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Chapter 717

“Hopefully, if I have a chance, Miss Alyssa can enjoy drinking and chat together.” After Alvin finished speaking, he raised the wine glass in his hand: “There’s something else, let’s lose company first.”

Alyssa smiled: “See you.”

Alvin took a sip of wine, took a deep look at Alyssa, and left with a smile. After leaving, he blinked back at Alyssa.

This blinking action is actually not suitable for people of Alvin’s age. But when he did it, there was no sense of disobedience.

Alyssa smiled, really a young man.

If Alyssa’s smile to Alvin just now was just perfunctory and acting, then this smile can be said to be from the heart.

Mattie was shocked as if she was struck by lightning, and she asked Alyssa in a low voice: “You don’t like that man anymore, do you know that he is not a good thing, the prodigal son of love!”

“I know.” Alyssa looked back at Mattie, with an undiminished smile on her face: “However, anyone with long eyes can tell that he is a prodigal son in love, but there will still be women willing to plant in, right?”

“Are you serious? Are you going to plant it too?” Mattie’s eyes widened, unable to believe that Alyssa would like such a man.

Alvin and Karl are two extremes!

She didn’t believe that Alyssa would like a man like Alvin all at once.

“I should be very happy with a man like Alvin.” Alyssa’s tone was serious.

Mattie drank the water in the cup in one breath, and then said: “Then do you know that every woman who is broken up by him will be sad?”

Alyssa just smiled: “I know.”

Mattie didn’t know what to say, just at this moment someone came over to say hello to Mattie.

Alyssa moved a small step aside, and took a look at the business card Alvin had given her.

After watching for a few seconds, Alyssa muttered his name: “Alvin Mann.”

She put the business card back in her bag, went to the chair in the corner and sat down, took out her mobile phone to go online, and searched for a name called “Wilfred Mann”.

Wilfred is an internationally renowned philanthropist, of Chinese descent, and also Clifford’s adoptive father. There was news that he had passed away from illness a year ago.

Karl told her this news when she was abroad.

Afterwards, she checked Wilfred Mann’s information and saw a photo of Wilfred and his son.

There is a lot of information about Wilfred on the Internet, and Alyssa turned over it for a while before finally turning out a report from a humble newspaper.

“Wilfred Mann has adopted many children. He also has a biological son named Alvin Mann. Alvin has been smart since he was a child…”

Alvin Mann…

Is it really Alvin?

When Alyssa saw Alvin for the first time, he felt familiar, so she didn’t shake her hand and walked away, but showed interest in him.

If Alvin is really Wilfred’s son, is there another way to check about Karl’s mother?

At that time, Karl found out that Wilfred was Clifford’s adoptive father, but Wilfred died.

That clue is also broken.

Clifford was also a difficult person, and even Karl couldn’t do anything about him, so he kept dragging him.

At this point, Alyssa couldn’t help but look up and look for Karl’s figure in the venue.

Karl didn’t like to participate in these activities before, but he also came here especially today. Did he come to participate with Alvin?

Alyssa thought about it, and felt that someone was sitting next to her.

She thought it was Mattie, and when she looked back and saw the person sitting next to her, she was stunned.


“Why? Are you surprised to see me?” Clifford looked clean and gentle in a light gray suit, becoming more and more like a university professor.

Yes, when he used to be a psychologist, didn’t he also look like a psychologist?

“Aren’t you surprised, are you too boring to take part in this kind of activity now?” Alyssa couldn’t help but sneer.

Clifford has long been accustomed to Alyssa’s tone, and he didn’t mind. Instead, he answered very seriously: “The school will not start until a few days.”

Alyssa felt bored, sneered, and stopped talking.

She leaned back lightly, exited the phone from the webpage, cleared the history record by the way, and then put the phone away.

Mattie’s person who was talking to her also left. She turned to see Alyssa and walked over.

Mattie had just seen Alyssa talking to Clifford, and after coming over, she looked at Clifford and asked Alyssa, “This is?”

Clifford also knew that Alyssa couldn’t take the initiative to introduce him, so he consciously reached out to Mattie: “I am Clifford Dixon.”

