengzi, what happened to your face?”

Although Young Master Gao got horrified to see the face of the evil young man.

For the first time, he has seen someone with a peeled face.

“Master Gao, this bastard has torn my face off!”

“Please avenge me. I want you to break this bastard’s limbs and strip off his face!”

The words of the evil young man were extremely harsh.

And after hearing this the young master Gao turned his eyes and looked at Shaun, Xun’er, and the blind woman.

“So you are the people who are stopping me from buying this shabby yard?”

There was a deep anger in Young Master Gao’s eyes.

His real estate company has taken over a big project.

However, almost all the surrounding courtyards were acquired, but this courtyard which is own by this blind woman is hard to get.

This has made him lose his patience a long time ago.

That’s it.

Young Master Gao stared at Shaun.

After seeing Shaun’s face, his pupils shrunk slightly:

“Boy, what’s your name?”

At this moment, he became interested in Shaun.

After all, it is extremely rare that someone has cut off the face of a person and he is so calm.

“Shaun!” Shaun looked at Gao Shengyuan indifferently, his voice was extremely indifferent.


However, after hearing this name, Gao Shengyuan got taken aback, and then said incredulously:

“Are you the rubbish husband of New Bai Group’s president Elvira?”

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