Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 939

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Chapter 939

For Bai Chen.

This time he has come to Jiangshi to decide something about Shaun, he was completely defeated, so he hates it.

However, he still has a chance to reverse the situation.

The resentment in Bai Chen’s eyes gradually became cruel and vicious:

“Shaun, wait, after dark, you will regret it!”

That’s it!

Bai Chen took out his mobile phone, pressed a number, and dialed it.

When the call is connected.

He stared at Shaun, with a stern smile on his mouth, and said two words:

“Action, start!”


Start the action?

After seeing this scene, the guests in the courtyard were all confused. They didn’t know what Bai Chen is going to do, and it seemed that it was related to Shaun?

However, everyone in the Bai family laughed.

They knew that Bai Chen has called to Bai San.

And the action was to catch all of Shaun’s most loyal right-hand people.

Just catch those people and use them to threaten Shaun.

Not only they can persecute him, even they can make Shaun surrender the New Bai Group, and also genius doctors Zhang and Lin will accept the invitation.

This is also the last trump card of Bai Chen and the Bai family.

However, what surprised Bai Chen and others were.

Shaun didn’t even have the slightest panic on his face. Instead, he smiled and said:

“I wait for you!”

That’s it.

He picked up the cup of tea he drank it in one go.

And just after Bai Chen called.

A Land Rover luxury car in the parking lot of the Shengshi Club.

Bai San hung up the phone in his hand, and a touch of sorrow suddenly appeared in the corner of his mouth:

“Ready to act!”

The words fell, and the other two white angels in the car pulled out the long knives from their waists.

This time, they want to kidnap four people.

Tianlong Xu, Blood Rose, Lord Tiger, and Lord Dao!

Bai San divided his group into four groups, each with three masters, and the plan was to carry out the tasks simultaneously.


Bai San and his three companions got out of the Land Rover one after another, and they all walked towards the Shengshi Club.

“It’s really boring, a group of little ants in Jiangshi, this time you can see how great the master is!”

Bai San licked his dry lips, a brutal curve appeared on his face.


For a small place like Jiang City, he is absolutely invincible.

What’s more, each group is composed of three masters, and they are here together to kidnap four people, which is simply a trivial matter.


What surprised Bai San and the others was that when they just rushed into the Shengshi Clubhouse, they were shocked to find that all the security guards and the staff were not in the clubhouse.


“What’s going on? Where are the people of the clubhouse?” For some reason, Bai San had an ominous premonition when he saw this empty clubhouse.

And hearing this.

A white angel at the back said:

“Brother, I was focused on the exit for a long time and no one has come out!”

“In my opinion, maybe it is their meeting time, so no one is there!”

“However, I can assure you that Blood Rose never left. She must be in her office on the third floor!”

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