Predestined Marriage Novel Chapter 867 – 868

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Chapter 867

When Smith on the other side of the phone did not hear Alyssa’s reply, he asked again: “Mrs. Adams?”

Alyssa paused and said, “No hurry, I will check it online first.”

“OK.” Smith didn’t say more.

Alyssa went online and took a look.

Sure enough, several authoritative media copied this news.

Three or four years have passed since the incident of Gerald.

Sometimes Alyssa would forget that Gerald still exists.

The relationship between Gerald and Karl’s “cousin” has never been publicly announced.

Outsiders don’t know this.

The fact that Karl was once the boss behind AdamPic Media has not been known to the outside world.

Therefore, no one thought of Karl’s body after Gerald’s death.

Very few people know these things.

Peter and Smith were even more unlikely to expose this matter.

Only Clifford would spare no effort to target Karl,

As long as there is something that can make Karl suffer, whether it is economic or reputation, Clifford will not let go.

The person who spread Karl’s various “scandals” on the Internet last time was Clifford, and he must be the leader of this incident.

This reminded Alyssa of Gerald.

She gradually felt that Clifford and Gerald had similarities.

These two people are very similar.

After Gerald knew his life experience, he became distorted and paranoid, and finally wanted to die with Karl.

And how different is Clifford’s various behaviors from Gerald?

They are also jealous of Karl.

What makes Clifford a little better than Gerald is that he has greater power and financial resources.

“Mom, eat!”

Grace’s voice sounded from the side, she didn’t know when she ran over.

Alyssa thought about things too seriously just now and didn’t even notice her coming.

Alyssa put the phone aside and reached out to hOld Grace in her arms.

It seems to sink a bit again.

Grace didn’t go out much at home during the summer vacation, but she was taken care of by Aunt Stephanie very well, and she sank again.

Alyssa squeezed her fleshy cheek, and said softly, “Okay, I’ll go to eat right away.”

She hugged Grace over to eat.

Aunt Stephanie saw that Alyssa had come, and started to serve food.

After serving the meal, Aunt Stephanie looked like she wanted to talk

Alyssa asked her aloud, “What’s the matter with Aunt Stephanie?”

“It’s…” Aunt Stephanie seemed a little embarrassed to say.

“It’s okay, just say what you have.” Alyssa put down her chopsticks and looked at Aunt Stephanie seriously.

“My daughter-in-law, she is pregnant with a second child. She is not in good health, and my son is also very worried. I just want to…”

Aunt Stephanie looked embarrassed and didn’t go on.

Alyssa naturally understood what she meant.

Aunt Stephanie wants to go home to take care of her daughter-in-law.

Alyssa smiled and said, “I see, I will pay you all this month’s salary later.”

“Miss Alyssa, I…” Aunt Stephanie looked a little ashamed.

She also knew that this incident was too sudden, and she saw Alyssa’s situation in her eyes.

If she leaves now, it may not be so easy to find a trusted person to take care of Grace.

Alyssa did not continue this topic with her: “Let’s eat first.”

Grace listened to the two adults talking, looked at Aunt Stephanie and Alyssa, bowing her head and picking up rice.

When Aunt Stephanie went to the kitchen to clean up the dishes and chopsticks after the meal, Grace asked Alyssa in a low voice, “Is Granny going away?”

Chapter 868

Alyssa touched Grace’s head and said, “Well, she has very important things at home, so she has to go back.”

Grace nodded as if understanding.

Aunt Stephanie wants to go home to take care of her daughter-in-law. Although Alyssa simply agreed, it was indeed a bit troublesome.

Aunt was looking after her all time, she was a nice and trustworthy person.

It would be a little difficult to find another person like Aunt Stephanie in a short time.

And she goes to the company every day.

As soon as Aunt Stephanie left, Alyssa would either take all the work home or take Grace to the company.

Obviously, the latter is better implemented.

Alyssa could not handle Adams’ official duties independently.

In the end, she decided to take Grace to the company.

Fortunately, there is a dedicated elevator in the parking lot that goes directly to the CEO’s office, and the first floor of the CEO’s office is rarely visited.

In this way, even if Grace followed Alyssa to the company every day, it would be fine.

Early the next morning, Aunt Stephanie left Alyssa’s house.

Smith drove to pick up Alyssa.

As soon as Grace saw Smith, she yelled sweetly, “Uncle Smith.”

Smith replied, and said softly, “Good morning Grace.”

Smith realized that Alyssa was going to the company with Grace, and he was a little surprised: “Where is Aunt Stephanie?”

“She wanted to go home to take care of her daughter-in-law, so I let her go back.” Alyssa said as she carried Grace into the car.

Smith frowned slightly after hearing this: “Then I will find someone for you?”

Alyssa shook her head and refused: “I can’t find one for a while, so let’s not look for one for now. It won’t be long before Grace will start school.”

She changed her conversation: “Furthermore, let Grace stay by my side, and I will feel more at ease.”

Smith heard this and said nothing more.

After getting in the car and drove to the company, Alyssa noticed that Smith looked back in the rearview mirror several times, as if he was hesitant to talk.

Alyssa knew vaguely that he wanted to talk about the news online.

She said: “I have seen it online.”

Smith was startled and asked: “Then what do you want to do?”

Smith’s meaning is very clear, Alyssa can do what she wants to do.

As expected, he was someone who had been with Karl for many years, and his ability to do things was amazing.

Alyssa used to think that Smith was just a more thoughtful assistant. After taking over Adams’ affairs during this period, she realized that Smith was almost omnipotent.

Alyssa turned her head and looked out the window, and said, “I will think about it.”

Clifford made up his mind to ruin Karl’s reputation. This may be just the beginning.

She had to find a way to know what Clifford had to do next.

Clifford knew everything about Adams’ family.

Alyssa even suspected that Clifford would shake out all the Adams’ family affairs.

Then, it’s not just Karl that will be affected.

There is also Luther.

Karl and Luther had a deep relationship. He didn’t tell Luther about Lina.

In order to protect Luther, he directly sent him to the military academy, and she did not see him several times a year.

At that time, if Lina and Trevor were involved, the person who suffered the most would be Luther.

The matter between Lina and Trevor has affected too many people.

In that incident, the person who suffered the most was Luther.

Luther didn’t know the truth, but for him, he lost his elder brother Gerald, his biological father, and his mother went to a mental hospital…

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