Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 986

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Chapter 986

And this change originated from the shock that Faith’s mom gave him.

Jacob explained: “Uncle made a mistake before. Uncle used to think that whether it is everlasting love or everlasting friendship, it should be heavy. Now that uncle’s mood has changed, uncle feels that whether it is love or friendship, it is all Don’t care about the vigor and vigor, but should care about forever!

It’s as eternal as a stream of water! “

Faith seemed to understand, but she was very supportive, “I think my uncle played well last time, and this time he played well.”

When Irene came in with the juice, he heard the king of cheers trying hard to fight Jacob.

“Ms. A Yue played it just now?” Irene was a little surprised.

Faith nodded, “Of course.”

“Is there a mistake?” Irene asked with his mouth attached to Faith’s ear.

Faith said: “Uncle is good at playing. He is skilled in fingering and has his own skills, able to pop up magnificent scenes, and also the long tenderness. I have learned a lot from my uncle, and I have a sense of enlightenment. “

Irene flattened his mouth. Skeptical, “Is it true?”

Jacob couldn’t hear Irene’s doubts about him, and there was a touch of ice cold in his eyes. With his slender and beautiful hands on the piano keys, he suddenly played the song “Little People” with great momentum.

Faith said with a deep smile: “Uncle’s “Little People”, with a dull and complicated tone, expresses the sorrow of those narrow-minded and conspiring little people to the fullest.”

When Irene heard the words, his handsome face collapsed, “The little thing with his elbow turned out.”

Then he walked out muffledly.

Faith and Jacob looked at each other and smiled.

At lunch, Faith pitifully retained Jacob, “Uncle, you can stay with me to dine with me. My father and mother will not come back. I am lonely when I eat alone!”

Irene pointed to his nose, “Am I not a human?”

Faith hated her uncle’s sabotage and stared at him ferociously, “Uncle, I always treat you as the second one at home.”

Irene glanced at the Husky on the balcony, his eyes were so silly and dumb.

Irene was a little unlovable.

“Good.” Jacob readily accepted Faith’s request.

For some reason, Faith felt unwilling to resist.

After the servant brought the lunch to the table, Faith sat next to Jacob, and Irene sat opposite them.

Seeing a table of light food, Irene, who likes heavy taste, has nowhere to land with his chopsticks. Angrily complained: “Why is it all light? Somehow prepare a dish for me?”

At this time, the servant put a dish of kimchi in front of Irene, and Irene glanced at the servant meaningfully, “My position in this family is just a dish of kimchi?”

The servant explained: “Master Yan, lunch is the meal ordered by Master Ye Feng.”

Irene said: “I see.”

Then looked at Jacob bitterly, and said, “Teacher Ayue, do you know if these dishes suit your appetite?”

Jacob said, “I’m not picky eaters.”

Irene gritted his teeth with anger, and this table was clearly made for him. Of course he is not picky eaters anymore?

“By the way, who are there in Teacher Ayue’s family?” Irene pretended to be a family with him, aiming to figure out how Jacob felt for his current wife.

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