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Chapter 715

Karl squinted his eyes slightly and looked at Smith with cold eyes. But the movement of his hand did not delay at all, he still gently closed Alyssa’s door, and then slowly spoke.

“Sure enough, Mr. Smith will follow me when his skills increase.” Karl looked at Smith with a smile, and what he said seemed to praise Smith.

Smith naturally knew in his heart that Karl was not praising him.

Karl was showing a sign of anger.

But he could feel that Karl’s anger was not heavy, he was calm and relaxed, and obviously, it was not very surprising to follow him.

He had a guilty conscience after following Karl, and Karl looked as stable as Mount Everest, but he was a little panicked all the time. In a cold sweat, he didn’t know what to say, and he called out nervously, “Sir.”

“Go back and talk about it.” Karl glanced at him, stepped slowly, and walked to his room.

Smith wiped the cold sweat from his forehead, and then followed.

When Karl drove Alyssa away, he was also going to spread the word.

At that time, Smith only thought it was Karl and Alyssa quarreling, but Karl’s behavior at the time was also a bit weird.

Karl loved Alyssa, even if the two really quarreled to that point, Karl would only go by himself, and it was impossible to drive Alyssa.

Sure enough, he was right. After that, Karl didn’t mean to be with Alyssa, and even walked with Miana.

Although he was puzzled, he should not ask more about emotional matters.

It wasn’t until Alyssa came to him and said those things that she didn’t think about it that night.

He was almost the one who spent the longest time with Karl, and knew Karl’s itinerary.

Karl had sent him on a mission before, let him go out.

But that task was really tasteless at all, there was no need to do it at all, and he realized that the soles of the shoes were supporting him.

He walked to the elevator entrance and turned back. He didn’t expect to see Karl entering Alyssa’s room.

Although Karl’s mind was hard to guess, everyone could see what kind of person he was.

He is definitely not a person who can be confused by beauty, nor is he a half-hearted person, he will enter Alyssa’s room, not for nasty reasons.

Then after eliminating all the impossible, the last remaining possibility that is not eliminated is the final truth.

That is-Karl and Alyssa broke up with a fake show.

It was also fake that he drove Alyssa away, and it was fake that he was so cruel to Alyssa.

Smith thought about it all the way, but it was a bit slow.

It was not until he felt Karl who was walking in front of him stop, that he suddenly raised his head and found that Karl was staring at him impatiently.

Smith quickly followed up.

He followed Karl into the room.

Karl picked up a pack of cigarettes on the table, and after lighting it, he asked Smith: “Alyssa asked you?”

“Yes.” Smith felt a little depressed. It was clear that he had grasped Karl’s handle. How did he feel like he was grasped?

Karl took a mouthful of cigarettes, flicked his fingers, shaking off the ashes, and asked casually, “What did you say?”

“She asked me if you are having a good time with Miss Palmer.” Smith said, carefully glanced at Karl’s expression.

Karl raised his head slightly and puffed out smoke rings, his expression became a bit elusive under the smoke.

Smith didn’t know what Karl was thinking at this time, but he was completely certain that Karl didn’t really dislike Alyssa and empathized with Miana.

He also understands what it is like to love someone.

He felt that Karl was plotting something, and he had already made up his mind to do it alone.

For so many years, he has always felt that he was deeply trusted by Karl, but this time Karl did not disclose anything about it. If he hadn’t found the abnormality after Alyssa reminded him, he would still be confused now.

But this time, Karl didn’t tell him his plan, nor did he tell Peter, he was even so cruel to Alyssa.

The room was quiet, and Karl was not as angry as Smith imagined.

“Heh.” After a long while, Karl laughed.

This laughter did not have the arrogance and confidence of the past, but revealed a trace of sadness.

Looking at such a Karl, Smith was a little uncomfortable: “Sir, what on earth do you by hiding it? You don’t need to hold it alone if you tell me. Can’t you believe me?”

Unexpectedly, Karl said one word very simply: “Yes.”

Smith was choked for a while, and he quickly recalled what he had done in the past ten years with Karl.

