Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 1006

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Chapter 1006

Irene sat on the bed in a daze. Today, her eyes have not recovered.

This is the longest intermittent blindness.

Irene came to take Irene to the hospital. Janice’s inquiring eyes looked at Irene. This guy didn’t like to fight like he did when he was a child, and nothing seemed to have changed.

He always said that she was a dramatist, who would have thought that he was the most hidden actor.

After Janice helped Irene into the Mercedes-Benz, the two girls kept holding their hands tightly, as if to cheer each other up and give each other comfort.

Irene looked through the rearview mirror and saw the solemn expressions of the two girls and the deep dark circles under her eyes. He couldn’t help teasing: “Two giant pandas, why don’t they talk?”

Isn’t it usually noisy?

Janice and Irene were not in the mood to answer him.

After arriving at Media Asia Hospital, Janice transferred to the crew.

Irene helped Irene to walk to the medical department.

Riding to the ninth floor and walking out of the elevator, Irene saw a familiar figure.

In the waiting room of the psychology department. Jacob was wearing a white shirt, black trousers, and the collar of his shirt was casually opened.

Although it is a regular brand shirt. But abruptly gave him the aristocratic temperament.

He stood there, as if he had a ray of light, which made people unable to look away.

Irene exclaimed, “f*ck, fate.”

Irene asked him wonderingly, “What’s the matter?”

“Your male god, in the waiting room of the psychology department.”

Irene staggered when she heard the words, nervousness overflowing on her body surface.

Irene ridiculed mercilessly: “Why do you stop walking when you see him, and you are not afraid of being laughed at.”

Irene said: “You didn’t know that this is a habit left over from your childhood.”

Irene looked at the lonely figure of Jacob, and couldn’t help but ridicule, “Irene, you are so amazing. The identity of the prince is crushed to death, and the medical staff of Media Asia can get Oscars. Gold award, they actually listen to you so much and ignore their big boss.”

Irene fiercely grabbed Irene’s arm, “You give me a little voice. This is to protect him.”

Irene said: “That’s also true. He is so arrogant in the imperial capital. There should be many offenders. It is right to conceal his identity.”

Irene suddenly thought about it, “Brother, you helped me into the waiting room.”

Irene suddenly said, “You are here to come to see a doctor, not to make a handsome guy.”

“You go to register for me…”

“f*ck, do you still need to register? You are the president of Media Asia.”

“If you ask you to go. I can’t let Brother Jie discover my identity.” Irene remembered Jacob’s resistance to her as President Yan, and strengthened his thoughts, “From today onwards, I am reserved and dignified. A weak woman is not President Yan with an aura of 1.8 meters.”

Irene was speechless and rolled his eyes at her. “You are really a failure. As the saying goes, a man chasing a woman after a mountain and a woman chasing a man’s gauze. How did I see you chasing him out of a few mountains?”

Irene said: “Don’t talk nonsense, help me pass quickly.”

Irene gas knot.

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