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Chapter 719

Alyssa didn’t answer the conversation, but just said: “Mr. Mann’s help, I am very grateful.”

Alvin is indeed very interested in her, so naturally he will not miss any opportunity.

“If Miss Alyssa really wants to be grateful to me, it would be better to hit the sun if you choose another day. After the party is over, we can have a drink together.” Alvin’s voice was extremely soft, with a trace of ambiguity.

Alyssa smiled very weakly, “I live far away. It will be too late for the party to end later. It is not convenient to go back. Let’s make another day.”

Alvin’s smile faded a little when he heard the words. But it quickly resumed as usual: “Since Miss Alyssa said that it will be another day, then another day.”

Alyssa refused his invitation tonight. Although he was a little unhappy, Alyssa was beautiful enough and he was willing to spend more time and energy.

“Then I’ll go there first.” Alyssa nodded to Alvin and returned to the venue.

Standing in place, Alvin saw Alyssa’s figure disappearing, looking back with a small arc, and slackingly tapping on the ground with his toes, he smiled and said, “Come out.”

The voice fell, and Clifford, who had been hiding behind him, walked out.

Clifford walked up to Alvin and called out: “Alvin.”

Alvin glanced at him, before speaking, he heard Clifford say: “Are you interested in Alyssa?”

Alvin put one hand in the pocket of the suit pants, and said indifferently, “Isn’t it obvious?”

“You’d better stay away from her. She is different from your previous girlfriends.” Clifford’s tone was serious, with a warning.

“Different?” Alvin sneered: “Where is she different? Because she is a divorced single woman? What does it have? It doesn’t matter.”

Alvin was deliberately misinterpreting the meaning in Clifford’s words.

Clifford frowned slightly and said, “You know what I meant. Alyssa is a very smart woman, and her purpose of approaching you is not simple.”

Alvin’s expression also cooled down: “Clifford, my dad admires you very much! You are just his adopted son, do you think you are really my eldest brother? You have to take care of me, what I do! Are you qualified?”

“Dad told me, let me look at you, don’t mess around.” Clifford’s eyes flashed, but there was no anger on his face.

“Don’t think I don’t know, you are also interested in Alyssa.” Alvin stretched out his hand and patted Clifford’s shoulder: “Since you haven’t gotten that woman, let me come. As for me, my father and you, I didn’t care when he was still here. Now he is gone, let alone you!”

As he said, he turned his head and raised his chin: “Do you understand?”

Clifford was silent, Alvin snorted coldly, raised his foot and left.

When Alyssa returned to the event venue, she found that there were more and more people. She looked around and saw Mattie.

Mattie was talking to others, and Alyssa did not go there, so she found a corner and continued to sit.

At this moment, someone walked onto the stage with a microphone.

“Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to… the scene of the charity evening, and then the charity auction…”

Everyone looked in the direction of the host, and Alyssa looked up there with some curiosity.

There are charity auctions?

Someone in the crowd whispered about the auction items.

At this time, Mattie came back to find Alyssa.

Mattie asked as soon as she came over, “Where is Mr. Dixon?”

“He went.” Alyssa didn’t explain much, only faintly said two words.

She was even more curious about the next auction: “What will be auctioned tonight?”

“There are paintings, antiques, and jewelry.” Mattie put down the cup in her hand and continued: “It is said that the finale is a brooch, which is a dancer’s collection. HN Group talked to a famous designer a few years ago. There are no more than ten limited editions in the world. Coupled with the death of the designer last year, the value of this brooch is even higher. Many women present came for the brooch only.”

HN Group is a world-renowned luxury goods company. Every year, it cooperates with the world’s most famous designers to make some limited editions.

After listening, Alyssa nodded: “That brooch must be very beautiful.”

Mattie was noncommittal: “You’ll know when you look at it for the last time.” She has no preference for brooches and doesn’t wear them often.

The previous auctions were all just paintings of some artists, small antiques and the like.

Most of the people present didn’t care about the money, some bought it because they really liked it, and some just showed that they had money.

