Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 935

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Chapter 935


One more sentence?

This bastard is unstoppable.

Many of the surrounding guests looked at Shaun at this moment, as if they were looking at a fool. They never imagined that this rubbish would be so embarrassing to show off.

But Mr. Bai and others, all of them looked gloomy and blue.

Just when they were about to scold Shaun angrily.

An ecstatic voice suddenly came from outside the courtyard:

“Genius doctor Zhang Tianyi and Ye Tian are here!!!”


As soon as this remark came out, it attracted the attention of everyone in the courtyard.

One after another, they looked towards the door, wanting to pay tribute to the genius doctor Zhang.

Some guests even laughed and yelled at Shaun:

“Hahaha…Idiot, did you hear that? Slap on the face? You just finished saying that Doctor Zhang won’t accept the invitation of Jiangnan Bai’s family. But he is here, really a slap on your face!”

“Hahaha, since the genius doctor Zhang has come to the party, he will definitely accept the invitation of Jiangnan Bai’s family, Shaun, you are embarrassed!”

And hearing these sounds of sarcasm.

Elvira’s pretty face turned red, and she was extremely disappointed with Shaun.

Da da da!

Just under everyone’s attention, footsteps resounded.

People saw an old man with a young one came in from the door.

The person in the lead is an old man in sackcloth, old-fashioned.

And behind him, is a handsome young man.

They are Zhang Tianyi and Ye Tian.

“It’s him?”

After seeing Zhang Tianyi, both Baishan and Paula got shocked.

Seeing the expressions of the two of them, Elvira got slightly amazed and asked suspiciously:

“Parents, do you know genius doctor Zhang?”

The corners of the mouths of Baishan and Paula twitched slightly, and their eyes looked at Shaun involuntarily:

“We don’t know him! However, we have met him!”

“He is the old man Mai who praised Shaun’s medicated diet last time! He said that Shaun’s medicated diet is worth a million!”


Hearing this, Elvira got completely dumbfounded.

She thought that the old man about whom her parents are talking about might be just a liar, and Shaun’s medicated food must not be of such high value.

And she couldn’t even dream that the old man Mai would turn out to be the genius doctor Zhang Tianyi.

When Elvira thought that the medicated diet Zhang Tianyi said was worth a million, then 100%, the medicated diet made by Shaun must be of extraordinary value.


The Baishan family looked at Shaun together, as if they had seen a ghost.

“Hahaha… Doctor Zhang, welcome!”

At this moment, with loud laughter, Bai Chen greeted him quickly.

People down were extremely enthusiastic towards Physician Zhang Shen.

Seeing this scene.

Tian Zhang nodded lightly.

As if in his eyes, these people in front of him, whether it is Bai Chen or Mr. Bai, are simply hard to get into his eyes.

This scene made Bai Chen and others slightly embarrassed.

“Hahaha… Doctor Zhang, please take a seat!”

Bai Chen forcibly suppressed his unhappiness, and still smiled and invited Physician Zhang Shen to sit down.

Bai Chen asked curiously:

“By the way, Dr. Zhang, I don’t know whether Dr. Lin will come or not? Let me wait to see the entry of Dr. Lin!”

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