Predestined Marriage Novel Chapter 693 – 694

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Chapter 693

Early the next morning, Alyssa was awakened by the ringing of her mobile phone.

She stretched out her hand from the quilt, brought the phone to her, and saw that the name on it was Tina, which refreshed her spirit and sat up to get the call.

“Tina? What’s the matter?” When Tina was on the crew, she would only call her at night, and she would sleep in at ordinary times. There must be something wrong with the call so early.

“Do you know about Peter?”

The cold voice sounded a little hoarse, don’t know if I didn’t sleep well or I had a cold.

“What’s wrong with Peter?” When she took Grace to Best Day for dinner yesterday, Peter was fine, but what could happen in one night?

“Wait a minute.” There was a rustling voice on Tina’s end.

Not long after, a new WeChat message reminded Alyssa’s mobile phone.

Alyssa didn’t hang up, and opened WeChat to read the news.

The new message was sent to her by Tina.

Tina sent her several trending search screenshots and news screenshots.

“According to informed sources-Peter, CEO of AdamPic Media, has an illegitimate daughter…”

[email protected] daughter? ? ?

Alyssa looked blank, where did Peter’s illegitimate daughter come from?

Reminiscing about Tina’s tone just now, Alyssa coughed and asked, “Tina, do you believe these messy media reports?”

“It’s clearly written above, it was Peter who took his daughter to sway openly in Best Day, and his daughter is several years old! Now the whole Rostenvel, who does not know that he has a three or four-year-old daughter!”

Tina got more and more angry as she spoke, kicking on the chair in front of her.

Alyssa felt that this matter was strange. She just glanced at the headline and general content of the news, and did not carefully see what was going on.

Alyssa went back to read the news carefully and found that the news read “Yesterday, according to an insider’s report…” Alyssa vaguely understood something.

Alyssa thought for a while, and said, “Yesterday, I took Grace to Best Day for dinner. Peter was there at the time. He took Grace to play for a while, and many people saw it.”

“No wonder he likes Grace so much, because he also has a daughter, heh!” Tina sneered, making Alyssa feel her resentment across the screen.

Alyssa sighed: “Tina, why are you stupid at this time? It is written in the news that someone broke the news yesterday that Peter stayed in Best Day yesterday. Could it be those people who thought Grace was his daughter?”

Alyssa’s voice fell, and the phone went quiet.

After a while, Tina said leisurely, “Is that right?”

Alyssa said earnestly, “How about it? You never think that Peter really has a daughter with another woman! You don’t know who Peter is.”

Tina’s mood changed obviously. She was relieved by Alyssa’s words, but she refused to give in at all: “Who knows what kind of person Peter is? Who knows who he and I have a daughter? what relationship.”

“don’t know whose voice just sounded almost crying.”

“Anyway, it’s not me, I still have something to do, hang up first.”

As soon as Tina finished speaking, she hung up the phone in a hurry.

Alyssa sighed while looking at the cell phone that was seen hanging up.

See how long these two people can torture each other.

Waking up early in the morning by a cold phone call, Alyssa had completely lost her sleepiness now, so she just woke up.

The first thing after Alyssa wakes up and does is to see Grace.

The weather in winter is very cold. Although the heating is on in the room, Alyssa is still a little afraid that Grace will catch a cold, but Grace insists on sleeping by herself, and she can’t help it.

Alyssa gently pushed open the door of Grace’s room, walked gently to the bed, and saw that Grace had been awake long ago, and she was looking at her brightly with her big eyes open.

Obviously, she woke up for a while.

Alyssa was a little surprised: “Grace woke up so early?”

“Yeah.” Grace turned over and sat up.

Alyssa helped her get dressed, and asked her as she put it on, “Grace would like to have breakfast later.”

Grace rubbed her eyes, and said glutinously, “Eating.”

“If you want to have porridge, mom will cook it for you,” Grace said that rice was porridge.

She dressed Grace, went to boil the porridge in the pot, and then returned to take Grace to wash up.

When the breakfast was ready, the doorbell rang when the two sat down to eat together.

