Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 1001

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Chapter 1001

Qiulian’s answer is always as accurate as reciting a textbook. There is no difference in one word. “Husband, three years ago you borrowed usury and was chased for debt. When you and Jincao drove away, you were driven off the cliff by the creditor. .”

Jacob’s face was dark, he really couldn’t think of any reason why he had to borrow usury.

In his bones, he hates people who get something for nothing. How can he deal with them?

“Why borrow usury?” Jacob frowned and asked.

“Who knows what you did outside? A few years ago, you worked outside and came back once a year. Every time you return home, I just think you are an honest person and only do honest business. Who knows you will reach out to people who are inconsistent.”

Jacob sighed weakly.

When he wanted to ask more, he saw Qiulian tears in her eyes and heartbroken: “At that time, I was still pregnant with a tiger. After you encounter such a catastrophe, my parents will only be you. It was Ah Dou, who couldn’t help, forcing me to marry an old man in a neighboring village. But I was pregnant with our children and was unwilling to remarry. My parents couldn’t force it. So they sent us out.”

Jacob drew a tissue and gently wiped away the tears from the corners of her eyes. Very guilty: “Qiulian. I’m sorry, I am the one who caused you.”

Qiulian looked at him sadly, “Husband, in the past few years, you have suffered from a strange illness in a car accident, and you are unwilling to round up your house with me. You can’t even do a lot of dirty work. I don’t complain about you at all. Please, don’t leave me, our family will live together forever, okay?”

Jacob felt ashamed of a kind wife like Qiulian. He made up his mind and said: “Wait a few days, I’ll go to the hospital to see if my disease can be cured. Qiulian, I won’t wrong you.”

Qiulian burst into laughter. “I know.”

Jacob took her into his arms. The discomfort of the stomach fundus was pressed hard by him.

Calendar garden.

The atmosphere in the room-upset.

Irene sat on the sofa sulking.

Irene begged his grandpa to apologize to his grandma, “Oh, my aunt. My eldest brother came a little late and made you soaked in the rain. My eldest brother also apologized to you. Why are you still angry?”

Irene angrily said: “I didn’t call you. What are you doing? It broke my good deeds and made me rain and tears for nothing.”

Irene was puzzled, “Aren’t you angry because I came late?”

At this time, Janice walked in angrily, and when he saw Irene, he threw the handbag at him angrily.

Irene hurriedly jumped up and down, “Did you two have a convulsion? What did I do wrong today? Are you doing this to me? One cold war with me, the other hit me when you see me. You give me an explanation and let me die Convinced.”

Janice chased Irene and ran for a while, but he couldn’t get past Irene, kicking with his hands on his knees.

Out of breath, he said: “You didn’t come early or late, you just showed up at that point in time. You disrupted all our plans. You let Sister Irene become a chicken. You’re bad. God, you piss me off.”

Irene seemed to realize something, “What plan?”

Janice explained: “Bitter tricks. Didn’t you see my brother in the mall? If you show up later, my brother will run out to help Sister Irene at all costs. The two of them will become lovers. Dependents.”

Irene finally understood why the two women had convulsions today.

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