Alyssa looked at the things in front, and was not interested.

“Next, is the last auction item! The peerless series of brooches jointly issued by HN Group and Olin designer five years ago, there are only ten in the world! It is the famous dancer who donated this brooch…”

Alyssa didn’t pay much attention to the following words, her attention was all attracted by the brooch.

“The starting price, ten million!”

After hearing the starting price, Alyssa looked back.

“The brooch is very beautiful.” But the price is also expensive.

Mattie asked her: “Do you like it?”

Alyssa shook her head: “I like it, but it’s not necessary.”

“Although this is only a small charity party, but because Karl is here, the water will rise and the auction will be expensive. Let alone you, even I can’t shoot it.” Mattie also felt that the starting price was 10 million. A bit expensive.

However, there are rich people who can’t stand it. Ten million is nothing to them.

The scene fell silent, and someone began to bid.

“Twelve million!”

“Thirteen million!”

“Fourteen million…”

When it was shot, everyone raised the price by one million.

Alyssa smacked secretly, it was indeed a game for the rich.

The price increase has been continuing, but it is very regular, which shows that people who shoot really want this brooch.

Suddenly, a deep voice slowly sounded: “50 million.”

Alyssa couldn’t be more familiar with this voice, it was Karl’s voice.

Alyssa looked over, and Karl sat on a chair not far from the stage, with his legs folded together, looking at the stage blankly.

After Karl made a bid, no one dared to speak any more to those who had increased the price.

“50 million! Anyone else wants to add?”

“50 million once!”

At this time, another voice rang: “Sixty million!”

Before Alyssa had time to see who raised the fare, Mattie on the side exclaimed: “Oh, it’s the man who approached you before. Why is he sitting with Mr. Dixon?”

“Alvin?” Alyssa also followed Mattie’s gaze, and she saw Alvin sitting with Clifford.

Chapter 720

Mattie said with a look of surprise: “Does he not know Karl? He wants to grab something from Karl!”

Alyssa’s tone was low: “He knows.”

Alvin also mentioned Karl when Miana was making trouble for her when she came out of the bathroom.

Even if Alvin hadn’t mentioned Karl before, Alyssa felt that Alvin must have known Karl.

“Then he is making it clear that he wants to grab something from Karl?”

Alyssa did not agree with Mattie’s statement: “Why do you call it a snatch? What if he really likes it and wants this brooch very much?”

“Big men like brooches? Buy them to give them to women?” Mattie didn’t know what she thought of, and looked at Alyssa with wide eyes, “Isn’t he going to buy them for you?”

Alyssa just smiled without speaking.

She thinks what Mattie said is also possible. After all, Alvin is a playboy, and it is normal to spend a lot of money on a beauty.

However, the possibility that he could win Karl was too small.

Once Karl decided what he wanted, he could not let Alvin grab it.

At the exit of Alvin’s “60 million”, the audience was silent, let alone anyone bidding.

Karl didn’t make a sound immediately, and the host was also a little stunned.

At this time, a woman’s voice rang: “70 million.”

Alyssa raised her eyes and found that Miana was holding the card.

Alvin still had no intention to give up, and directly bid: “80 million.”

Someone started talking in a low voice.

This brooch certainly has its value, but now that it has increased to 70 million, it is not worth it.

Others have completely lost their desire to hold cards, and now they are watching the show.

“This person with the surname Mann is very arrogant.” Mattie also became interested, and whispered to Alyssa’s ear to speak.

Alyssa smiled without saying a word.

“80 million!” The host’s voice trembled a little, maybe he was too excited.

Karl rarely participates in such activities, and there are still people robbing Karl on the spot. How can such a rare good show not be exciting?

Karl glanced in Alvin’s direction and saw Alvin smile at him.

There was no expression on Karl’s face, he held up a card, very calm: “Two hundred million.”


“Two hundred million…this…”

The discussion in the venue gradually became louder.

Mattie on the side murmured: “I was wrong, Karl has taken a long shot.”

Alyssa was not surprised at all, this was Karl’s style.

