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Chapter 713

“Alyssa!” Karl called out her name in a low voice, with a hint of warning.

It seems that if Alyssa doesn’t talk to him well, he will do something excessive.

Alyssa was already extremely impatient at this time, she didn’t want to know what Karl was thinking, and she didn’t want to guess why he suddenly came to her, and kept asking about what happened last night.

It was not that she had never suspected that Karl and Miana had other difficulties together, but that Karl had been acting to deny her suspicion.

If it is said, what happened before Karl tricked Alyssa to go to the restaurant was just the indifference of a changed man. Then, the incident in the restaurant already caused Alyssa to diminish her love for Karl in her heart.

But at this moment, Karl blocked her here again, and kept asking her about her knocking on the man’s door late at night.

When Alyssa thought of this, her tone became more and more faint: “What is it to you? Does it have anything to do with you? Is Mr. Adams now too idle to take care of irrelevant people?”

She remembered what Karl had said.

He himself said that she is irrelevant, so her affairs are naturally irrelevant to him.

Karl still maintained the original posture, and the obvious heavier ups and downs in his chest proved his emotional changes.

But in the end, he just said: “The teeth are sharp and the mouth is sharp as well.”

The low-pitched voice couldn’t hear the usual coldness, and it was a bit of pampering inexplicably.

And Alyssa happened to be stabbed by his pampered tone, and began to struggle violently.

“Let go of me!” Her voice trembled with a slight tremor, and she was cold and determined, unable to lose her previous calm.

Karl chuckled instead, “If you answered my question, I will let you go.”

Alyssa was completely irritated by him, and she couldn’t get away with all her strength. She raised her hand and was suppressed by Karl.

Helplessness and panic crawled into her heart. Alyssa tried her best to restore calm but couldn’t. She almost hysterically shouted: “Karl, we have broken up! What do you want?”

Feel the stiffness of the person in front of her for a moment.

And Alyssa continued to speak.

“Robert humiliated me with your face, you don’t pay attention. When he stopped my car halfway and forced me to get nowhere, you hugged Miana. Adams’ caught fire, and you left me. To please Miana, you lied to me to go to the restaurant opposite Adams’s House…”

“What are you doing now? If I can’t resist you, can you not behave recklessly against me?”

Alyssa laughed suddenly, and then said with a sarcasm: “Karl, you are nothing but that!”

The two are close at hand, but it is difficult for them to see each other’s expressions, and they can only see each other’s outline.

The light is not good and the vision is limited. However, human senses have become more acute than usual.

Alyssa felt that the room was extremely depressed, but this depressed breath would come from the man in front of her.

There was a long silence in the room.

don’t know how long it took, until Alyssa’s back was stiff and numb. After a long time outside, Mattie’s voice came out: “Have you seen the screenwriter?”

“I did not see her.”

“Strange, where did she go…”

At this time, Karl finally let go and let go of Alyssa.

When Alyssa got free, she violently pushed Karl away.

But she was forced to stand in the corner for too long, her legs and feet were a little stiff, and she didn’t exert much effort when pushing Karl, instead, she made herself fall forward fiercely.

It’s just that she didn’t fall to the ground, but was caught by Karl. His strong and powerful arms hugged her waist tightly, holding her firmly in his arms.

Alyssa heard his low and ghostly voice: “You hate me now, don’t you?”

The low and deep voice sounded a touch of cold unreality.

“Heh.” Without waiting for Alyssa to answer, he sneered and pushed Alyssa away: “You can go now.”

While talking, Karl had already taken two steps back, seemingly not wanting to touch her at all.

The changes were weird and unusual, but at this time Alyssa had no intention of guessing why.

She hadn’t guessed what Karl was thinking long ago.

She was right, he hated her just a moment ago.

Why hate?

Alyssa could not tell.

She turned around and walked to the door. She was about to open the door and go out, but she heard a knock on the door outside: “Karl, are you inside?”

Alyssa was startled and froze in place.

She could hear that it was Miana’s voice.

Holding the doorknob, she wanted to open the door for a moment to show Miana, her proud boyfriend was with her.