“Hello, Mr. Dixon, my surname is Adkins, Mattie.” Alyssa looked at Clifford, thinking that he was much more reliable than Alvin just now.

Alyssa only glanced at Mattie and knew what she was thinking.

However, Alyssa did not explain too much. The fewer outsiders know about those things, the better.

Even she is just an outsider now.

Mattie thought that Clifford was also Alyssa’s suitor, and wanted to create opportunities for the two of them, so she found an excuse and left.

After Mattie left, Clifford said with a smile: “Your partner is very considerate of you.”

Clifford is so smart, how could he not see Mattie’s thoughts.

“Humph.” Alyssa just snorted and didn’t respond to Clifford.

Don’t even think about it, Clifford will appear here for another purpose.

As for the purpose, it is unknown.

If Alvin is really Wilfred’s biological son, Clifford is Wilfred’s adopted son. So, Alvin and Clifford must know each other.

In other words, it is very likely that Clifford came to this banquet because of Alvin.

Alyssa thought a lot.

She remained silent, and Clifford also remained silent.

“What are you doing sitting next to me?” Alyssa finally couldn’t help it, turning to ask Clifford.

Clifford asked back: “Can’t I sit?”

“Don’t say that your purpose for coming to this party is to come to me?” Alyssa couldn’t keep froze with him, just in case she could get something out of Clifford’s mouth.

Of course, this is just her thoughts.

“Half is looking for you, half is looking for someone else.” Clifford laughed, his whole being gentle and harmless.

There is something in Clifford’s words, and Alyssa also asked directly: “In addition to me, who else to look for?”

“You know who.” Clifford stared at her for a moment, and slowly said these four words.

Alyssa’s heart jumped fiercely, and she suddenly realized that Clifford had almost made it clear that he knew that Karl had found Wilfred before.

And Alvin is also Wilfred’s biological son.

Clifford came to Alvin.

Chapter 718

Alyssa didn’t speak for a long time, and the weird atmosphere lingered between the two.

Although the two are sitting together, they have their own ideas.

Clifford would say this, which also shows that he has just seen Alvin looking for Alyssa to strike up a conversation.

Alyssa was a little irritable.

She thought she was hiding well and foolproof, but she didn’t want to. Clifford saw all this.

Alyssa took a deep breath, turned her head, lowered her voice and asked Clifford, “Why on earth are you aiming at Karl all the time? What’s the deal between you and him? Or is it a grudge?”

Clifford’s expression with a smile suddenly sank, and the corners of his lips changed to reveal a sullen smile: “This is my business with him. He has nothing to do with you now, isn’t it?”

“I have nothing to do with him, but he will always be Grace’s father.” Alyssa looked at Clifford with a serious face, and what Clifford did about Grace has been pretending to her heart.

As long as I think about it, I feel that Clifford’s hatred cannot be solved without paying the price.

How could Clifford not understand what Alyssa was thinking?

Alyssa did not hide her disgust and hatred for him, and Clifford had long been used to it.

He smiled slightly, and did not answer Alyssa’s question head-on, but instead asked: “Do you want Grace’s custody?”

Alyssa knew that once there was no room for maneuver between her and Karl, they would inevitably compete for custody.

She had been thinking about it all the time, but when she really brought it up and put it on the table to talk about it, she realized that there was still a slight tingling in her heart.

Is this fate?

Didn’t she live in a happy and harmonious family, nor did Karl, and their daughter could not live in an environment with a complete family relationship?

Seeing that Alyssa didn’t speak, Clifford didn’t ask, but said softly: “If you want, I can help you.”

“I don’t need you to help me.” Alyssa warmly said, “I have nothing to do with Karl, let alone you.”

No, it can’t be said that it doesn’t matter at all, Alyssa still owes him.

She owed Clifford a life, and her life was saved by Clifford.

“If you need it, you can find me at any time.” Clifford stood up, adjusted his suit, and left.

Alyssa squeezed the wine glass, her fingers turning white.

