Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 825

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Chapter 825

The majestic pain made him tremble all over.

The evil young man wanted to struggle, but he was surprised to find that Shaun’s big hands were like iron tongs, pressing his head against the ground so hard that he couldn’t move the slightest.

But there is more to it!


The evil young man could hear a clear tearing sound.

He suddenly felt that the dagger was placed on his cheek and swiped suddenly.



Scarlet blood flowed down from the face of the evil man in an instant.

The men and women around were surprised to find that Shaun used a dagger to swipe up and down the face of the evil man.

Then he grabbed a facial skin with five fingers.

Then he yanked hard!


The face of the evil young man was torn apart by Shaunheng.


At this moment, the young men and women around were completely shocked.

They looked at the palm-sized face in Shaun’s hand, and then at the face of the evil young man disappeared without a trace, leaving only the scarlet face.


Several people around seemed to have seen a ghost, they all got frightened and retreated.

“Face! Feng… Brother Feng, your face…”

“This man is a lunatic, he tore off Brother Feng’s face!”

“Scared me to death, lunatic, devil!”


Several young men and women around shuddered from fear, their legs were weak.

And after their words fell.

The evil young man felt a chill on his face as if he had lost something.

What followed was the majestic pain that seemed like a tide.


“No! My face! Where’s my face…”

The hands of the evil young man trembled and wanted to touch his face.

But what started with was a piece of warm flesh and scarlet.

Face… gone!

This blow made the evil young man almost in danger.

However, what made the evil young man and the men and women around him even more unbelievable was that Shaun seemed to have moved something on him a long time ago.

Even if the skin on his face was torn off at this moment, the blood on his face did not flow crazily.

On the contrary, it is fixed on the flesh and blood of the face, which also makes the evil young man look even more terrifying and hideous.


At this moment, everyone felt a chill straight down their foreheads along the soles of their feet. They looked at Shaun as if they were looking at a madman or a devil.


They felt that they were already ruthless enough, but they never thought that the handsome guy in front of them could be so terrible with ruthless methods!

“Brother Feng! What shall we do now?”

One of the young men, with a trembling voice, asked the evil young man.

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