Predestined Marriage Novel Chapter 691 – 692

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Chapter 691

As soon as the waiter left, Alyssa did not speak, and Rachel sat down opposite Alyssa.

Rachel stared at Grace closely, her eyes lighted, and the expression on her face was surprised and happy: “What’s your name?”

Grace’s eyes were full of curiosity, and her gaze kept falling on Rachel, and she said generously, “Grace.”

“Grace?” Rachel said to himself, not knowing which two words Grace was talking about.

However, Rachel didn’t want to know which two words it was. She smiled and tried to make herself more approachable: “You look like father, so cute.”

Alyssa looked at Rachel coldly, and her dislike for her reached its peak.

Rachel is not going to leave. If she wants to drive Rachel away, she will only have to say bad words to Rachel.

She didn’t want to show that ugly look in front of Grace again, and she didn’t need to be like Rachel.

“Thank you.” Grace obediently thanked her, she would be quieter in front of strangers.

Alyssa didn’t speak, so Grace turned to look at her curiously, seeming to be a little confused why Alyssa didn’t talk to Rachel.

Alyssa smiled comfortingly at her, and said, “Let’s eat first.”

Afterwards, she looked up at Rachel: “How to make a call to you, I don’t have your phone number yet.”

Rachel was stunned for a moment, and asked in disbelief, “Do you want my phone number?”

“Yes, yours.” Even though Alyssa didn’t have any expression when she spoke and couldn’t see any happiness, Rachel was still extremely happy.

Alyssa wanted her phone number because Grace just called her grandmother, so Alyssa finally figured out that she wanted to reassure her?

“Okay, tell me your number, let me call you…” Rachel’s hand holding the phone trembled with excitement-shaking slightly.

Alyssa glanced at the phone she put aside, and said quietly, “Don’t you know my number.”

She was also a little curious, how did Rachel know her number.

Rachel heard her say this and patted her head gently: “Eh, yes! I have your number, I’m really confused.”

Alyssa just sneered without saying anything.

Rachel quickly found Alyssa’s number, called her, and Alyssa saved the number.

Under Rachel’s nose, Alyssa picked up the phone, found Rachel’s phone number, edited a text message and sent it.

Rachel was stunned for a moment when she saw the new text message reminder on her mobile phone. Alyssa was right across from her. What did she text her?

She looked at Alyssa in surprise: “What are you sending me…”

Alyssa only clicked her chin and said, “You can see if you look at it yourself.”

Rachel took a deep look at Alyssa before opening the text message that Alyssa had sent her.

“If you want to know about Isabel’s news, from now on until you leave, don’t say a word, and you can’t say anything about Grace. Otherwise, just wait for Isabel’s body to be collected.”

Rachel saw the content of this short message clearly, and her expression turned pale: “You know…”

Seeing Alyssa’s warning eyes, Rachel quickly closed her mouth, and did not continue to say the rest.

Rachel lowered her head and replied a text message to Alyssa: “You have news about Isabel?”

Alyssa smiled when she saw these words.

It’s just that the smile doesn’t reach the bottom of her eyes, anyway, there is a bitter feeling.

Rachel didn’t know why Alyssa laughed like this, and couldn’t wait to send another: “Did you have news from her.”

Alyssa put down the phone and turned to look at Grace.

She put two chicken wings for Grace just now, and Grace was eating so much oil right now.

Feeling Alyssa looking at her, she picked up the chicken wings that she had just picked up in her hand before she had a bite of the chicken wings and handed it to Alyssa: “Mom.”

Alyssa said softly: “I don’t like to eat this, you can eat it yourself.”

Grace likes to eat chicken wings the most, and when he hears Alyssa is not eating them, she stuffs her mouth and started chewing.

The opposite Rachel was even more anxious when she saw that Alyssa would not reply to her text messages, but instead watched Grace eat something. She wanted to talk and was afraid that Alyssa would really be bad for Isabel, so she could only continue to send Alyssa some texts.

Alyssa allowed her phone to vibrate and didn’t want to look at it again.

Still Grace reminded her: “Mom your phone.”

