Predestined Marriage Novel Chapter 863 – 864

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Chapter 863

Isabel will end up today. To sum it up in one sentence, it can be said that the wicked have their own troubles.

However, Alyssa could not agree with Clifford’s approach.

Her education and her moral views made her unable to agree with Clifford’s approach.

“Do you want to find a sense of identity from me, so that you can feel more comfortable?” Alyssa looked at Clifford and sneered: “Your sister knows that her life is in exchange for someone else’s life?”

Clifford’s complexion suddenly became particularly gloomy: “Alyssa, it’s no good for you to anger me now.”

“I just told the truth, why are you angry?” Alyssa raised her head slightly, looking at the rain curtain outside.

Clifford let out a long sigh of relief, and looked at Alyssa with a faint smile: “You are smart, but sometimes smartness is useless.”

When he finished speaking, he turned and left.

She looked at Clifford’s leaving back, lost in thought.

“Mrs. Adams.”

As soon as Clifford left, Smith came over: “Are you okay?”

Alyssa shook her head, and immediately thought of something, walked to Smith, and said extremely quietly, “Has Karl contacted you?”

Smith shook his head with some doubts.

Alyssa hadn’t seen Karl in these two days.

When she didn’t see Clifford, she didn’t think there was anything in her heart.

However, when she saw Clifford, she suddenly began to worry about Karl.

Karl was always confident and deep-minded.

If he does not speak, it is really difficult for others to know what he is thinking.

Alyssa sighed.

Seeing Alyssa frowning, Smith couldn’t help frowning.

“Let’s go back first.” Alyssa said, and walked out.

Not a few steps away, she noticed that someone was looking at her behind her, so she looked back.

She saw Isabel.

Isabel had already paid the last visit to Douglas, and was pushed aside by Rachel.

Rachel was ordering something with the servant next to her, while Isabel was sitting in her wheelchair blankly, looking straight in Alyssa’s direction.

Alyssa and Isabel looked at each other for a few seconds, then looked back.

It wasn’t until she walked out of the funeral home’s gate that Isabel’s gaze was blocked outside the gate.

The next night, when Alyssa drove away from Adams, Rachel suddenly came out and stopped Alyssa’s car.

Alyssa had long been bored with Rachel.

She just lowered the car window and looked at her blankly.

Rachel paled, and when she saw Alyssa, she called out: “Alyssa.”

The voice is very hoarse.

Alyssa just raised her eyebrows, but still didn’t say a word.

“Isabel…” Rachel’s voice was a little choked: “She left last night.”

Alyssa didn’t react for a while: “Gone?”

“Yes.” Rachel had already started to sob, tears streaming from her eyes.

Alyssa came here in vain, and Rachel was dead when she said “gone”.

When she went to the funeral yesterday, Isabel was fine.

Although she looked weak, it was not to such an extent.

“I’m so sad now, but don’t know who to look for, can you accompany me Alyssa…” Rachel was crying bitterly after speaking.

To say that Alyssa didn’t move at all, was fake.

But when she thought that Rachel was so sad because of Isabel, her heart fell cold again.

Isabel put her to death again and again, she couldn’t be so magnanimous.

Chapter 864

Alyssa looked at Rachel, and said indifferently, “I’m going home.”

“Alyssa…” Rachel stood outside the car window with tears. She stretched out her hand to hold the window edge: “Alyssa, don’t be so cruel.”


The car whistle sounded behind her, urging Alyssa to drive quickly.

Alyssa looked at Rachel expressionlessly: “Go home early to take care of Isabel’s funeral. Don’t come to me again. No matter how many times you call me, I won’t take care of you anymore.”

Rachel looked incredulous: “Do you have to be so cruel? I am your biological mother!”

“You’ve said this before, so change it to something new.” Alyssa looked at Rachel lightly, without sadness or joy on her face.

Rachel looked at Alyssa, so shocked that she stopped crying: “You…”

Alyssa was impatient and pulled her away from the car she was still holding the window: “Don’t look for me again.”

She raised the window and restarted the car.

Rachel did not give up on the car window, patted the car window “bang”.

It seems that she is still calling her name.

But Alyssa had already made up her mind to ignore her and drove away.

After moving the car, Alyssa could still see Rachel standing by the side of the road looking at her car in the mirror.

It’s just that the distance is a little far away, and Alyssa couldn’t see Rachel’s expression clearly.

She retracted her eyes and focused on driving.

But she unconsciously thought of what Rachel said just now.

Isabel is dead.

too suddenly.

Alyssa couldn’t say what it was like to hear the news of Isabel’s death.

It just felt too sudden.

She remembered that when she left the funeral home yesterday, Isabel had been watching her.

Isabel has been treated in the hospital for so long, but her body is getting worse and worse.

It’s normal not to survive, but she didn’t expect her to die so soon.


Alyssa’s phone on the center console rang suddenly.

She glanced at it, it was a strange number.

She burst into her heart and pressed the answer button.

The voice on the phone was indeed Alyssa’s familiar voice.

But it was not the person she imagined.

“Isabel is dead, are you satisfied?” Clifford’s voice came from the phone, with a gloomy chill.

Alyssa said, “You killed Isabel?”

She was still wondering just now that when she saw Isabel yesterday, she was still fine, why she died suddenly.

Clifford said, “Don’t you sound very happy?”

Without waiting for Alyssa to speak, he continued: “Alyssa, there is one thing you said wrong, I did not kill Isabel. She didn’t want to live anymore, so she might as well die as alive. Forget it, I was helping her.”

Clifford was like a neurosis.

Alyssa said coldly: “It is difficult for a psychologist to treat himself. You can go to another psychologist for treatment.”

Clifford’s tone became colder: “You said I was sick?”

Alyssa hung up directly.

Driving back to the parking lot of the community, Alyssa did not get off immediately, but logged into Twitter in the car.

Gerald used to have friendship with Karl, but Karl still saved Gerald’s face and did not disclose the truth of his death.

Gerald’s fans still don’t know what Gerald did and how he died.

Isabel used to be Gerald’s girlfriend, and the news of her death should still have a lot of attention.

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