Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 828

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Chapter 828


New Bai Group!

Hearing this, the evil young man and the others next to him, their eyes condensed slightly.

After all, although The New Bai Group has not officially opened yet, it is already popular, and they have heard of it.

And they are familiar with Shaun’s name.

“Hahaha… it is you!”

After seeing Shaun’s acquiescence, Gao Shengyuan laughed and said:

“Shaun, we are a family! The largest material supplier of the New Bai Group is our Tiansheng Group!”

“So, forget about it! You go, I have something to do with this blind woman and a small girl!!!”

Gao Shengyuan’s words conveyed a deep sense of gravity.

He turned to look at the blind woman and Xun’er, with anger in his eyes:

“Shaun, I’m not afraid to tell you, because your New Bai Group is an important partner of our group, so as the young master of Tiansheng Group this time I forgive you for your recklessness!”

“But I can’t forgive these two! They both have already delayed my project! So, they have to compensate for my loss!”


Gao Shengyuan’s words changed the complexion of everyone around him.

Especially the evil young man and others.

There were deep disappointment and anger in their eyes.

After all, Shaun had done brutality with the evil young man, and they wanted to revenge, but since Gao Shengyuan had said it, he didn’t want to offend the important partner of his group.

And now, all the hatred and anger of the evil young man and others can only be vented on the blind mother and Xun’er.

“Boy, did you hear that? You are lucky today!”

“Get out of here! You tore my face and I won’t count it on these two evils!”

Although the young man’s heart was full of unwillingness, he said this with anger.

At this moment, the faces of the blind mother and Xun’er got pale to hear this.

They knew that as Gao Shengyuan is here, both of them will end up miserably, and they didn’t want to hurt Shaun.

“Big brother, you go! This matter has nothing to do with you, don’t worry about us anymore!” Xun’er’s eyes were red.

“Big brother, for your life-saving grace, Xun’er will repay for it in the next life!”

Xun’er brust into tears.

And aside.

The blind mother was also full of misery, and said bitterly to Shaun:

“Boy, I thank you! If we got another life, Xun’er and I will repay you!”

After finished speaking, the blind woman held Xun’er in her arms.

Both were crying.

And seeing this scene!

Everyone around expected Shaun to leave.

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