Predestined Marriage Novel Chapter 857 – 858

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Chapter 857

Alyssa didn’t say much anymore, walked over and pulled the car door, and got in the car directly.

He followed closely behind.

When he got in the car, Alyssa’s cell phone just rang.

When she answered the phone, Karl leaned over to buckle her seat belt.

Alyssa originally refused, not wanting him to buckle her seat belt.

But Karl’s attitude was tough, she just glared at him as if she wanted to answer the phone.

The one who called her was Travis, she hadn’t contacted about Isabel anymore.

“Big Brother.”

Hearing Alyssa’s “loud”, Karl raised his eyes and glanced at Alyssa.

Alyssa did not notice that Karl was looking at her, waiting for Travis on the other end to speak.

Travis said, “Grandpa is going to die soon.”

Alyssa was stunned for a moment, and was stunned for two seconds before she found her own voice: “Oh.”

“Are you really not even looking at him for the last time?” Travis paused when he said that, suddenly changed his tone, and said helplessly: “Alyssa, you just take it for the sake of my face. Come back to see him for the last time, right?”

Alyssa did not reply to Travis immediately, but turned to look out the window.

This summer seems extremely long.

With so many things happening, she thought it was over long ago, but the pedestrians on the road outside were still wearing short shirts and skirts.

Summer is not over yet.

Travis did not urge her either, he thought Alyssa was really thinking about it.

When Alyssa looked back, she said very simply, “I will come to the funeral.”

“You…” Travis asked her: “For this reason, do you still hate Grandpa?”

“No, I just don’t think it’s necessary.” Alyssa didn’t consider herself to be Hunt’s family, she stopped long ago.

They forced her to marry Isabel into Adams’ family back then, and later severed relationship with her in the newspaper and used her again and again…

She still remembers those things clearly.

It’s just that these years passed, and she gradually stopped hating.

Without expectation, how can we talk about disappointment and hatred?

She just felt that there was no need to see the last time.

She had nothing to bear with Elder Hunt, and Elder Hunt probably had no last words to tell her.

So, there is no need to go.

Before Travis could speak again, Alyssa hung up the phone.

Karl’s voice came from the side: “Douglas’s funeral?”

Alyssa stretched out her hand to lift her hair, turned her head to look at Karl and said, “Is there anything you don’t know?”

Karl appeared frequently in the past few days, but all secretly.

She didn’t even know where Karl knew about these things.

Karl returned only one word: “Yes.”

“What’s the matter?” A hint of curiosity flashed through Alyssa’s eyes.

Karl still focused on driving the car, his tone was extremely calm: “I don’t know when you forgive me.”

Alyssa’s complexion was faint, she turned her head to look aside, and said casually, “You need someone to forgive me if you do something Sir? What do you think you did wrong?”

Karl actually didn’t think he had done something wrong.

Loving Alyssa is not wrong.

He used the best method he thought to deal with Clifford and isolated Alyssa. He also felt that he was not wrong.

Alyssa didn’t wait for his answer, and she understood in her heart, Karl thought he had done nothing wrong.

She twitched the corners of her lips and did not speak.

When the car drove to the gate of the community, she saw Alvin standing at the gate of the community at a glance.

Chapter 858

Alvin leaned under a tree, holding a lighter in his hand, and unconsciously pressed the ignition button.

Snapped! ignite.

Snapped! Turn it off again.

Alyssa had a hunch that Alvin might be looking for her.

She turned her head and glanced at Karl.

Karl was driving intently, as if he hadn’t seen Alvin outside the car.

From the side, you can see Karl’s tight profile, with a biting aura exuding his body.

Alyssa glanced out of the window again, and Alvin also saw her, looking towards her.

At this moment, Karl , who had not made a sound, suddenly said coldly, “Should I stop and let you walk over and watch?”


Alyssa was dumbfounded before realizing what Karl meant.

Karl was mocking her for watching Alvin.

Alyssa directly choked back: “You actually parked!”

“You want to be beautiful.” Karl snorted coldly and didn’t stop. Anyway, he drove faster and went straight into the underground parking garage.

Alyssa couldn’t help but screamed and turned to look aside.

The car was parked in the underground parking lot.

Once stopped, she would open the door and get off.

But she tried twice without opening the car door.

She turned her head to look at Karl angrily: “What are you doing! I want to get off!”

Karl turned off the central control lock, so she couldn’t open the door.

Karl looked at her expressionlessly: “Sit with me for a while.”

Alyssa: “Is there any place to sit, I want to get off!”

Alvin had already seen her in the car before, and it is estimated that she had something to do with her.

If her car drove into the underground parking lot and never got out, Alvin would definitely find it.

Karl still has not appeared in public, and is still “missing”.

At the gate of the community before, Karl was driving and wearing a peaked cap. Alvin might not have seen him yet.

If Alvin came over, he would definitely see Karl.

At that time, Karl’s trail would not be a secret.

“If you want, we can also do something.” Karl deliberately misinterpreted Alyssa’s meaning and emphasized the word “do”.

At this moment, Alvin’s voice came from not far away: “Alyssa, where are you?”

Alyssa heard his voice and said nervously, “Alvin I am here, you should get me out of the car. “

What is it? Are you afraid to let Alvin see us together?” Karl looked at her playfully, but his eyes were very dangerous.

As long as Alyssa returned a “right” word, he would tear her up.

“Karl, why are you getting childish as you get older! Alvin will find you when he comes here!” Alyssa didn’t want to have trouble with Karl anymore, so she softened her tone and persuaded him.

Karl looked indifferent: “What if he found me? I can’t stop seeing anyone?”

“Then you go to Adams’ work by yourself tomorrow!” If the air is too narrow, Alyssa wants to kick him.

Suddenly, Karl said with a serious face: “Alyssa, come here a little bit.”

Seeing her expression suddenly serious,

Karl asked, “What’s the matter?” said silently, motioning her to come over. Point to say more.

Alyssa leaned over to Karl suspiciously.

As a result, as soon as she leaned forward, Karl [email protected] her a k!ss.

She didn’t understand what the situation was, and blinked her eyes sluggishly.

Karl’s face was close at hand, he curled his lips slightly, and said softly, “Don’t look at me with this kind of eyes, let’s go home and k!ss again.”

Alyssa suddenly understood something, turned her head abruptly, and saw Alvin standing outside the car.

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