Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 830

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Chapter 830

That’s it!

Gao Shengyuan waved his hand, his smile became more and more ferocious:

“Come on! Break this kid’s hands and feet!”


After Gao Shengyuan’s words fell.

The thirty or forty brawny men around suddenly surged wildly.

One by one, like vicious tigers, they waved the baseball bat in their hands and rush towards Shaun.

Not to mention a person, even a fierce beast with rough skin will be instantly smashed into flesh.

Seeing this scene!

Xun’er’s expression changed drastically, and she wanted to rush towards Shaun.

She wants to protect her elder brother behind her even she got killed.

As for the evil young man and others, they got excited to see this scene:

“Hahaha… idiot! Kill him!”

“Hey, this kid was looking for death!”

The faces of these people were brutal.

They seemed to have seen the miserable condition of Shaun being beaten into the blood.

But at this moment.

Shaun’s slow words came again:

“Well! Since there are more people, then wait for more people!”


Shaun’s words stunned Gao Shengyuan and others.

However, they had not yet waited for them to understand what Shaun meant.


The same roar of engines, like a roar of a beast, exploded.

Then, under the incredible sight of everyone, some black cars stopped there.

These cars seem to have been lurking in the surrounding alleys a long time ago.

It seems that they have long been waiting for Shaun’s order.






Looking at the black cars that rushed there frantically from the surrounding roads, the big guys who rushed forward, with pale faces stopped abruptly.

Gao Shengyuan, the evil young man, and others couldn’t believe their eyes when they saw this scene.

“He… Is he the dog master?”

Gao Shengyuan is not a fool.

He knew that this was the North District of Jiang City, and he was able to mobilize so many fighters in one go.

Gao Shengyuan knows the person “Gouye”.

Before coming here, he was at the bereaved dog’s house where he gave him a generous gift.

Gao Shengyuan couldn’t believe what Gouye and the others were doing here.

“Are they here for me? This guy said that more people are coming, is it just a coincidence?”

At this moment, Gao Shengyuan’s mind messed up.

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