Predestined Marriage Novel Chapter 869 – 870

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Chapter 869

As soon as Alyssa brought Grace to the office, she received a call from Peter.

“Alyssa, I temporarily suppressed the news on the Internet.”

Alyssa was taken aback: “You…”

Peter didn’t wait for her to speak, and then said, “Karl contacted me and he let me press it down.”

Alyssa glanced at Grace, turned around and walked to the window, lowered her voice and asked Peter, “Did Karl contact you?”

“Well, he contacted me last night.” Peter paused, and said, “He also said that he would give you peace of mind.”

“I feel very at ease.” Alyssa’s tone sounded with a hint of anger.

When Karl said that he appeared, he would appear, and he would disappear when he said that he disappeared. Without any news, he did not contact her, so she was relieved?

How can she feel relieved?

In a dream?

Peter also knew that Alyssa’s anger was because of Karl.

He still speaks for Karl: “You don’t know what kind of person Karl is. Why are you angry with him? No need.”

Peter and Karl were both men, and they had a deep friendship. Of course, he was speaking for Karl.

Alyssa turned off the topic: “Thank you in advance for the news, but the people behind the ghosts will not just let it go, there must be a later move.”

“Then I know.” After Peter finished speaking, he said with some puzzlement: “Actually, I have never understood. No matter how good Clifford is, if Karl has to deal with him, there is always a way? Why should he step back?”

Alyssa only said three simple words: “Because of me.”

Peter said: “It doesn’t matter, right? No matter how frustrated Clifford is, Karl should still be able to protect you.”

“The thing Clifford has always wanted to deal with is Karl. If he can’t find a sense of accomplishment from Karl, he will turn his spear on me. As long as Karl gives way to Clifford, Clifford will feel it. The pleasure of achieving the goal will not be shot at me.”

Speaking of this, Alyssa couldn’t help but sighed slightly: “Karl… he doesn’t want to put Grace and me in danger. He has to bear even the slightest risk.”

Peter was silent for a long time, and said in a daunting tone: “So, Karl is quite persuasive. When he comes back, I have to laugh at him…”

“Mom, I want to drink water.”

Grace’s voice interrupted Peter’s voice.

Peter looked at the time and guessed that Alyssa had already gone to the company, and asked, “Did you take Grace to the company?”

“Well, the aunt at home has resigned, I can only bring her to the company.”

Peter said eagerly: “Let me talk to her, I haven’t seen her for a long time…”

Alyssa asked Grace: “Would you like to call Uncle Grant?”

Grace nodded, and reached out to her, indicating that she wanted to take the phone.

Alyssa handed the phone to Grace, turned around to help her pour water.

When she came back, Grace was still chatting with Peter on the phone.

She fed Grace a few sips of water, and after she let Grace sit on the sofa, she went behind the desk to deal with documents.

She looked at it and thought of Peter’s question just now.

In Peter’s view, everything or many of Karl’s actions.

But Alyssa knew very clearly what Karl really thought.

With Gerald’s lessons learned, he would give way to Clifford to avoid Alyssa and Grace being implicated.

If Karl hadn’t had any worries, he wouldn’t always give in.

Chapter 870

If Karl had no worries for the future, and had a head-on confrontation with Clifford, after Clifford had nothing to threaten Karl, Clifford could not be so rampant.

Alyssa was naturally shocked and angry at Karl’s decision to do these things without authorization.

But what about being angry.

Karl has always been such a person.

Moreover, his intentions, Alyssa knew better than anyone.

Even though she was angry, she was still worried about him.

Alyssa could understand Karl’s intentions, but could not agree with his approach.

After everything is over, she will fix him well.

When Alyssa thought of this, she sighed and bowed her head and began to process the documents.

After Grace answered the call, she took the phone and handed it to Alyssa: “Mom, your phone.”

Alyssa took the phone and touched Grace’s head: “Play by yourself.”

“Yeah.” Grace responded and ran away.

Alyssa looked at Grace’s back, smiled, lowered her head and started to deal with work.

When leaving the workplace at noon, Alyssa received a call from Rachel.

It was an unfamiliar number, Alyssa didn’t know that Rachel was calling.

She was afraid that it was the call from Karl, and worried that if she didn’t answer the call, she would miss it, so she answered the call.

Rachel’s voice was abnormally calm: “Alyssa, I have something to tell you.”

“I’m done listening to everything you should say.” Alyssa was about to hang up after speaking.

Rachel seemed to have guessed that Alyssa was going to hang up. Before her ending, she heard Rachel’s voice ringing: “Don’t hang up in a hurry, you will regret it!”

There was a rare coldness in Rachel’s voice.

Rachel has always been cautious at Hunt’s house.

She is not tough by nature, has a weak personality, has no right to speak in Hunt’s family, and has always been cautious in her words and actions.

Only in front of Alyssa can she have a tough and domineering side.

But because she feels that Alyssa is her daughter, she should be obliged to do so.

Alyssa sneered: “The thing I regret most is that I became your daughter.”

“You…” Rachel exclaimed with anger: “Do you think I want to have a vicious and conscientious daughter like yours? You even killed Isabel, are you not enough?”

“When did I kill Isabel? Go to the doctor when you get confused and don’t come to me every time, and don’t call me in the future.”

Alyssa hung up after speaking.

She squeezed her eyebrows.

After pacing in place for a while, in the end, she could only blacklist the phone number that Rachel had called from.

She calmed down for a while, then turned to see Grace in the lounge.

Grace fell asleep after playing.

She glanced at the door, Grace was sleeping soundly.

Alyssa closed the door gently, and when she came out, there was a knock on the door.

Alyssa said to the door: “Come in.”

Pushing the door Smith came in with packed meals in his hands.

“I ordered food for you in Best Day.” Because Grace is here, he specially ordered food from Best Day.

Smith went in and looked around and found that Grace was not there, so he asked, “Did Grace go to bed?”

“Yeah.” Alyssa nodded, “Just put the meal down.”

Smith put it down and was about to go out, Alyssa called him: “Mr. Smith.”

Smith turned around: “Is there anything else?”

Alyssa smiled: “Thank you.”

She noticed the Best Day logo on the lunch box.

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