She got up and went to the bathroom, but unexpectedly, she happened to meet Miana in the bathroom.

Miana was standing in front of the mirror filling up her lipstick. Seeing Alyssa walking in, she glanced at Alyssa from the mirror, with a domineering tone: “You are really lingering, wherever Karl is, you have to be there too.”

Alyssa turned on the faucet and said slowly: “Is this charity party organized by Karl?”

“Apart from arrogant words and sophistry, what else do you have?” Miana put on the lipstick, turned sideways and stared at Alyssa.

“At least I won’t do some trilemma like Miss Palmer.” Alyssa smiled lightly and raised her eyes to meet her.

The expression on Miana’s face was stagnant for a moment, and soon returned to normal: “There is nothing to say, Miss Alyssa wrote the script like this?”

Who is quibbling?

Alyssa had something in her heart and didn’t have too much energy to deal with Miana, so she turned around and walked out.

Miana didn’t give up, and followed with her bag.

“Alyssa, stop!”

Not only did Alyssa not stop, but instead walked faster.

On the corridor outside, Miana trot two steps and grabbed Alyssa’s arm: “Alyssa!”

Alyssa’s thin white arm was scratched with red marks by Miana. Alyssa’s complexion sank, but she didn’t immediately throw her hand away, but said coldly, “There seems to be no surveillance here. If I’m here, You are playing so hard, maybe no one believes it will be me.”

In Miana’s eyes, Alyssa was a crude woman with no identity background. What’s more, the anger that filled Alyssa’s eyes was so real, she was a little afraid for a while, and the hand holding Alyssa naturally let go.

Alyssa approached her: “You only have the guts.”

Miana was forced to take a small step back by her, but on the face she was reluctant to admit defeat. She looked at Alyssa pretendingly and calmly: “The days to come will be long, and you will be safe this time. It’s all luck, do you think you will be so lucky next time?”

Alyssa sneered: “Miana, you keep lowering your body and treat me as an imaginary enemy, do you have a brain problem?”

“You…” Miana couldn’t stand Alyssa’s words like this, and immediately raised her hand to slap her.

Alyssa made a posture of turning her head and avoiding it, but Miana’s hand was raised and was intercepted by one person.

“All beautiful women, how ugly it is to stand in the middle of the road.” The male voice with a hint of amusement started, causing Miana and Alyssa to look back at him.

Alvin blinked at Alyssa in the south, “It turns out to be Miss Alyssa.”

“Mr. Mann.” Alyssa smiled at him.

Don’t know why, she just wanted to laugh when she saw Alvin.

“Let go!” Miana’s hand was still held by Alvin, she couldn’t get away. However, Alvin greeted Alyssa with no one else, and Miana’s father was even more ugly.

Alvin was also very tall. He straightened his fingers and released Miana’s hand, condescendingly looking at Miana: “I remember you, you came with that Adams, what is your name?”

Alvin didn’t put Karl in his eyes, and Miana’s eyes flashed with disgust because of his rudeness: “Please speak carefully and respect it.”

“Respect?” Alvin suddenly laughed as if he heard a joke: “You just chased Miss Alyssa for trouble like a shrew, so you respect her too?”

Miana got angry, and then pointed at him and Alyssa and said, “So you are in the same group!”

“Miss, please be more respectful and don’t make things so bad. Miss Alyssa and I exchanged business cards at the party and met seriously.” Alvin explained to Miana seriously with a serious face, and turned his head again Smiling and asking Alyssa: “Miss Alyssa, am I right?”

“Yeah.” Alyssa held back a smile: “Yes.”

When Alvin and Alyssa sang together, Miana knew that she couldn’t ask for a bargain, so she had to put up her breath and leave.

Just now Alyssa still left a shadow in her heart.

After all, in her opinion, Alyssa is a worthless inferior woman. If she really went crazy to beat her, would she have to fight Alyssa?

That would be too ugly.

After Miana left, Alvin smiled and said, “Actually, I really want to watch beautiful women fight, but Miss Alyssa is dressed so beautifully today. The fight is too destructive of a beauty.”

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