Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 1007

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Chapter 1007

Cautiously supporting Irene into the waiting room of the psychology department, perhaps it was her beauty that caught the attention of the people, perhaps the medical staff in the waiting room made a surprise sound, and everyone looked at Irene.

Jacob raised his eyes and was slightly surprised when he saw Irene.

She is wearing a white lace shirt today with a pink organza dress, which looks even more pure.

His heart jumped violently inexplicably.

Jacob shifted his gaze to other places, secretly despising himself, “You are a married man, how can you have feelings for other girls?”

Jacob desperately avoided Irene, but was disturbed by Irene.

“Mr. A Yue.”

Jacob had to turn his head, at this time Irene helped Irene to stand in front of him at close range.

He could smell the scent of roses on Irene’s body. With the taste of love, he was a little intoxicated.

Irene showed embarrassment and said: “Mr. Ayue, can you take care of my sister for me, it is not very convenient for me to take her to the registration.”

Jacob was flabbergasted, as if he had won five million in a lottery ticket. Feeling patronized by Goddess of Luck.

But he nodded calmly, “Yes.”

Irene thanked him and left.

Jacob and Irene stood face to face, as if time and space stopped moving at that time.

Jacob suddenly stretched out his hand and gently held her hand. Her hands are small and soft, giving him a feeling of protection.

“Sit here.” He asked her to sit next to him.

Irene sat beside him obediently.

But her heart was so happy that a flower came out.

Jacob looked at Irene quietly, and when he saw Irene, he had a certain understanding of her identity.

“Are you Faith’s mommy?” he asked for proof.

Irene didn’t know whether to be happy or worried.

Will he boycott her just because she is a married woman?

“Yeah.” She nodded honestly.

Jacob’s eyes filled with a look of longing and yearning, and only such an extraordinary spirit would make such a beautiful song and song as “The Flower of the Other Shore”.

It’s just that there is another huge loss in his heart. Such a beautiful and alluring woman has such a tragic fate.

Full of love to a man.

But he failed her love, abandoned her and left alone.

“Teacher Ayue, Faith likes you very much. She said that “The Flower of the Other Side” you played is very nice.” Irene had nothing to say.

Jacob said indifferently: “Exceeded the prize. I’m not as good as you.”

Irene said: “If I have the opportunity, I would like to personally listen to Teacher A Yue play “The Flower of the Other Side” for me. I wonder if I have such an honor?”

Jacob laughed: “If you are at home on the weekend, I will play it for you.”

Irene smiled, “I will wait for Teacher A Yue.”

Her smile is really full of pear blossoms. In his dark and oppressive world, Fangfei was gorgeous in an instant.

Jacob could see it.

In this world, how could there be such a bright smile, so contagious, that can drive away all his troubles.

“Faith said, “The Flower of the Other Side” is the lyrics and music composed by Miss Yan herself?” Jacob, who didn’t care about anything, had a great interest in “The Flower of the Other Side”.

“Yeah.” Irene nodded.

Jacob said: “Can you explain its meaning for me?”

The bright in Irene’s eyes was immediately shrouded in haze. The sadness on his face also spread.

Her thin and sexy red lips opened her teeth lightly, and the melodious sound was like spring water ding-dong, chanting in a crisp and low voice.

“I and you, join hands in the prosperity and ups and downs together, you are the boundless scenery, and you are also the fallen dust.

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