She turned her head and looked at Alvin, and found that the smile on Alvin’s face was gone, his face was calm, he seemed very upset, and faintly angry.

Clifford on the side whispered something to him, Alvin’s complexion was even more ugly, he glanced at Clifford coldly.

Alvin gave Clifford a face?

Alvin is Wilfred’s biological son, and Clifford is Wilfred’s adopted son. It is understandable that Alvin and Clifford are at odds.

The voice of the host on the stage sounded again.

“Mr. Adams is paying 200 million, is there anyone who wants to increase the price?”

“Two hundred million once!”

“Two hundred million twice!”

“Two hundred million three times!”


“Thanks to Mr. Adams for taking this precious brooch and his contribution to charity.”

Now there is applause.

Mattie looked a little disappointed: “I thought this surnamed Mann could play with Karl, but I didn’t expect him to lose out so soon.”

Alyssa curled her lips, her smile didn’t reach the bottom of her eyes: “There are only things Karl doesn’t want in this world, nothing he can’t get.”

“Are you complimenting him? Or…” Mattie paused slightly when she said, turning her head to follow Alyssa.

“I’m telling the truth, and I’m not exaggerating.” Alyssa adjusted the slightly wrinkled skirt on her body, and said: “The excitement is over, let’s go and go back.”

Mattie was actually here to join in the fun, and now the biggest fun has been finished, of course, she will go home.

The two went out together, and when they reached the gate, Mattie said to go to the bathroom again.

Alyssa had to stand still and wait for her.

Waiting and waiting, it was Karl and Miana.

Miana didn’t hold Karl’s arm this time, because she was holding the box in one hand, and the other hand was holding the brooch that Karl had just purchased for 200 million.

And Karl was as usual, expressionless, looking cold.

Karl stared ahead, and walked straight ahead of Alyssa, as if he hadn’t seen her. And Miana, who walked next to her, deliberately looked back at her, that look was full of ostentation and pride.

Alyssa looked away, she didn’t feel anything, she just felt a little bored in her heart.

Mattie hurried over at this moment: “Okay, let’s go.”

As the two walked, Mattie talked about the party just now. Alyssa answered from time to time, but in fact she didn’t hear anything.

Early the next morning, Alyssa and the crew went to the shooting location.

In the morning, the shooting was outdoors, and it was not too hot outside, so the shooting went smoothly.

In the afternoon, it is indoor play.

Miana didn’t come all morning, but it was late in the afternoon.

She didn’t have a big role in the crew, and whether she came or not had no effect on the filming.

For the crew, it would be better if Miana didn’t come, and someone had to take care of her first.

When she came over, the crew greeted her enthusiastically.

“Miss Palmer is here.”

“Miss Palmer’s clothes are so beautiful today, especially this brooch…”

Hearing the word brooch, Alyssa couldn’t help but turned her head and looked over.

Miana wore a white dress today, with exquisite makeup, and specially made hair, with a radiant look.

And the other brooch on her skirt was taken by Karl at the party last night for 200 million.

The filming there just ended, the director raised his head and shouted outside: “Take a break.”

Alyssa is the screenwriter of the team, sitting not far from the director, and Mattie is beside her. Therefore, Alyssa could easily hear Mattie’s sneer.

Mattie was not pleasing to the eyes of Miana, but now it is not pleasing to the eyes.

Alyssa made no sound, got up and walked aside to take a bottle of mineral water.

When she twisted the bottle cap, she saw Mattie still talking to the director, so she took another bottle of water.

When she passed by, Mattie just finished speaking with the director, and she passed the water to Mattie.

“Thanks.” Mattie was also a little thirsty, and took two big mouthfuls after twisting it out.

Alyssa drank the water and sat down.

It didn’t take much time to shoot again.

Miana was sitting not far away, holding a notebook in her hand, watching the lines on it.

In this scene, the body of a man was found in an abandoned teaching building. The guard found the body, and then called the police and the police came.

Halfway through the filming, Miana suddenly said, “Stop it.”

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