Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 1002

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Chapter 1002

Suddenly he was a little bit ridiculous, “Just because Jacob is in the mall, you plan this bitter trick, with the attention of the god of Bo Nan?”

Irene glanced at the thin Irene on the sofa, and suddenly became furious. “You are sick, braving such a heavy rain just to win the care of Jacob?”

The voices were thunderous, making Irene and Janice who were domineering instantly become a little vacant.

Irene was unreasonable, “It’s just one encounter, not today, and tomorrow. You can’t use your health as bait. Irene, do you think you are very strong? You better pray that you don’t catch a cold tomorrow, otherwise you see how I clean up you.”

Irene, the elder brother, is usually a fool and doesn’t care about anything.

Being beaten by his younger sister and being bullied by Phoenix Fairy are also soft-rooted as if they can be kneaded, just like a cowardly man with a good temper.

However, once the fundamentals are involved, Irene’s bloody Fang Gang will burst out instantly.

The wildness of the young and Dangerous boy who played a few streets back then was instantly exposed.

Janice and Irene are counselors who are weak when strong and strong when weak. Seeing Irene really lost his temper, the two of them shrank their necks and did not dare to come out.

Janice shouted timidly, “Brother Irene…”

Irene said angrily, “It’s all your bad ideas. Just play those unrealistic dog-blood dramas yourself. You still want to arrange Lingbao’s life into a dog-blood drama.”

Janice drooped her head and muttered, “I will not dare anymore.”

Irene began to cry, “What are you fierce? Don’t you know we will be afraid?”

Irene clearly knew that this was Irene’s bitter drama, but seeing her tears dripping off, his stone heart instantly softened.

And Janice, the ghost spirit, added fuel and jealousy to the side, “Sister Irene, don’t cry, you can’t cry, have you forgotten the doctor’s instructions? You have to live happily to protect your eyes. If you always in sorrow, not only your eyes but also your body will have obstacles?”

Irene was frightened by complete terror. That hostility disappeared without a trace in an instant. Hurry up to beg grandpa to tell grandma: “Auntie, stop crying. Brother won’t scold you anymore. If you want to see him, brother will find a way for you. Can you?”

Irene’s cries stopped abruptly.

Irene knew that she had been deceived, and a little abruptly gave Irene and Janice two thumbs up, “You two actors, you can get the Oscar gold medal. Really, too powerful.”

For this encounter, Irene left many regrets in her heart, but she also had a lot of luck.

She excitedly shared her joy with Janice, “Janice, Brother Jue is still that brother Jue, no matter how bitter or tired, it won’t make people around you feel wronged. No matter how poor or humble, you will be arrogant. Never covetous. Cheap…”

When talking about Jacob, Irene’s eyes lit up.

Irene sat on the side with a look of disgust.

Irene’s eyes were gloomy, “However, his wife…”

Thinking of the woman who trampled on the dignity of Brother Jue for money, Irene felt heartache inexplicably.

Janice was also angrily, “Yes, it’s intolerable.”

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