Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 987

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Chapter 987

Jacob ate dinner gracefully, obviously a little unhappy with Irene’s successive questions.

Jun’s forehead slightly frowned.

Faith hurriedly relieved Jacob, angrily, “Uncle,” he could not eat and sleep. “

Irene winked at Faith and said: “Uncle sees that Teacher Ayue is a talented person. If he is single, uncle wants to match him and marry your mommy to him.”

The bowl in Jacob’s hand almost slipped off the table, and his heart became a little agitated inexplicably.

Faith hoped that her father and mother would get back together as soon as possible, so he agreed with Irene and said: “Uncle, my mother is not only beautiful, but also very gentle and cute. You will meet my mother. You like her very much.”

After speaking, she glanced at the closed room upstairs meaningfully.

Irene hurriedly corrected: “No, no, Faith, you can’t lie to your uncle. Your mommy is pretty or pretty, cute or cute, but she is gentle-too outrageous. If uncle finds out that we lied to him, just in case What should I do if I return the goods?”

Faith stared at Irene bitterly, “Uncle, my mommy is always gentle.”

Irene’s head shook like a rattle.

Jacob said lightly: “I already have a wife and children at home.”

When Faith heard the words, Dou Da’s tears rolled down.

Jacob stretched out his hand and gently wiped away tears for her with his fingers. He comforted: “Faith, there are many destinies in the world to stick to, and you don’t have to be a relative under the roof.”

Faith lost her dishes, and ran to her room crying.

Jacob stared at Irene fiercely, “From now on, don’t joke casually.”

Irene shrugged a little wronged, “I didn’t make her cry.”

Jacob looked upstairs, Faith’s heartbroken voice reached his ears, Jacob only felt a faint pain in his heart.

Irene saw that his love for Faith was sincere, so he took the opportunity to ask him, “Mr. Ayue, look at my family, Faith likes you so much, and my sister is also a first-class beauty, or you just feel wronged. Stay and take care of their mother and daughter.”

Of course Jacob understood the meaning of Irene’s phrase “stay”. But he is not the one who always gives up.

Irene’s proposal is undoubtedly a humiliation to his noble character. Jacob’s whole body is like an ancient cold ice, and coldly said: “I can’t do this kind of thing.”

Irene grabbed his arrogant unruly and became extremely solemn and solemn. “I know that it is very difficult for you to make a request for you. But if it’s not for nothing, how can I make such an absurd request?”

Jacob was slightly surprised. Quietly listening to Irene’s following.

“To tell you, my sister has intermittent blindness. In the past few years, even the children can’t take care of her.”

Jacob’s heart was inexplicably pierced by countless needles, and the pain made him gasp.

“Where is your brother-in-law?” Jacob asked.

Irene stared at Jacob in a daze, with a thick suspense on his face.

It turns out that Jacob’s dictionary still contains the word “brother-in-law”. But for so many years, Jacob was in front of him, with a arrogant and majestic attitude, setting him off like a humble grass.

He has never dared to associate him with the word “brother-in-law”, let alone arrogantly to his brother-in-law.

Irene sighed heavily, “Hey, don’t mention it. My brother-in-law, pretentious and arrogant, made a bet with someone a few years ago, and lost his bet, and took his wealth and life into it.”

Jacob frowned slightly, inexplicably resenting the man he had never met before.

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