Predestined Marriage Novel Chapter 855 – 856

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Chapter 855

Karl looked at Alyssa blankly, his eyes were cold and she couldn’t see the happiness or anger.

Alyssa also raised her head and looked at Karl without giving up.

“Alyssa…” Peter squeezed a cold sweat for Alyssa.

Only Alyssa dared to scold Karl like this.

If others dare to say this to Karl…

No, others don’t dare to say that to Karl at all.

The two looked at each other for a moment, and finally, Karl kept his eyes open, took a sip of water from the water glass, and did not say much.

Alyssa watched him drink water, only to realize that he was using her cup.

Before Karl came, there were only three of them in the box and only three drinking glasses.

Karl drank from her cup just now.

Alyssa pursed her lips, but in the end she said nothing.

Seeing the two people finally calmed down, Peter finally found another opportunity to speak.

“Karl, is the news exposed on the Internet this time also done by Clifford? What is he trying to figure out?”

“I don’t worry about the news on the Internet.” The old god Karl was there, and he didn’t seem to worry about his reputation at all.

Peter said angrily: “No worry? Do you know what ugly things those people say on the Internet? If you really don’t care, they will say that the black ones will be white and the white ones will be black.”

“I don’t worry.” Karl said again, with unquestionable resoluteness in his tone.

Peter wanted to say something, but under Karl’s gaze, he spread his hands: “But I have already let people from the public relations department intervene.”

“Then let them stop.”


Peter took out his mobile phone angrily: “Okay, I will stop them now, okay!”

After he finished speaking, he called the company’s public relations department.

Alyssa looked at Peter, then turned to look at Karl.

As a result, when she turned her head, she saw him staring at her.

His eyes are always a little dark, and when he stares at someone intently, it makes people feel flustered.

After a few seconds, he said, “You should also call the public relations department.”

Alyssa’s complexion faded, and Karl knew everything.

Alyssa did not speak, pretending not to understand: “What is it to me? Do you think I will let the public relations department help you with public relations? Be affectionate.”

Somewhat unexpectedly, Karl didn’t say much, but responded lightly, “Oh.”


What is this reaction?

Karl believed her words.

Alyssa turned her head, with a trace of doubt in her eyes.

What does Karl mean?

Alyssa didn’t understand what Karl’s “oh” meant until she left Best Day and returned to Adams’ after eating.

She went back to the office and called Smith to ask about the progress of the public relations department.

The result was…

“The Public Relations Department said that it had received an order to not continue to do public relations for Boss…”

Hearing this, Alyssa took a deep breath, was quiet for a while, and asked aloud, “Who gave the order?”

“The public relations department said that it was your order and the mail was sent from your mailbox.” Smith’s voice was quiet.

He had already guessed what was going on.

Listening to Alyssa’s tone, she had never issued such an order.

And there is only one person who can send such an order to the public relations department through the mailbox under the eyes of so many people.

That is, Karl.

“I know.”

Alyssa hung up, thinking about it again, feeling a little angry.

Karl was already like this, and he could still pretend to be Alyssa and send emails.

She really looked down upon Karl too much.

Chapter 856

Peter stopped doing public relations after Karl said so.

As for Alyssa, because Karl pretended to be her and gave the order, the public relations department didn’t care about it anymore.

For a while, Karl was pushed into the storm of public opinion.

Watching the excitement, talking cool words…


Some people even say that Alyssa is ruthless and has no conscience and is too unsympathetic to Karl.

After all, even though Karl and Alyssa had already divorced, he still left Adams Group for Alyssa.

Even at this point, Alyssa shouldn’t ignore Karl’s affairs.

Not only those on the Internet say this, even people in the upper class are saying that Alyssa is a cruel and unfeeling woman.

Even Tina called Alyssa and asked her if she wanted to control her.

Alyssa replied quite firmly: “No.”

Since Karl said that she didn’t need to care about it, she would definitely ignore it.

What if she is said to be a cruel woman?

Does she still care about these things until now?

The so-called “scandals” about Karl on the Internet have been fermenting and have been on popular headlines for several days.

But Karl has long since disappeared from the public’s sight. What use is it for those people to attack him on the Internet?

Karl himself could not be found, and Alyssa also divorced Karl.

Adams’ is hers now, but she has nothing to do with Karl.

Those people also maliciously speculated on Alyssa, but she didn’t care at all.

Adams’ Stocks has also suffered a little loss, but this is not painful for Alyssa.

After so many things, there are few things that can irritate her now.

Karl was one of them.

Alyssa took the elevator to the underground parking lot. Only when the elevator door opened, she saw Karl standing outside the elevator.

He wore a peaked cap, a simple T-shirt and trousers. At first glance, he was inconspicuous in the crowd.

However, Karl was born into a wealthy family, but the noble temperament cultivated in the family cannot be concealed, and it does not need to be embellished by luxury goods.

Karl’s aura is noble and natural, from the inside out.

Alyssa squinted slightly and looked up at him: “You still dare to go out now, and you are not afraid of being recognized for throwing rotten eggs on the road?”

Alyssa spoke in a bad tone, with a touch of sarcasm.

Karl appeared a bit frequently these days, and Alyssa’s attitude towards him was as bad as ever.

Karl stretched out his hand and raised the brim of the peaked cap: “Even if you are thrown away with rotten eggs, I will pick you up from work.”

“Thanks to you, if it weren’t for you, I could now write scripts at home comfortably, and I won’t have to go to the company every day.” If it weren’t for going to work in Adams’, she wouldn’t have to ask auntie to take care of Grace.

All day long, she was exhausted looking at documents, having meetings, and learning something she used to think she would never learn in this life.

Karl did not speak, just looked at her.

His face was calm, with a good temper, it seemed that no matter what Alyssa said, he wouldn’t be angry.

When he first came back, Alyssa sneered at him, and he would change his face when she sneered at him.

Over the past few days, he has been able to listen to Alyssa taunting him calmly, not only not being angry, but also listening to her saying these things in a very patient manner.

Don’t change your face, and you won’t be impatient.

This made Alyssa feel like a punch on the soft cotton.

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