Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 1004

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Chapter 1004

Janice thought for a while, took out a photo from it, and wrote her stage name in a smart manner.

Then she handed it to Irene, “Just one, do you want love?”

Irene took it and saw the abstract signature on it, with a look of disgust, “How does this look like a ghost symbol? Is this your name?”

Janice was very depressed, “If you dislike it then, give it back to me.”

Irene put it in his shirt lining pocket. Smiled, “It’s not bad to keep the town house for me to avoid evil.”

Janice was mad at him.

Irene stood up and said goodbye, “Since you are here to take care of Irene, then I will go out to find friends for a drink. I will pick you up tomorrow morning.”

After speaking, he picked up the clothes on the sofa, put it on his shoulders casually, and walked away.

Janice watched Irene’s back, a touch of nostalgia filled her eyes.

And Irene, after walking out of the calendar garden, his unruly face suddenly became sad.

He stretched out his hand and patted the pocket of the left atrium carefully, making sure that the thin photo paper was still there, and he was relieved.

After getting on the Mercedes-Benz, convinced that the outside world was cut off by the glass window, Irene turned on the light in the interior of the car, touched out the photo, and looked at the girl in the photo. She was so charming and gorgeous, but she still couldn’t cover the innocence in her eyes. .

“Silly girl.” Irene whispered.

Rubbing the photo with his fingers, passing through Janice’s stunning eyes, Irene’s eyes filled with melancholy sentiment.

The night is getting dark.

The Mercedes Benz drove away from the calendar garden.

But Janice and Irene are nestled in a quilt. Unlike the past, Janice today has become particularly quiet.

Quietly, Ling was a little worried about her.

Irene suddenly turned sideways and stretched out a hand to hug Janice, perhaps to expel the sentimentality in her heart, Irene said wittily, “Will you feel lonely and unbearable?”

A smile appeared at the corner of Janice’s mouth, “Sister Irene. Don’t make trouble.”

Irene said: “Then you honestly explain, what you are thinking?”

Janice faced Irene sideways, and Irene’s eyes that could not be focused made her tear off all the disguise.

Janice said sternly, “Sister Irene, I have a secret that has been hidden for three years. I don’t know if I should tell you?”

Irene was so angry that she pulled out the pillow and knocked her, “Do you still consider me your good sister. You hide a secret for three years?”

Janice hurriedly apologized: “I didn’t intend to hide it from you, because I think it was my own delusion. I was afraid that I was delusional caused by being infatuated with him.”

Irene calmed down, “It has something to do with Irene?”


“Say it.”

Janice whispered, “Three years ago, when the Zhan Family had an accident. Irene tied me up in order to prevent me from doing stupid things. I was really mad at him, so I scolded him with all kinds of bad things. , I wanted to irritate him and let him let me go. But…”

Janice paused when she said that, and said after a long time: “Irene was indeed furious with my anger. He said that I was cruel to him when I was looking for life and death in front of him. He also said that I didn’t care about my life so much. Why did he save his life to save me?”

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