Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 937

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Chapter 937

Thinking of this, Haibai got overjoyed. He quickly pointed to a table in the corner and said cheerfully:

“Doctor Zhang, that guy on the table said it!”

“That kid is Shaun. He said that you won’t agree, nor will Dr. Lin!”

He is bragging?

Hearing this, Zhang Tianyi and Ye Tian turned their eyes to the corner of the courtyard.

When they saw the messy corner, they both frowned.

However, when their eyes fell on Shaun.


Whether it was Zhang Tianyi or Ye Tian, they trembled and their complexions changed instantly.

However, when their expressions got changed, people thought that they both have got furious and angry.

Right now, Bai Chen and others add fuel to the fire.

“Hahaha… Doctor Zhang, he is trash, a brazen bastard! No need to care about this trash!”

“Yes, Doctor Zhang, we treat him as a clown!”

Bai Chen and the Bai family members laughed loudly.



Zhang Tianyi muttered to himself. However, as his self-talking slowly turned into the grit of teeth, he suddenly turned his head, staring at Bai Chen and the others, and said:

“Okay! Very good! Since the little gentleman said, I will not accept the invitation, then I really will not accept the invitation!”


Zhang Tianyi’s words completely solidified the smiles on the faces of Bai Chen and others.

They looked at Doctor Zhang, and could hardly believe their ears.


The genius doctor Zhang actually rejected the Jiangnan Bai family just like what the idiot Shaun said?

How can this be?

However, this is just the beginning.

Da da da!

After Zhang Tianyi rejected Bai Chen at this moment, he took his apprentice Ye Tian and walked toward the corner aggressively.

When they both walked between the guests, all the celebrities of Jiangshi stood up to salute.

Especially, when they saw that Zhang Tianyi and his disciple went straight to Shaun’s table.


Both master and disciple bowed to Shuan.

“Zhang Tianyi sees his teacher, Mr. Lin!”

The great doctor Zhang was about to call him “Master”, but suddenly felt that his body was cold and he changed his mouth instantly.

Zhang Shen bowing to Mr. Lin fell in the eyes of everyone around and the entire Bai family courtyard instantly became silent.

One after another, they all got stunned.

Even Bai Chen and others suspected that they had hallucinations.

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