Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 837

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Chapter 837

At the moment, all the high-level officials want to persuade.

But their words have not yet been fell.

Shaun bit his head and nodded:

“That’s right! Although I didn’t have broke personally, it has something to do with me!”


Hearing this Elvira and Baishan looked pale as paper.

That’s it!

Completely That’s it!

Tiansheng Group is their largest supplier. Once they lose this partner, New Bai Group will be finished as it has not opened properly yet.

Seeing Elvira’s complexion.

The high-level official next to her quickly said:

“President, are you okay? Maybe Shaun was just joking? Don’t worry about it!”

Hearing this!

Elvira waved her hand, looked at Shaun with disappointment, and said:

“Shaun, you let me down too much! Do you know what the situation is with our New Bai Group? Do you know how difficult it was for us to find a partner like Tiansheng Group because of your offense to Leng Bufan?”

“And now…”

That’s it!

Elvira was already a little choked, her beautiful eyes were red, and the grievances in her heart broke out completely:

“Why! Why can’t you help, but you keep dragging me back!!!

Elvira ran into her office while crying.

Almost everyone can hear the frustrated crying from the office.


At this moment, after seeing this scene, the surrounding executives finally believed a little.

Especially, when they thought that it was Shaun who broke Gao Shengyuan’s leg, everyone’s expressions were hard to see the extreme.

“Lin…Shaun! How can you do this? Do you know that President Bai has been preparing materials for three days and three nights to negotiate cooperation with the Tiansheng Group! You are like a broom star! “

“Yeah, it’s over! We are going to open in a few days! Without the material supplier of Tiansheng Group, our New Bai Group can’t do anything at all!”


One by one, high-level officials kept accusing Shaun.

In a blink of an eye, everyone glared at Shaun, disappointed and disgusted, and then left with anger.

Only Baishan and Shaun remained.

Looking at Shaun, the corners of Baishan’s mouth showed a wry smile.

Shaun used to be a cowardly and kind person, but now!

He is simply a demon.

Break someone’s legs is no big deal for him.

Baishan has forgotten to count how many people’s legs and feet Shaun has abolished.

“Shaun!” Baishan said with a serious face.

Hearing this.

Shaun’s mouth twitched, and then said disappointedly:

“Dad! Do you want to blame me too? You think I had done something wrong?”

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