Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 826

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Chapter 826

“Vengeance! Mar, I want revenge!!!”

In the mouth of the evil young man, a frightening roar resembling a wild beast:

“Quick! Call Young Master Gao!”

“He will take revenge for us!!!”

This sentence of the evil young man instantly reminded something to people around him.

Their eyes lit up instantly.

Then one of them quickly took out his mobile phone, found a phone number, and dialed it.

And at the moment!

The blind woman and Xun’er, although they did not see the hideous and terrifying faces of the evil young man, they had already imagined what will happen from their words.

When they heard that these people were calling Young Master Gao, their expressions changed drastically.

“Young man, run away! That young master is something we can’t afford to offend! Run away and leave us alone!”

The face of the blind woman was as ugly as dead gray.

And Xun’er was more anxious and she said:

“Brother, I’m sorry, I caused you trouble again! Just run away! That Young Master Gao is not something we can provoke!”

The blind mother and Xun’er were extremely worried about Shaun at this moment.

Shaun did not answer.

Instead, he squatted down, with a big hand, lightly brushing the small face of Xun’er which was full of scars.

“Big brother!”

Xun’er’s body trembled slightly.

In her eyes, there was a deep sense of inferiority and panic.

As if, for fear that her ugly face would scare Shaun.

“Don’t be afraid!”

Shaun smiled slightly and said softly.

This sounded, as if the breeze blew up, suddenly changed Xun’er’s panic mood.

As if these words contained magical powers, all her fears and low self-esteem disappeared.

At this moment, she only felt Shaun’s palm lightly passing over her face.

A hint of cool breath began to penetrate her skin from Shaun’s palm.

Which let Xun’er’s delicate body tremble slightly.

“This is true, it can help you relieve the pain in your face!”

In Shaun’s eyes, a deep pity appeared.

He couldn’t imagine that a five or six-year-old girl would have to bear the horror of scars and pain on her cheeks.

This is definitely more uncomfortable than killing someone.

And at this moment, all the companions of the evil young man started to yell at Shaun.

“Little beast, you have cut off master’s face, wait if you have guts! Master Gao will be here soon, and he will teach you the lesson!”

“Asshole, you wait! Young Master Gao is coming. He will definitely not let you go!”

In the mouths of these people, the young master Gao seemed to be a big man.

From their words, it seems that as long as Master Gao arrives, Shaun will end miserably.

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