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Chapter 859

Alvin’s eyes fell straight on Karl’s body, with a hint of shock in his eyes.

He looked at him in surprise, as if he was not sure that Karl would be here.

At this moment, Karl whispered in Alyssa’s ear: “He is looking at you, go and ask him what’s the matter with him.”

Alyssa glared at Karl, “He is looking at you!”

“Go down there.”

After Karl finished speaking, he got out of the car first and walked aside to open the door for Alyssa.

Alyssa pursed her lips and got out of the car.

She walked up to Alvin with a calm expression and her usual tone: “When did you come back?”

“Morning.” Alvin curled the corners of his lips. He was talking to Alyssa, but his eyes crossed her to look at Karl behind her.

The scene is a bit awkward.

Alyssa also felt a little embarrassed.

She could only pretend not to see Alvin watching Karl all the time, and bit the bullet and said, “Then how is your business going?”

“Still looking for Clifford, but he should be able to show up soon.” Alvin paused: “After all, Karl has returned, and Clifford must be looking for him too.”

He finally mentioned Karl, but Alyssa was relieved.

Alvin walked a few steps forward, passed by Alyssa, and walked straight to Karl: “Karl, it’s been a long time.”

“Mr. Mann doesn’t seem to want to see me.” Karl raised his eyes, his expression calm, and no emotion could be heard in his voice.

Alvin snorted and said with a deep meaning, “Aren’t you the same?”

Both men’s eyes were hostile to each other.

Alyssa smelled gunpowder.

She stepped back a few steps and said aloud: “Since you guys have such a good chat, let’s keep talking. I will go home for dinner.”

After speaking, walk directly to the elevator entrance.

When Karl and Alvin looked over, the elevator door had closed and she had already taken the elevator up.

The next day, Alyssa never saw Karl again.

He did not come to look at the documents for her, nor did he pick her up when she was off work.

Alyssa went to the underground parking lot to drive home. As soon as she got in the car, she received a call from Mattie.

“Lost City 2 is set for December.”

“Okay, I see.” Alyssa started the car while answering the phone.

On the phone, Mattie continued: “I told you so early in advance that I just hope you can spare time to participate in the press conference of “Lost City 2″.”

For the first part of “Lost City”, Alyssa did not attend the press conference.

While selling scripts, she was trying to escape to a foreign country and avoid Karl.

When it started, she was asleep because of the explosion on the island.

She missed the launch of the first drama in her life.

Now that she thinks about it, she still feels a little regretful.

“It is enough to inform me of the specific time at that time, and I will spare time to attend the press conference.” No matter how busy she is, she can spare time.

No matter how busy you are, you can spare time for what you want to do.

People who want to meet can meet no matter how difficult it is.

Mattie was relieved after hearing Alyssa’s words.

Alyssa hung up the phone, and when she drove out, she was not used to it.

Karl actually came to pick her up for two days after work.

Alyssa didn’t know where he lived, and could only see him when he wanted to appear.

What she hates most is that Karl doesn’t say anything and always makes decisions alone.

Chapter 860

Alyssa drove the car into the underground garage, and when she got out of the car and entered the elevator, she took out her mobile phone to check.

An unread new text message was found on the phone.

She clicked on the inbox and saw the text message.

“Grandpa’s funeral will be held three days later. The address is…”

The text message was sent by Travis to Alyssa.

When Karl came to pick her up yesterday, she had received a call from Travis in the car.

At that time, he said that Douglas was dying, and asked her to take another look.

She refused.

Looking at Travis’s text messages, Alyssa guessed that he may have passed away in the early morning or during the day today.

She paused, and did not reply.

Put the phone back in the bag, and when she entered the house, there was a gentle smile on her face.

Three days later.

funeral parlor.

In the first half of his life, Douglas was also a well-known figure in Rostenvel.

The network was very wide. If it weren’t for seeing Lina at the scene of Karl’s mother’s kidnapping a dozen years ago and was forced to go abroad, the Hunt family would have developed better.

Sometimes when faced with many things, people just can’t choose by themselves.

Douglas was shrewd all his life, but when he met the Adams’ family, he could only admit his fate.

When he went abroad, he had to make an appointment with the Adams’ family. It was nothing more than thinking that when he was away, the Hunt family would naturally look at the order for the sake of the Adams’ family.

But Isabel didn’t want this marriage, and in the end the marriage fell to Alyssa.

And Alyssa didn’t k!ss the Hunt family, and almost severed relations with them.

In the end, the Hunt family didn’t get any benefit from this marriage.

Douglas spent all his life working hard for his family, but in the end it was still a futile one.

Smith stopped the car and opened the door for Alyssa with an umbrella.

Alyssa got out of the car short.

After she got out, she opened the umbrella she was holding.

It didn’t rain much during this time, but it happened on the day of Douglas’s funeral.

Funerals are mostly held in rainy weather.

It may also be God’s will.

Smith’s voice sounded from the side: “Mrs. Adams, let’s go in.”

Alyssa raised her foot and walked inside, following Smith.

Many people came to attend the funeral. Most of them were old friends of Douglas, they had a friendship with when he was young, who came to see him for the last time.

After these people saw Douglas for the last time, most of them would not have contact with this family again.

When Alyssa entered, it attracted a lot of people’s attention.

“Isn’t that the woman who took over Adams’ before?”

“You don’t know her? She is Douglas’s granddaughter!”

“My memory, if you don’t tell me, I really didn’t remember this thing…”

“Isn’t it? In the past, everyone had heard that the youngest daughter of the Hunt family was not good. I didn’t expect that now it is the most promising one.”

“Who would have thought…”

Several middle-aged men discussed in a low voice, not very embarrassed.

Alyssa heard their conversation, but curled her lips slightly mockingly.

Is she promising?

Does it mean to be Boss of Adams?

She took over Adams’, not because of her outstanding ability, but because Karl went crazy to give Adams’ to her.

She was anxious to let Adams off her hands.

Karl’s insidious and cunning man kept saying that she can handle Adams’ whatever she wants, but she won’t mess with Adams’ if she is right.

After all, Adams’ flourished in recent years all due to the result of Karl’s efforts.

Alyssa has never been a wayward person.

It is not a child who is spoiled and grown up, and has no capital for willful mischief.

But Karl was obviously better than her, so he was so much older than Alyssa, and he gave it to her.

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