Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 940

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Chapter 940

Hearing this!

Bai San got relieved.

He waved his hand:

“Let’s got to the third floor!”

That’s it!

The three of them flashed, like three lightning bolts, suddenly rushed upstairs.

Almost in a short time.

They arrived at the door of an office on the third floor.

The corridor was also empty.

But from the office, a bright light was reflecting, accompanied by melodious music.


Bai San kicked the office door.

Suddenly, the door of the room burst open.

This office is very elegantly furnished.

The lights were dim!

There was a record player in the corner, and the melodious rhythm sound came from the record player.


At a glance, Bai San and the others saw that in front of the bay window, there was a rocking chair, and a beautiful figure in a fiery red dress was sitting on the rocking chair, swaying leisurely, tasting wine.

“Are you here?”

Blood Rose didn’t look back at all, but took a sip of the red wine and said lightly.


Hearing this.

Bai San’s eyelids twitched slightly and asked curiously:

“Did you already know that we were coming?”

“That’s obvious!”

Blood Rose spoke softly while tapping the ground with red high heels.

The entire rocking chair turned suddenly.

Her charming face revealed in front of Bai San and the others:

“White angels!”

“From the moment you set foot on the land of Jiangshi, everything about you is in the information of my king!”

As Blood Rose said this she smiled.

My king?

Hearing these words, Bai San frowned instantly.

He doesn’t even know, who is the “king” mentioned by the blood rose?

“and then?”

Bai San stared at the blood rose, the ferocity and cruelty in his eyes could not be concealed:

“Even if you master knows about us then so What? Do you think that with the strength of your Jiangshi ants, you can stop us?”

After saying this!

Bai San and his companions trembled.

Overwhelming, sweeping the entire office room.



Their power as a team is enough to scare people.

However, the blood rose just shook her head slightly:

“You are wrong!”

“I just want to tell you that you guys are nothing!”

The corner of Blood Rose’s mouth curled up:

“In addition, I am not your enemy!”

“And your enemy is someone else!”


Hearing this, the expressions of Bai San and his companions changed slightly, but before they asked anything further, they heard the sound of footsteps from the dark place at the end of the corridor.

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