Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 839

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Chapter 839

And after hearing!

Elvira’s pretty face got changed from white to red and from red to purple!

In the end, she gritted her teeth with hatred!


Her jade hand slapped on the desk fiercely, her face full of anger:

“How he can be such a beast!”

“For the sake of purchasing the courtyard, not hesitated to take someone’s life, and treating people like ants!”

“Damn it! Damn it!”

Elvira got upset with anger.

Then she turned her head to look at Shaun, a deep apology appeared on her pretty face:

“I’m sorry! Shaun, I shouldn’t accuse you, you have done the right thing! Moreover, even if you let Master Dao kill them, I would be happier!”

Elvira was blown up.

Looking at Elvira’s angry appearance, and then at her pretty face, the tears that had not even been wiped away.

Shaun’s heart warmed slightly, and then he put Elvira in his arms.

“Thank you, wife!”

Shaun spoke softly to Elvira’s ear.

But when the heat spread all over Elvira’s ears, her body suddenly slumped.

“You… let me go, this is an office…”

Elvira only felt that every time she was held in his arms by Shaun, it seemed as if she had lost her strength and became weak.

And just when she wanted to struggle.

The corner of Shaun’s mouth curled, and then his lips moved, and he instantly k!ssed Elvira’s lips.

Oh oh…

Elvira’s beautiful eyes got round, her red lips were completely blocked by Shaun, she only felt as though she was suffocated for a while, and she couldn’t even breathe.



At this moment, Elvira was completely confused and infatuated, her delicate body was completely hung on Shaun’s body.

Especially, when Shaun’s tongue pried away from his white teeth, and her fragrant tongue, entangled tightly.


Elvira only felt that her whole head was completely blank, almost fainted.

This was her first k!ss. She had never thought that she would hand over her first k!ss to Shaun in this situation.

“Woo… Shaun…”

Elvira whispered.

Completely plunged into Shaun’s siege strategy.

This is more than that.

Elvira could feel that Shaun’s devil’s claws were constantly wandering on important parts of her body, and Elvira’s body became weaker and weaker.


When the buttons were untied, Elvira shuddered all over Lingling, completely waking up from the confusion and infatuation.

“Shaun, no…we can’t do here!”

Elvira’s pretty face was red.

At this moment, she had completely accepted Shaun physically.

But it was the first time for her, she could not accept to hand over herself in the office.

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