Alyssa picked it up and glanced at it, mute it, and said to Grace with a natural expression: “It’s a wrong number.”

Grace nodded and continued to chew the chicken wings.

Only then did Alyssa turn her head to look at Rachel, a cold light flashed under her eyes, and Rachel shuddered.

She deliberately sent a text message to Rachel to threaten Rachel with Isabel’s news, but she didn’t expect that she was actually drawn away from her attention like this, and she didn’t pay attention to Grace anymore.

Although Alyssa had long known what kind of person Rachel was, when she saw Rachel speaking softly to Grace, she still had a slight expectation of Rachel.

She hoped that Rachel will change, and that even if Rachel doesn’t like her, she will have a slight concern for Grace.

But it turns out that Alyssa still thinks too much.

Rachel didn’t like Alyssa before, but now she still doesn’t like Grace.

This has been the case for more than 20 years, and probably Rachel will never change in this life.

Alyssa was moved like this only because Grace called “grandma”.

Therefore, she deliberately sent such text messages to Rachel to try her.

Rachel didn’t disappoint Alyssa either, she was still the wife of Isabel’s father who loved Isabel, and Rachel who closely followed all the movements of her stepdaughter.

But she will never become Alyssa’s true mother.

After that, Alyssa no longer paid attention to Rachel. Although Rachel urgently wanted to know the whereabouts of Isabel, Alyssa’s words still had a deterrent effect to a certain extent.

She was really afraid of Isabel’s accident, so she didn’t dare to act rashly. She just held back Alyssa and Grace after eating, without saying a word.

When Alyssa took Grace to pay the bill, she happened to meet Peter again.

Peter came up to tease Grace: “Will uncle take you to play? Uncle has a lot of good things!”

Alyssa glanced at Rachel not far away, and knew that Rachel would not give up, so she let Peter take Grace to play.

Unexpectedly, Peter took Grace away with her forefoot. As soon as Alyssa collected the receipt, Rachel followed.

“Alyssa, tell me, how is Isabel, where is she?” Rachel’s eyes pleaded: “Isabel did a lot of bad things, but after all, she was the one who brought her up, just It was just the wrong way for a while.”

Chapter 692

Hearing this, Alyssa laughed sarcastically: “You also know that Isabel has gone the wrong way and has not done good deeds?”

Although Isabel was not born to Rachel, she was the one who brought her up. She still loves Isabel even now, and naturally she doesn’t want to hear Alyssa say Isabel in such a tone.

She subconsciously opened her mouth to defend Isabel: “You know, Isabel was spoiled and grown-up like that since she was a child. She later encountered so many setbacks, and since her boyfriend passed away, her mental state has become worse. It’s getting worse, she really just…”

Alyssa listened to Rachel defending Isabel one by one, only to feel disgusting.

She trembled and trembled with anger, and yelled at Rachel: “Enough!”

“Setbacks? Do you think those things she encountered were setbacks?” Alyssa spoke as she approached Rachel.

Seeing Alyssa’s face cold, Rachel stepped back subconsciously: “Isabel she…”

The place where the two talked was a corner, Rachel stepped back not much, and then hit the wall, and there was no way to go back.

Alyssa took Grace out without wearing high heels, but she was still one or two centimeters taller than Rachel who was wearing high heels.

As a result, Alyssa’s momentum was even more so that Rachel did not dare to speak.

“Isabel has always been self-inflicted.” Alyssa opened her lips slightly, her tone softly: “And the biggest frustration of my life is becoming your daughter.”

Rachel shook all over, suddenly raised her head to look at Alyssa, the corners of her lips twitched twice, but she didn’t speak.

“From childhood to age, Isabel has done everything right, and what she did wrong is also right. And I do it right or wrong when done it is always wrong!” Alyssa took a deep breath and calmed down. Feeling emotional, stepped back, smiled and said, “Speaking of which, I also want to thank Isabel.”

Rachel was a little dazed by Alyssa’s series of words. Hearing Alyssa said to thank Isabel, she reflexively said: “Since you thank her, let her go!”

