Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 1003

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Chapter 1003

Irene looked at the two women with disgust, “Can you accumulate some virtue for your brother that is his wife. Don’t wear colored glasses to see others, okay?”

Irene and Janice were silent.

In all fairness, Jacob’s wife is not only beautiful, but also gentle and harmless, which is the type that men like.

They are unbalanced in their hearts, so they wantonly magnify their shortcomings.

Seeing that the convulsions of the two women finally ceased, Irene urged, “Go to bed early, and tomorrow I will take you to the hospital to have your eyes checked, and your ears will also be checked by the way.”

Irene said, “I have no problem with my ears.”

Since doctors have taught Irene about the causes and trends of physical disorders, Irene has been a little over-stressed about Irene’s body.

The old lady of the Yan family has a generalized physical disorder. Under such a shadow, Irene is worried that his sister will also spread to other parts of the body.

“I called you so many voices today, you can’t hear you, check it down and rest assured.” Irene said.

Irene sighed in frustration.

Irene looked up at Janice again, “Tonight, I will stay with my sister.”

The fingers in Janice’s cuffs curled slightly, but she pretended to be heartless, “I will stay too.”

Irene stunned, “You don’t need to stay here. Just go as far as you should.”

Before Janice could answer, Irene said again, “But your job is not worth being busy. Anyway, it’s just playing various dog-blood dramas that ruin the three views.”

Janice’s passionate profession was slandered and looked down upon by Irene. He immediately put his hands on his hips and shrew his upper body. “We are actors and eat according to our own abilities. If we don’t steal or steal, why is it worthless?”

Irene eloquently said: “As far as the roles you play, whether you are a junior or a wife who is abandoned by a man, when will you be able to play the role once?”

Janice proudly said: “That shows that I have good acting skills and can control various roles.”

Suddenly catching some ambiguous information, Janice smiled, “Have you watched all my TV series?”

Irene realized that he had missed his mouth, and hurriedly closed the field, “I don’t have time to watch your dog-blood drama. But you always occupy the eight-point drama. It’s hard to see you when changing channels.”

Janice put on a voluptuous posture, “I’m a popular fried chicken now, and every radio station is rushing to broadcast my drama. It seems that you are my big brother Irene, if you want to sign or something, I can give it to You one.”

Irene made two “hehe”, disgusting to the extreme. “Your writing is so ugly, can you still enter the museum? Why do I want your writing?”

Irene intervened, “Brother, you don’t know about that. Janice’s autographed photo is worth money now. One autographed photo can be worth one month’s salary.”

The tea cup that Irene just picked up, all the tea he drank in his mouth spurted out, “No way? It’s so valuable.”

Then the deadly expression of contempt and disdain on his face instantly switched to look up, “Big star, how many autographed photos of me?”

Janice took out a stack of photos from her bag and handed it to Irene, then smiled and said, “You choose one you like, and I’ll sign it for you.”

Irene didn’t choose either. He flipped through them at will and handed them all back, shamelessly saying, “Or give them to me.”

“What do you want her to do with so many signed photos?” Irene puzzled.

Irene said shamelessly: “I turned around and sold them. Twelve signed photos are my annual salary. I can rest next year.”

Janice angrily stuffed the signed photo into the bag and scratched Irene viciously. “Are you wicked?”

Irene said: “Don’t be like this, you should be robbing the rich and helping the poor?”

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