Predestined Marriage Novel Chapter 861 – 862

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Chapter 861


The first person to see Alyssa was Rachel.

She greeted her as soon as she saw Alyssa.

Rachel’s complexion was a little haggard, but Alyssa didn’t think she was sad for Douglas’s death, but was so haggard because she was too worried about Isabel’s body.

When Douglas was seriously ill and was admitted to the hospital, he had already handed Hunt’s into the hands of Travis.

In other words, Douglas had no real power in his hands long ago.

Rachel naturally didn’t have to look at Douglas’s expression.

Travis has also lived abroad these years, and his relationship with Douglas was also relatively deep.

In the entire family, probably only Travis would feel sad because of Douglas’s death.

Alyssa raised her head to look at Rachel, with a cold expression: “Mrs. Hunt.”

There was a slight alienation in this tone.

Rachel was taken aback when she heard Alyssa’s address to her, and murmured: “Alyssa, you…”

Alyssa accidentally said to her, nodded slightly, turned and walked inside.

Extremely cold.

Alyssa’s heart was as calm as she showed.

She can now treat this family calmly.

There are many people inside, solemn and quiet.

Alyssa looked at the black and white photos of Douglas in the mourning hall, feeling a little surprised.

Time flies.

When she came out, she looked around and finally saw Travis.

Travis stood in the crowd with a haggard face, talking to the guests who came to mourn.

The more calm between the eyebrows.

About to feel Alyssa’s gaze, he turned his head and looked in Alyssa’s direction.

Immediately, he bowed his head and said something to the person next to him, and walked over to Alyssa.

After Travis approached, he only said two words: “You came.”

There are no superfluous emotional words, but there is a kind of familiarity.

“Yeah.” Alyssa nodded in response: “Just here.”

Travis lowered his eyes slightly and chuckled, “You are really cruel, you didn’t come to see Grandpa one last time.”

“I’m not cruel, but simply feel that it is meaningless. I am not an important person to the Hunt family. I am also not a relative to him, so there is no need to meet for the last time.”

The “him” in Alyssa’s words refers to Douglas.

Travis was silent for a while, and said softly, “You have been smart since you were a child, but you were a little soft-hearted.”

“Go ahead, don’t worry about me, I will leave later.” Alyssa turned her head and looked at the rain that was getting heavier outside.

Travis nodded: “Okay, I won’t send you off.”

Alyssa watched Travis walk into the crowd again.

Suddenly, a familiar voice rang in her ear: “Alyssa.”

Alyssa’s face was startled, she turned her head abruptly, and saw Clifford in black standing behind her.

Seeing her turning around, Clifford curled the corners of his lips and smiled.

How could Clifford be here!

“Speaking of it, the last time we met was not too long. Why are you so surprised?” Clifford was still gentle and reliant.

Before he showed his true colors, Alyssa had always trusted him.

She stepped back vigilantly: “What do you want to do again?”

Clifford’s gaze fell on Smith behind her, and then he looked at Alyssa again: “I just want to say a few words to you.”

Alyssa was silent for a moment, then turned to Smith and said, “You wait for me here.”

Smith hesitated and stood still.

Alyssa has gone to the other side.

Chapter 862

Clifford took a look at Smith and followed Alyssa.

Alyssa walked to a corner with no people, followed by Clifford.

She stopped and looked back at Clifford: “Just say anything.”

Clifford asked in the first sentence: “Karl found you.”

He said declarative sentences, not interrogative sentences.

This shows that he is very sure that Karl has already approached Alyssa.

There was a moment of panic in Alyssa’s heart, she suddenly raised her eyes to look at Clifford.

Clifford chuckled lightly with a gentle voice: “Don’t be nervous, just chat casually.”

Then he said again: “But he will never come to you again.”

Alyssa squinted at Clifford, without making a sound.

Upon seeing this, Clifford felt better.

He put his hands in his trouser pockets, his smile deepened.

“Done?” Alyssa asked, raising her eyebrows.

Clifford looked back at Alyssa, with a subtle expression.

“I have something else to go back to. The company still has a lot of things waiting for me to deal with.” Alyssa said, and raised her wrist to check the time, looking impatient.

Clifford seemed to be finally unable to bear it anymore. He turned cold and said, “Alyssa, do you believe that I really have a way to make you and Karl unable to be together forever?”

While talking, he stared at Alyssa closely, as if he wanted to find the expression he wanted from Alyssa’s face.

However, Alyssa just asked in a flat tone: “So what?”

Alyssa laughed, with a faint sarcasm in her smile: “Even if I can’t be together in the future, but keeping the memories is enough for me to live a lifetime, you don’t understand what love is!”

Clifford seemed to be irritated by Alyssa. He looked at her with a gloomy expression: “I knew that everything was acting with you and Karl.”

It is indeed acting.

But Karl was only acting alone.

Alyssa has always been kept in the dark.

“But…” Clifford let out a long sigh of relief, and calmed down his emotions: “It doesn’t matter, as long as you have a bad time, I will be happy.”

Alyssa pursed the corners of her lips and said nothing.

Clifford is a pervert.

His purpose has always been clear, he just doesn’t want Karl to get better.

As long as he can disturb everyone’s peace, he seems very happy.

At this moment, Alyssa glanced up inadvertently and saw Isabel who was pushed over by Rachel in a wheelchair not far away.

Alyssa turned around and asked Clifford, “How is your sister?”

Alyssa noticed that Clifford’s face changed slightly when he heard her mention his sister.

Clifford has always cared about his sister.

The girl named Muffi.

Everyone has weaknesses.

Some people’s weaknesses are hidden in their hearts, and some people’s weaknesses are exposed where others can see.

Clifford looked at the place where Isabel was, seemingly feeling.

After a long while, he said quietly: “Alyssa, you should thank Isabel, she saved my sister in your place.”

Isabel’s body was so weak that it could blow away in a gust of wind.

Sometimes sane, but most of the time he looks silly.

If this continues, Isabel won’t live long.

Alyssa said coldly: “Your sister’s fate is fate, isn’t mine now Isabel’s fate?”

Clifford smiled: “No, to me, your life is a bit more important than Isabel’s. Besides, Isabel should have died. I helped you deal with her. Are you unhappy?”

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