Alyssa has been somewhat sensitive to the doorbell recently.

She put down the spoon and did not get up immediately, but asked Grace who was opposite: “Grace, who do you think is outside?”

Grace first scooped a large spoonful of porridge and ate it, then turned her head and glanced in the direction of the door, and said seriously, “It’s Dad.”


Listening to Grace’s words, Alyssa’s heart jumped fiercely, violently gaining and losing.

“Not always.”

Grace raised her chin, obviously quite sure that Karl was outside the door: “Open the door and you’ll know.”

Alyssa originally asked casually, but Grace was so sure that even she felt that the person outside the door waiting to open the door was Karl.

Alyssa got up and walked to the door, without looking out from the cat’s eye to see who was outside, she opened the door directly.

As soon as the door opened, Alyssa was startled.

After a snowfall at the beginning of the New Year, the temperature has been very low these days. Karl, who is not afraid of the cold, also wears a long woolen coat over his suit and a dark gray scarf around his neck. This makes him look more slender and also adds a touch of gentleness.

He looked down at Alyssa with a cold expression: “I’ll pick Grace.”

Alyssa regained consciousness, hesitated for a moment before retreating to the side and let Karl in.

When Grace was going to open the door, Grace craned her neck to look here.

When she saw Karl coming over, she smiled and said, “I knew it was Dad.”

Alyssa pretended to give her an angry look, and Grace smiled sweeter.

After Karl approached, she took off the scarf and put it on the back of the sofa before walking to the dining table and sitting down.

Karl sat next to Grace, leaning slightly towards Grace, “What to eat?”

“Porridge” Grace took a spoon of porridge and handed it to Karl: “Are you eating?”

When Karl was about to open his mouth to eat, Grace retracted the spoon all at once, laughing crisply: “Dad can’t eat mine, mine is too little, you go eat mom’s.”

Alyssa originally watched Karl eat at Grace’s place, and was about to laugh. When she heard Grace’s words, she couldn’t laugh anymore.

She lowered her head, picked up the bowl in twos and then drank the porridge in the bowl.

Then her face looked at Karl as usual: “I’m going, you have to eat it yourself and serve it.”

She didn’t want to feed Karl porridge with a spoon.

Chapter 694

Karl glanced at Alyssa, his face even colder than when he entered the door just now: “I have eaten.”

Alyssa frowned slightly, when did she provoke him again? What’s he doing?

Alyssa snorted and took her bowl to the kitchen.

Grace always loves to eat, and she is very serious when she eats. Even if Karl is watching by the side, she is not disturbed and still eats obediently.

Karl sat by and watched Grace eat.

With his elbows on the dining table, he leaned on his side and propped his head, looking like he was very focused.

Grace finished eating soon. She jumped off the chair, took her bowl and ran to the kitchen: “Mom, I’m finished.”

Alyssa took the bowl, and Grace ran back again and returned to the restaurant, talking to Karl.

Alyssa looked at it for a moment, then retracted her gaze.

She has to get used to such things, and she has to face such things.

Regarding Grace’s custody rights, it is time to talk to Karl.

If Karl would really marry Miana…, then Miana would definitely not treat Grace well.

Therefore, this matter is already imminent.

Alyssa couldn’t figure it out. After washing a bowl for a long time, the tap was still flushing.

“A bowl has been washed for almost ten minutes. How did your efficiency in doing things make the “Lost City 2″ script out before the New Year?”

Karl’s slightly mocking voice sounded behind her.

After separation, Alyssa couldn’t hear Karl talking like this.

She turned her head and looked at Karl with an expressionless face. After thinking that Adams’ was now the financer of “Lost City 2” crew, she suppressed the words that came to her lips.

“Thank you, Mr. Adams, for recognizing my work ability. As for the efficiency of life, you don’t have to worry about it. We won’t live together anyway.”

After Alyssa said with a smile, Karl’s complexion became even more ugly.

Alyssa sighed softly, planning to walk past Karl.