“That stupid woman Alyssa is not that easy to deceive. If you also know, she will always have a way to get the truth out of your mouth.” Karl didn’t know what he thought of, when it came to the second half of the sentence. , There was a slight smile in the eyes.

Smith looked ugly: “Sir, I…”

He wanted to excuse himself, but Karl only said “um”, which reminded him of what Alyssa had been talking about before, and he didn’t have the face to argue for himself.

Karl pressed out the cigarette butt in his hand: “However, it’s all right now.”

His efforts during this period were not in vain.

Alyssa now completely accepts that they have “broken up”.

If you can fool the most stubborn Alyssa, others will naturally believe that he really “dislikes” Alyssa.

Smith asked him aloud: “What does Sir want to do?”

When Karl heard the words, his eyes were dim, and his voice was gloomy: “Everything is ready, you can start.”

Alyssa was awakened by the knock on the door outside.

It was already night, the curtains were not drawn, and weak light came in from outside the window, so that the room was not completely dark, but the light was still very weak.

Alyssa’s mind was empty for a moment before she gradually remembered what happened before.

She was in the bed now, and fell asleep after drinking.

She sat up from the bed and glanced at the wine bottle that was still on the ground. She was slightly puzzled: Did she drink on the ground before? Then why is she lying in bed?

Could it be that after she got drunk, she went to bed by herself?

The knock on the door outside was more urgent than one. Alyssa didn’t care about so much, and got up to open the door.

When she reached the door, she turned on the light in the door.

As soon as the door opened, Mattie’s anxious face came into view.

As soon as Mattie saw her, she said anxiously: “Broke your phone and didn’t answer it. I thought what was wrong with you!”

“Drank some wine and fell asleep a little bit, but I didn’t hear it.” Alyssa showed an apologetic smile on her face, opened the door a bit wider, and let Mattie in.

Mattie also smelled the smell of wine on her body at this time, she frowned, and was about to say Alyssa, so she thought of what happened this morning. She thought that Alyssa was drinking because she saw Karl in a bad mood, so she couldn’t bear to say more.

Chapter 716

However, when Mattie entered the door and saw the empty wine bottle on the ground, she couldn’t help but cry out in surprise: “Have you drunk this whole bottle?”

“Yeah.” Alyssa nodded, then pointed to a pool of dark red stains on the carpet and said to Mattie: “No, it’s spilled a bit.”

Compared to the whole bottle, what was spilled.

Mattie looked astonished. She had also taken Alyssa to a lot of dinner parties before. Under normal circumstances, Alyssa didn’t drink much, or refused to drink.

She picked up the empty wine bottle and shook it, then placed it on the table, and looked at Alyssa, “You drink well?”

Alyssa naturally thought of a place with Mattie, and awkwardly brushed her hair behind her ears: “It’s okay…”

Mattie rolled her eyes, pulled Alyssa’s arm, and stuffed her into the bathroom: “You smell so bad, go take a shower and join me at the party.”

“What party?” Alyssa sniffed herself. She drank the wine by herself, but did not smell any alcohol.

“A large charity party will begin soon.” Mattie waved impatiently: “Hurry up.”

Charity Gala?

Alyssa didn’t shy away, and obediently took a shower.

She also brought her own dress, so she only needs to make another hairdo.

But time was too late, Mattie got her hair.

“You still get your hair?” Alyssa felt a little surprised, Mattie still got her hair.

“What am I not? I will do that for you.” Mattie patted her on the head and motioned her not to move: “There are accidents in the crew, so be prepared.”

Alyssa teased Mattie: “Then you are also very versatile.”

“Of course a good person can do everything.” Mattie was not polite, and generously accepted Alyssa’s praise.

The activities of the party are in the city center, and it takes nearly an hour to drive there.

By the time they passed, the party had already begun.

When the two entered, there were already many people in the venue.

As soon as Alyssa entered, she saw Karl standing in the middle of the crowd, and Miana holding his arm.

Mattie patted her forehead: “Oh, my memory, how come they will come too!”