Alyssa folded her arms and said in a hurry, “I am grateful to her for the crime for me, and your love ruined her life. And if you don’t like her but me, then I may also end up just like her, didn’t it?”

“Alyssa, you…you…” Rachel has been living by a man all her life. She spent half of her life trying to please Isabel. At this moment, Alyssa pointedly said that she had ruined Isabel. All her life, she was so angry that she couldn’t speak.

Alyssa felt that Rachel, this woman, was really annoying and hateful.

Even if Rachel is not her mother, but a passerby, Alyssa still feels annoying and hateful.

Obviously she has outstanding beauty and good hands. She can rely on her own ability to support herself in any way, but she has to live by a man until she finally loses herself. She can’t even tell what is right or wrong.

“As for the whereabouts of Isabel…you go ask…” Alyssa originally wanted to tell her to find Karl, but when she got her words, she turned a corner and became: “Go find A person named Clifford, he knows where Isabel is.”

Rachel’s eyes flashed upon hearing this, “Clifford?”

Alyssa felt that Rachel was really helpless.

“Yes, his name is Clifford Dixon. He and Isabel have come over, so you are right to find him.” Clifford has indeed used Isabel to find her, which is correct.

Let them bite the dog.

Peter took Grace away from Alyssa, and led her around with excitement.

During the Festival time, many people came to Best Day for parties and dinners. Peter is the boss of AdamPic Media and Best Day, and many people know him inside and outside the circle.

He took Grace all the way, and people kept greeting him.

When those people saw Grace, they asked curiously, “Who is this little girl? Is she your daughter?”

Peter asked half-jokingly and half-seriously: “Why? Doesn’t she look like?”

The person who asked this originally didn’t believe that this was Peter’s daughter, but Peter’s attitude made him suspect that this was really Peter’s daughter.

If this is really Peter’s daughter, if he says that it is not like this, wouldn’t it make Peter faceless?

Then, the man nodded repeatedly, saying that he had a nose and eyes: “It’s more than just a look! It’s so alike! This eye and nose are simply carved out in the same mold as Mr. Grant.”

Peter didn’t intend to explain anything to them either. They were all superficial friendships, so Peter just said a few words and conflated.

Some people saw Grace cute and wanted to touch her and hug her, but Peter was unsure and said scornfully, “What are you doing? Taking advantage of my daughter!”

“Just a child, so cute I want to hug her…”

“You want to hug my daughter and have one by yourself!” Peter smiled when he spoke, but it didn’t make those people feel that it was a shame.

After shaking around, many people knew that Peter had a daughter.

One pass ten, ten pass a hundred, pass it with nose and eyes.

When Alyssa went to find Peter, she saw Best Day’s employees on the side quietly getting together and saying that Peter had a daughter.

“Does Mr. Grant’s daughter look good?”

“How ugly, but pretty.”

“Who is the child’s mother? Mr. Grant hasn’t had any scandal girlfriends in recent years.”

“Could it be that CEO Grant confessed to the wrong child and became the catcher?”

“Impossible, I saw the child with my own eyes, and she looks like CEO Grant…”

As Alyssa walked, listening to their conversation, she was shocked.

Does Peter actually have a daughter? He actually hooked up with other women with Tina behind?

Tina’s career in the past few years has been in full swing, not to mention having children with Mr. Grant, and he has never even talked about love. If Peter really had a daughter, she was definitely not born with Tina.

Alyssa was puzzled, and walked over as Peter told her.

When she passed by, Peter and Grace stood on the glass wall on the edge of the corridor of the spiral staircase and looked outside.

Peter bluffed and said, “Look, Grace, there is a plane there!”

Grace raised her head and looked at it seriously: “Yeah!”

Peter said again: “The people below are so small!”

Grace said with a surprised look: “As small as an ant.”

The dialogue between the two sounds particularly naive.

Alyssa always felt that Peter was unreliable sometimes, but she now understands that everyone’s personality is different, and the way of life and the way of handling things are also different.

She thought that if Peter has a daughter in the future, he would definitely spoil her.

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