Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 1005

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Chapter 1005

In the dark night, Irene’s obsidian pupils were instantly filled with huge shock. “What are you talking about? My brother said he almost gave his life for you?”

Janice nodded.

Irene sat up with excitement, “Have my brother saved you? Would you not know?”

Janice fell into a terrible silence.

Irene seemed to have guessed something, and suddenly fumbled to grab Janice’s hand, Janice’s hand was cold.

“Janice, you once told me that you went abroad for a few years after being humiliated that year. Was the reason why you went abroad not just to avoid psychological shadows? You…”

Janice grasped Irene’s hand, so hard that Irene’s finger bones hurt. “Sister Irene, I don’t know what happened. I used to really think that my brother sent me abroad to heal me psychologically. Until Irene said that, I was thinking and terrified. Only then did I find a small clue.”

Irene asked: “What’s the clue?”

“After being humiliated, I fainted on the spot. But I clearly remembered that the calendar that day was April 4th, and when I woke up, I saw that the hospital calendar changed to April 24th. I just thought at that time. My memory is wrong…”

Janice’s hand trembled slightly, “Now, I understand that the twenty days may be because I was hospitalized in danger. And Irene should have helped me at that time.”

Irene’s heart suddenly seemed to weigh on a heavy stone. Breathing began to rush.

Janice noticed Irene’s abnormality and cried out worriedly, “Sister Irene, don’t be nervous and afraid, this is all over. It’s already over.”

Irene gradually calmed down.

Janice asked in surprise, “Sister Irene. Did you find any clues?”

Irene nodded.

Janice’s face instantly turned pale.

When she spoke again, her voice began to tremble, “Sister Irene, you said.”

Irene’s hand was holding her cramped chest, tears in her eyes. Ning choked: “Janice, my brother used to be the fiercest demon king in fights. Where did I beat him before? Every time I was beaten by him, my face was bruised and swollen, and I had to go home to find an adult to cry. Later, Brother Jie began to teach me Taekwondo, Irene went to the army to join the army and came back. That guy is not my opponent.”

“Every time I beat him, Irene would either hide or hide. He would rather be beaten with a bruised nose and swollen face, with no dignity. He wouldn’t really fight with me. At that time, I was naive to think that Brother Jie was really amazing. Teach me a few martial arts tricks that will benefit my life. Thinking about it now, I am afraid it is Irene…”

Irene was so choked that she couldn’t say anymore, “It’s because he has a problem with his body, so he doesn’t dare to fight hard. That’s why he is no longer my opponent. All military training is fake, but it’s just Brother Jie’s plot.”

Irene gave an even more shocking fact:

“The time when Irene left Yancheng to join the army is so consistent with the time of your accident.”

Janice smiled bitterly, “My brother is really a genius, he has concealed such a big thing, and he even arranged you to go in.”

The truth seems obvious.

Just one to verify.

Both girls were depressed by the fact that was close to the cruel truth, and fell silent at the same time.

After a long time, Janice sighed and said, “I really want to ask my brother, what was the truth back then? It was so hard for him to lie to me.”

Tears floated on Irene’s beautiful face, “I also want to ask him, he has protected us so well, is he suffering or not tired?”

Janice was dumbfounded.

The next day.

Xi’s faint morning light shot out from the eastern sky, and it was already a ray of light after a short period of time.

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