However, Alyssa finally restrained this impulsive thought.

She didn’t have to give up her dignity for people like Karl and lower her low line to care about Miana.

Losing love will only make people sad, but dignity can make people live and live well.

She stood by the door and didn’t move. Miana called Karl’s name twice outside and left.

It was quiet again outside the door.

Confirming that there was no one outside the door, Alyssa opened the door and went out.

There was no one outside.

When she closed the door, she inadvertently glanced into the room. The furnishings in the room looked like a temporary lounge. Karl stood with his back to her, tall and lonely.

Alyssa’s face was as cold as frost, closed the door with a “bang” and left straight away.

The room was dark again.

Karl raised his hand slightly, put it down again, and muttered, “Hate…”


Not long after Alyssa walked, she met Mattie in a hurry.

As soon as Mattie saw Alyssa, her face was loose: “Where have you been, I went back and forth to find people who haven’t seen you for several times, and your mobile phone is left with my assistant! I was scared to death, I thought something happened to you!”

“I feel sick in my stomach, so I went to the bathroom.” Alyssa’s face was pale, her mood was extremely depressed, and she couldn’t even maintain her reluctant smile.

Mattie also noticed that Alyssa’s expression was wrong, and asked worriedly: “Should you go to the hospital with such an ugly expression?”

“It’s okay, I’ll just go back and have a rest. Maybe it’s because the soil and water are not acclimatized.” Alyssa didn’t believe it.

She has been here for several days, and if the water and soil are unacceptable, it is the right thing to do at the beginning.

But Mattie believed that it was true: “Then I will ask the driver to take you back to the hotel? There is nothing wrong with you anyway.”

“Okay.” Alyssa did not refuse, her condition is indeed very bad, and she is not suitable to stay here.

Mattie sent Alyssa to the car. When passing a shooting location, she saw Miana and Karl standing nearby.

Miana asked Karl cautiously: “Karl, I knocked on the door of the lounge just now. Why didn’t you open the door? Were you asleep?”

Karl’s expression was cold: “Yes.”

Chapter 714

When Alyssa heard the conversation between Karl and Miana, she just lowered her eyes and sneered. When she raised her head again, she seemed to hear nothing, and walked directly beside them.

Did not stop for a moment.

Miana only saw Alyssa at this time, she was shocked, and subconsciously turned her head to look at Karl.

At this time, Karl was looking in another direction, the expression on his face was slightly condensed, as if thinking about something.

After being in the meeting room in the morning, Miana always felt a strange feeling in his heart.

She didn’t know what she was doing, she muttered unconsciously: “The filming hasn’t finished yet, why did Alyssa leave?”

It seemed unintentional, but when she spoke, she was still paying attention to Karl’s expression.

However, Karl was still the same as before, without even looking at her.

Just when Miana was secretly angry, Karl suddenly turned his head and looked at her, staring at the anger on her face that hadn’t had time to take away, glanced at her with a smile, and the corners of his mouth evoked a ridiculous arc.

Then, it was Karl’s cold voice: “When you asked me to invest in “Lost City 2″, what did you say, remember?”

Miana was taken aback for a moment, and then said quickly: “Remember.”

What she said at the time was that she just wanted to win back a city in front of Alyssa, and it would definitely not affect the shooting of “Lost City 2”.

Thinking of this, Miana’s complexion changed. At that time, she said this only to make Karl feel that she was generally sensible.

However, when Karl mentioned this incident at this time, it was obvious that he had other meanings, like ridicule and blame.

“Just remember.” Karl glanced at her without any warmth, then turned his head away.

Smith didn’t know when he came, and was hurriedly walking towards Karl: “Sir.”


Smith nodded slightly and replied, “Everything is ready.”

Karl didn’t look at Miana again, and left straight away.

“Karl!” Miana called him from behind.

If Karl hadn’t heard of it, he walked forward without looking back, but Smith, handed an invitation card to Miana.

He said to Miana with a serious tone: “Sir is going to attend a charity party tonight, please invite Miss Palmer to accompany him. But Sir is still busy on business, please be considerate Miss Palmer.”

