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Chapter 865

Alyssa looked around on Twitter, and did not see any topics or news related to Isabel’s death.

It may also be because the Hunt family did not disclose the news of her death.

Colin is a face-loving person, and to a certain extent he is still a bit old-fashioned.

On the day of Douglas’s funeral, Isabel died, and it was not very good for such things to spread.

The grandfathers died on the front foot, and the granddaughters followed him back foot.

If this kind of thing spreads out, it will naturally become other people’s talk after dinner.

Colin, who loves face so much, naturally wouldn’t let out the news of Isabel’s death at this moment.

Alyssa put down the phone, remembering what Clifford had said on the phone before, and his face became dark.

Clifford is like a lunatic now.

Alyssa didn’t know what else he had to do.


The next day, she received a call from the lawyer.

Before Miana stabbed Alyssa in the restaurant, Alyssa did not give up, but chose to sue her.

The exposure was so severe at the time that even if Miana’s father wanted to save her, he still had to heed public opinion.

After all, the incident of Miana stabbing Alyssa has been exposed.

And Miana’s fatherhood is very sensitive.

The court day is Wednesday.

Alyssa took Smith to the court.

After spending so long in jail, Miana was very thin.

There is no way to see the former attraction, and the whole person looks very decadent.

Alyssa glanced at Miana in a distant way.

Miana looked at Alyssa with a dull expression on her face.

Probably already knew that waiting for him would be the disaster of prison, so Miana was already desperate.

Everything went well, and the first trial ended and Miana was sentenced to eight years.

Alyssa didn’t particularly care about the sentence for Miana.

She only needs Miana to get the punishment she deserves.

Out of the court, she saw the cold car.

Tina had a very early announcement this morning, otherwise she would definitely come to the court to listen.

Alyssa walked over, and Tina lowered the car window.

Alyssa turned to Smith and said, “You drive back to the company, and I will go with Tina.”

Smith nodded, then turned to drive.

Alyssa got into a cool car.

She opened the door of the back seat and sat in, and heard someone in front call her: “Alyssa.”

She looked up and found that it was Peter.

“Peter?” Alyssa was a little surprised.

She just glanced outside the car just now, Tina was sitting in the back row, she thought it was Tina’s assistant or manager driving.

Unexpectedly, Peter turned out to be driving.


The group went to Best Day.

No matter when, Best Day has the most guests.

When Tina went to the bathroom in the middle, Alyssa asked Peter, “Is there any news about Karl?”

Peter was taken aback when he heard the words, and then shook his head: “No.”

Alyssa pursed her lips slightly, stirred the soup in the bowl, and took a sip with her head down.

The feeling of not knowing the taste.

Karl disappeared again, as if disappeared out of thin air.

Peter looked at Alyssa thoughtfully, and stopped talking.

Soon, Tina came back.

When Tina came back, she held the phone in her hand.

Before putting down her mobile phone, she leaned over to Alyssa and said, “Have you heard about Isabel?”

Alyssa guessed that the death of Isabel was known to the media and was on trending searchs.

Alyssa nodded, and said, “Douglas’s funeral night, she left, and Rachel called me the next day.”

Chapter 866

Tina listened to Alyssa’s words, and was stunned: “So you already knew it?”

Alyssa asked her: “Is it on the trending search?”

“Yes.” Tina handed the phone to Alyssa, motioning her to look.

Alyssa thought well before. Gerald had a huge number of fans, and it is only a few years after his death.

As his girlfriend at the time of death, Isabel did bring many topics and labels on her body.

There are three hot topics related to Isabel.

The first hot topic was Isabel’s name: “Isabel.”

The second is: “Isabel passed away.”

The third is: “Sorrowful couple.”

The third topic is the most popular, because the third topic is related to Gerald and also initiated by Gerald’s fans.

Seeing that Alyssa had turned to the third topic, Tina reached out and clicked in: “Let me show you this long Tweet, I just laughed.”

The user of the long Tweet that Tina showed her didn’t know whether it was a passerby or a fan.

“I think we have all misunderstood Isabel. She truly loved Gerald. Since Gerald’s death, she disappeared from direct sales, and then the news of her death. You know, she was entertaining. The reputation in the circle has always been bad…”

There is a long string after that.

It is probably analyzing the relationship between Gerald and Isabel.

Tina sighed: “Our netizens always have a lot of imagination. The truth of the story is not so touching…”

Alyssa put the phone aside: “No, Isabel really loved Gerald.”

“Huh?” Tina was startled.

Alyssa smiled, and said to Tina earnestly: “Isabel really loved Gerald.”

Tina shrugged and said no more.

Alyssa lowered her eyes, her gaze fell on the water glass in front of her.

Before Gerald’s death, Isabel’s hatred for Alyssa was entirely due to her jealousy of Alyssa.

After Gerald’s death, Isabel blamed Alyssa and Karl for his death.

Although Isabel’s thoughts were unreasonable, Alyssa can understand her love for Gerald.

She really loved Gerald.

She really loved Gerald.

Alyssa never thought of forgiving Isabel, and if Isabel were alive, she would never feel that she was at fault.

But now Isabel is no longer there, and Alyssa chooses to let it go.

Let go of the grievances with Isabel.

When a person dies, the past disappears with the wind.

Regarding Isabel’s matter, Alyssa was still a little bit sigh.

However, Alyssa did not expect that the impact of Isabel’s death would not end there.

That night, as soon as Alyssa got home from work, she received a call from Smith.

“Mrs. Adams, someone on the Internet broke the news that before Gerald’s death, you and Sir were with him, saying that you killed him, do you want to suppress it?”

After listening to Smith’s words, Alyssa was stunned for a while before realizing what Smith said.

After an explosion on the island that year, she and Karl were both seriously injured.

Gerald himself died in the explosion.

Claire also handled all subsequent matters.

Although Claire was targeting Alyssa at that time, she was born in the Adams’ family and grew up in the family. She was also very skilled in handling matters.

At that time, this matter was completely blocked by Claire, and Isabel would know the cause of Gerald’s death, and it was also because Clifford had troubled him.

This time Isabel died, and this matter was mentioned again. You don’t even have to guess who was the one who secretly played the ghost.

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