Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 834

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Chapter 834

The blind woman said to Shaun:

“Little…boy, I don’t know how to thank you anymore!”

After saying this, the blind woman wanted to kneel for Shaun!

Seeing this scene, Shaun got shocked, and quickly stopped the old woman:

“Mother, you don’t need this! This is a simple matter!”

Shaun looked at the blind woman and Xun’er at the moment, and there was a trace of worry in his eyes.

After all, the old woman has a disability and Xun’er is too young.

There will be man problems for them in future.

As if seeing Shaun’s expression, master Dao next to him said in a hurry:

“Mr. Lin, don’t worry about them, I will take care of this old man and Xun’er!”

“Don’t worry, no one can dare to bully them as long as I am here! I will send Xun’er to school and help the elderly find a doctor!”


Shaun’s eyes lit up when he said this.

That’s right!

Although Master Dao is a member of the underworld, Shaun can see that this person is not embarrassed to take care of Xun’er and the blind mother.


That’s it!

Shaun knelt and said to Xun’er:

“Little girl, after a while, I will send some herbs with this bald uncle! They will help you to heal the scar on your face!”


Hearing this, Xun’er got stunned.

She could hardly believe her ears:

“Big…Big brother, can my face be cured?”

A trace of mist-filled Xun’er’s eyes.

Since having these scars, she is not just a little beggar, but an ugly monster.

When people see her face, they laugh at her.

Due to this, she was afraid of frightening Shaun and refused to recognize him.

And if it can be cured…



Tears dripped from Xun’er’s eyes like a broken string.

When Shaun saw her crying, he wiped her tears and he smiled and nodded:

“Don’t worry, with your big brother here, your face will be healed!”

That’s it!

Before leaving Shaun gave a few words to Xun’er and Master Dao. Then he waved his hand and left.

Seeing Shaun leaving.

Xun’er’s heart got filled with warmth.

In her eyes, this elder brother seemed to be a patron saint bestowed on her by the heavens. He has helped her through every crisis.

“Thank you… Big Brother!”

Xun’er stared at Shaun’s back as if to carve his back in his heart for a lifetime.

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