“It’s okay, it’s normal to look down without seeing them.” Alyssa smiled brilliantly at Mattie, but Mattie rarely saw Alyssa’s relaxed smile from the heart, and she looked a little confused.

Alyssa usually wears very plain clothes and doesn’t make much makeup. She just puts on some sunscreen to isolate her, and she only dresses up carefully when attending formal events.

Alyssa deliberately dressed up tonight

“Yes…Yes.” Mattie stammered, and then smiled again: “I found that you are pretty, don’t you really consider entering the entertainment industry? Being a star is more profitable and more beautiful than being a screenwriter.”

“I don’t want scenery, and the money I make as a screenwriter is enough.” Alyssa is not an enterprising person, she is satisfied with her current job.

Mattie shrugged and said no more.

Those who came to the party were either in pairs or celebrities, and there were few young women like Alyssa and Mattie who came hand in hand.

When they came in, they caught the attention of many people.

Soon a man came over to strike up a conversation.

The man is dressed in a fuchsia suit, but he is not tacky, his features are handsome, and his brows and eyes are full of vigor.

“The two young ladies are not from the city, right?” Although his words were addressed to Alyssa and Mattie, his eyes were locked on Alyssa.

Mattie thought that with Alyssa’s temperament, she would coldly and politely refuse this kind of accost, but Alyssa asked with great interest today: “Where do you think we are from, sir?”

The man looked at Alyssa, his eyes could not hide the surprise-beauty and appreciation: “This young lady is so young and has an outstanding temperament, she is beautiful and charming, I guess she is from a beautiful city.”

As the man spoke, he quietly moved closer to Alyssa.

Alyssa naturally noticed it too and moved a half step back: “This gentleman is really good. You can guess it.”

“If the young lady is willing to communicate with me in-depth, you will know that I have something more powerful.” The man smiled deeply, and very gentleman handed Alyssa a business card.

Alyssa narrowed her eyes, she did not hear the deep meaning of his words, smiled and took the business card he handed over, and glanced at the name on it: Alvin Mann.

Alyssa raised her eyes and said with a smile: “It turned out to be Mr. Mann.”

Seeing that there was no obvious discomfort on Alyssa’s face, Alvin’s eyes became more presumptuous: “You people have always been courteous, isn’t this lady going to give me her business card?”

Although his eyes were more presumptuous, his hands and feet were clean, and he did not act excessively.

However, this look is enough to explain his purpose for Alyssa.

Everyone likes good-looking things, beautiful women and men like them.

Mattie watched Alyssa’s reaction a little anxiously, she didn’t believe Alyssa could not see what this man meant.

Where no one saw it, she stretched out Alyssa’s arm.

Alyssa didn’t feel it, she lowered her head and took out a business card from her bag, and handed it to Alvin Mann.

Alvin took it and took the business card to the tip of his nose very sensationally and sniffed it lightly: “Beautiful women’s business cards are fragrant.”

There are a few words in this sentence that he pronounced strangely, exuding a non-local accent.

Alyssa concluded that he might have grown up abroad.

Mattie pushed Alyssa again, and Alyssa looked back at Mattie, then gave her a look of peace and quiet.

In this way, although Mattie was still a little worried, she didn’t say much.

“Miss Alyssa’s name is really nice.” Alvin took a serious look at Alyssa’s business card, and then stuffed the business card into the pocket lined with the suit, which was close to the left heart.

Alvin Mann, this man, is undoubtedly a master of love. He is handsome and well-dressed. He must not be the child of some ordinary people, but he has seen the world.

Everyone knows that he is prodigal in love. From his dialogue with Alyssa, it can be seen that he doesn’t have many fancy ways to pick up girls. But he looked like a passionate gentleman, even if he knew he was a prodigal son, there must be many women willing to fall into it.

Alyssa thought so much in her heart, but she didn’t show it at all on her face. She lowered her eyes slightly, smiled with a low eyebrow, and looked smooth and a bit s3ductive.

Alvin raised his chin and touched his watch, looking like a cunning fox.

Alyssa said, “Thank you for the compliment.”

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