However, when she was about to walk past Karl, Karl suddenly reached out and grabbed her wrist.

Alyssa frowned, trying to shake Karl’s hand away, but after struggling twice, she realized that she couldn’t get rid of it.

“What do you want? Let go!” Alyssa was worried that Grace was still outside, and when she spoke, she tried her best to keep her voice down.

But not only did Karl not let go of her, but she had to pull her tightly, and then she hugged her into his arms.

Alyssa was shocked and called his name warningly: “Karl!”

She was locked in his arms by Karl’s owl, and was forced to look up at him.

Karl’s perfectly contoured face was right in front of her, still heroic, with a powerful aura of aggression, and his eyes were complicated gazes that Alyssa couldn’t understand.

Alyssa couldn’t move by his complicated gaze, she knew very well in her heart that she should push him away at this time.

However, her hand stopped as if reluctantly.

The two didn’t know how long they looked at each other. Suddenly, Karl lowered his head fiercely and grabbed her lips.

Alyssa shuddered, fully awake: “You…meet…”

She opened her mouth to scold Karl, but she just gave him a chance to invade.

The deeper Karl k!ssed, the more sober Alyssa became.

The more sober she is, the cooler her heart is.

In terms of physical strength, men have inherent advantages. Alyssa couldn’t push him away, so she could only bear it.

It wasn’t until her l!ps were k!ssed by Karl that she almost lost consciousness, that Karl stopped suddenly and hugg3d her tightly into his arms.

For some reason, Alyssa felt a trace of fragility from this hug.

From the vulnerability of Karl.

He seems very tired.

Alyssa was stunned by her own thoughts. At this moment, Karl pushed her away and strode out of the kitchen.

As he passed the living room, Karl leaned over and picked up Grace who was still playing with toys with one hand, and walked directly outside without a second pause.

Grace’s was suddenly picked up by him, and the doll in her hand fell out. She complained dissatisfied: “My doll!”

Karl didn’t care what she said, he held her with one hand and went out.

When Alyssa chased her out, she only had time to see the door closed with a “bang”.

She stared at the door closed, recalling the hug that Karl had just given.

Is she wicked? Or was Karl caught by evil?

Karl suddenly k!ssed and hugg3d her just now, shouldn’t she be angry now? But her first reaction turned out to be that Karl was tired and needed her.


Alyssa laughed at herself. It is really rare for a person like Karl to make people feel happy.

Even if he really needs someone now, it can only be Miana, how could it be her?

Alyssa thought about what she should and shouldn’t, and finally she didn’t hold back calling Smith.

“Mr. Smith, do you have time to meet me? I have something to talk to you about.”

Of course Smith knew that Alyssa said that she had something to talk to him, and it must be something related to Karl.

Smith responded very simply: “Okay.”

Alyssa had an appointment in a remote cafe with Smith.

He was very punctual and arrived at the coffee shop at the appointed time.

“Mr. Smith, I will ask you out today, I might as well say straight, I want to ask you some things about Karl.” That’s the point for smart people to talk about, and everyone doesn’t need to be ambiguous.

Smith nodded slightly, and said sincerely: “Miss Alyssa, don’t hesitate to ask anything. If I know, I won’t hide it from you.”

“I want to know what Karl is doing recently.”

A hint of surprise flashed on the face of Smith, maybe he felt that Alyssa’s question was too casual.

“Sir recently, in addition to going to the company for meetings, he also occasionally goes to a dinner, but he basically just sits and leaves, and then…”

He was embarrassed, as if he didn’t know how to speak.

Alyssa took the initiative to make up the unfinished words for him: “Then he will date Miana, right?”

“…Yes.” Smith lowered his head, very embarrassed.

On the contrary, Alyssa’s expression looked more natural, without a trace of uncomfortableness: “Is he happy with Miana?”

“When Boss met with Miss Palmer, I was not there, don’t know.” Smith thought that Alyssa was going to ask something, but it was all about Boss and Miss Palmer.

He couldn’t guess Karl’s thoughts, and Alyssa’s thoughts, he couldn’t guess.

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