Miana was startled when she saw the gilded invitation, and then she was happy: “Karl asked you to give it to me?”

“Naturally means what Boss meant.” Smith’s expression on his face was extremely cold, not so respectful, and more of the feeling of doing business in a business tone.

Miana accepted the invitation with a smile on her lips: “I see, I’ll help you.”

Smith nodded slightly, turned and left, and caught up with Karl.

Miana took the invitation card and looked in the direction where Karl had left, and she could still vaguely see Karl’s back. She chuckled slightly, Karl still cared about her, he was just a little angry, otherwise, he wouldn’t let her accompany him to the party.

The depression of the whole day was relieved at this moment.


Alyssa returned to the hotel, took a shower, and lay on the bed.

But the one who turned over and over again couldn’t sleep.

Closing her eyes, she felt Karl’s heavy breathing coming from her ears.

As if caught in an evil spirit, she always remembered everything that happened in the lounge before.

What exactly is Karl going to do?

At that moment, there was indeed a resentment towards Karl in her heart.

But at this time, when she thought of Karl’s experience when she was young, and after the two had experienced so many things together in the past, her feelings for Karl became even more complicated.

There is no pure love, and there is no pure hate.

It was complicated and heavy, and she couldn’t figure it out herself.

Alyssa sighed and called the waiter to bring her a bottle of wine.

The waiter quickly brought the wine over and went into the room to help her serve the wine. Alyssa refused: “You go out, I’ll serve it myself.”

The waiter went out in response, Alyssa opened the wine and poured it into the goblet, and poured his head back into his mouth.

But she drank too quickly, most of it was spilled, and almost choked.

“Ahem…” Alyssa coughed so many tears came out, and laughed at herself again, and continued to drink with her head up.

She felt that the wine was not good enough, and she felt unusually bitter after drinking it.

She usually has a good amount of alcohol. Generally, she is not drunk, and she has to drink a lot to get drunk.

But today she drank too eagerly. It didn’t take long for her to feel dizzy, leaning on the bed, and the world was spinning, and then she fell asleep with her head tilted.

As soon as she fell asleep, there was a knock on the door.

The knock on the door is very rhythmic, showing the host’s patience and temptation without a rush.

But Alyssa drank, and she had already fallen asleep. It was impossible to hear the knock on the door, let alone open the door.

After a while, a beep sounded outside the door to unlock the door card.

The next moment, the door of the room was opened, and a tall figure walked in from outside.

After Karl came in, he closed the door gently with his backhand and walked slowly to the bed.

Before Alyssa was sitting on the carpet and drinking, she was leaning against the edge of the bed when she fell asleep, her white face, even if she fell asleep, her face looked depressed.

Karl stood in front of the bed and looked at it for a while, then reached out and took the goblet that Alyssa was still holding in her hand, opened the quilt, hugged her to the center of the bed and put it down, and then put the quilt on her.

Alyssa was also unstable in her sleep. She frowned and murmured, “Karl…”

Karl who was standing in front of the bed had a pause, leaned over and lightly k!ssed her forehead, and stretched out his hand to caress her long hair comfortably.

Alyssa’s frowning eyebrows just relaxed like this, rubbing the big hands of some attached men.

Karl’s hands stiffened, the expression on his face softened, and he lowered his head and k!ssed her f0rehead, staring at Alyssa and couldn’t move his eyes.

He hasn’t been able to look at her well in a long time, and there is no such opportunity.

After a while, Karl stood up straight, took the air conditioner remote control on the bedside, and adjusted it to the right temperature.

When he put the air conditioner remote control back, Karl paused, straightened up and walked out.

When he passed the door again, he saw Alyssa’s two shoes scattered far away. That was when Alyssa entered the door and was irritated, and kicked it away when he took off his shoes.

Karl squatted down, put the two shoes together, then got up and opened the door.

It was just that the door opened a gap. Before he could look back at Alyssa, he heard the voice of Smith outside: “Sir.”

Smith stood outside the door with a calm expression, obviously, he had waited a long time.

However, when Karl came, he did not bring Smith.

Smith is here to stop him.

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