Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 938

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Chapter 938

“What…what’s going on?”

“Mr. Zhang is bowing to that little bastard? How is this possible?”


A strong shock swept everyone’s hearts, especially those guests who had mocked Shaun before.

After they saw this scene, they only felt as if they were slapped in the face, which made them ashamed, embarrassed, and horrified.

“The surnamed Lin really knows Doctor Zhang? But how can he make Doctor Zhang bow to him?”

“Oh my God, is this world crazy? A genius doctor, bowing to trash? How is this possible!”


For an instant, the audience was in an uproar.

Everyone looked at Shaun, and they all got horrified as they have seen a ghost.

More than them!

At this moment, the most shocking was the Baishan family.

“They have heard that Doctor Zhang has called Shaun the master?”

Elvira’s beautiful eyes stared roundly.

She was the closest, and she has heard it the most clearly. She clearly heard that Zhang Tianyi wanted to call Shaun the master.

If he referred to Shaun as the master, could it be that Shaun is the mysterious genius doctor Lin?


Thinking of this, Elvira only felt her head, as if being bombarded by thunder.

This is more than that.

Elvira recalled many things in her mind at this moment.

Beginning with the Pill of Resurrection, and after that, the magical doctor Lin was born, and the live-streaming figure looked like Shaun.

After that, she has seen the senior man, the first Chinese medicine practitioner, who bowed down to Shaun…?

To the expensive medicated diet now?

The more Elvira thought about it, the horror in her heart grew stronger, and she looked at Shaun mysteriously.

As she is looking at a mysterious and terrifying stranger, which made her feels confused.

Shaun didn’t notice the change in Elvira’s expression at all. He faintly said to Zhang Tianyi and his disciple:

“Get up and sit down!”

“Mr. Lin!”

Zhang Tianyi and his disciple hurriedly stood up, and then greeted Baishan and Paula with excitement, and then carefully sat down on these chairs.

Until then.

The atmosphere in the entire Bai family courtyard has completely changed.

No one had thought that the most honorable guest would sit with the most despicable guest.


Whether it was Bai Chen, Mr. Bai, or others, they looked at Shaun with deep anger and resentment.

“Lin, you…you are ruthless! It’s all because of you!!!”

Bai Chen stared at Shaun, the look in his eyes made him want to eat Shaun.

He came to Jiang City this time for two tasks.

One is to annex the New Bai Group!

The second is to invite the genius doctor Zhang.

Even after he knew about the terrifying medicinal diet of the genius doctor Lin, he wanted to take him too to his house for the treatment.

But now!

Annexing the New Bai Group was destroyed by Shaun.

Inviting the genius doctor Zhang was also destroyed by Shaun.

Shaun has failed every plan of Bai Chen.

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