Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 936

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Chapter 936

Doctor Lin?

At this moment, after hearing the question about the mysterious genius doctor Lin, almost everyone in the courtyard pricked up their ears.

After all, in the eyes of everyone, the genius doctor Lin is a truly awesome person.

It just surprised everyone.

Zhang Tianyi didn’t reply, but Ye Tian behind him said with respect:

“You can see my master as you want to!”

“Moreover, maybe master Lin is already here!”


He is already here?

Hearing Ye Tian’s words, everyone got stunned for a while, then turned their heads and looked around.

It seems that they want to find out who is the genius doctor Lin.

There are even some people who have fixed their eyes on Shaun, laughing at him:

“Hey…here only Shaun has a surname Lin, do you think he is the genius doctor Lin?”

“Hahaha…what a sh!t! Are you kidding? If he is the genius doctor Lin, then I can be the Chinese Shan Lin!”


These people laughed loudly.

But for them, it was just a joke, and no one believed that Shaun would be genius doctor Lin.

Even the Baishan’s family kept turning around at this moment, seeming to want to see who the genius doctor Lin is?

And at this moment.

Bai Chen asked Doctor Zhang:

“Mr. Zhang, my mistress is ill, and I hope that you can come to treat her! My Jiangnan Bai family will give you a good favor!”

Bai Chen was nervous.

He knew that Doctor Zhang had always been arrogant, even if they were the hidden giants, he didn’t take them seriously.

Moreover, only when this genius doctor is invited, then the Bai family can have the opportunity to invite the genius doctor Lin.

This is almost the key to the success or failure of his mission.

All of a sudden.

Everyone was looking at Master Zhang, and everyone was extremely curious whether he would agree or not.

Doctor Zhang nodded lightly:

“I can consider this matter!”

Can consider it?

This is almost equivalent to agreeing.


In an instant, Bai Chen, Grandpa Bai, and others became excited, and their faces flushed with deep surprise.

Especially Haibai.

He glanced at the corner where Shaun was, and the sarcasm and ridicule at the corner of his mouth became more intense:

“Huh! Just now there was an idiot who vowed to say that Doctor Zhang and Doctor Lin would not agree!”

“How about this! You are such an idiot!”

Haibai, Shirakawa, and others laughed together.

However, their voices were low, they still fell in the ears of genius doctor Zhang, and he got amazed for a moment.


“Who said it just now, I won’t agree? God Doctor Lin won’t agree either?”

Zhang Tianyi frowned and asked Haibai and others.

And seeing this scene.

Haibai and the others suddenly thought Zhang Tianyi is angry with that guy.

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