Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 1160

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Chapter 1160

After the huge blow, Mrs. Yan heard the frustrated words of Yan’s mother, Irene, and suddenly became a little annoyed: “I know you love Irene. I can’t bear her sick. But you must understand that the way out for Irene may not be her. Like it. Is it true that people live just for a bite of food?”

“Irene is not a child who is so easily knocked down. Believe me, she will stand up soon. Didn’t I stand up too?” the old lady said.

Mother Yan protested against the old lady for the first time, and she asked with tears in her eyes: “Dad, you are not Irene, you don’t know the pain of Irene. Irene is a girl like a flower and a jade, and she is in the most beautiful time. Being sick at this age is the cruelest thing for her. Dad can stand up because Irene has supported Yan’s family for you and let you see hope. But where is Irene’s hope?”

Mrs. Yan fell into silence.

Irene choked up and said: “Hanya is embarrassed on all sides, and Young Master Zhan can’t understand her sister. It’s only strange that she is not sick because of the pressure on her sister.

Mother Yan’s face was firm, and she said sharply, “Zhengzheng, take my sister to my mother’s room. In the future, without my consent, no business people will be allowed to disturb her.”

Irene nodded like garlic, “Yes. Mom.”

Irene’s illness is just like a mountain and goes like a thread.

Seeing that the general meeting of shareholders is about to be held, Guan Xiao feels weak. President Yan was in bed, and President Zhan disappeared.

Guan Xiao seems to be able to foresee the general meeting of shareholders in three days, when Media Asia will disintegrate.

The monopoly leader jointly created by Jacob and Irene is about to announce its dissolution.

Legendary Junior University.

“Mummy.” Jason woke up from his nightmare.

He flicked off the bed and sat up, only to find that his back was shocked and his forehead was dripping with cold sweat.

He had a terrible nightmare. He dreamed that Mommy jumped off the ninth floor of Huanya, and behind her stood an expressionless daddy…

This dream is terrible.

Jason turned on the computer in panic. In order to facilitate their understanding of the outside world, Legendary University only unilaterally prohibited students from transmitting any information outside. However, students can always understand the situation of the outside world.

In the past, because Irene was in town, the Imperial Capital rarely reported on her private life. Jason felt that the news of not having Mommy was actually the best news.

Now, the imperial capital is everywhere reporting that Mommy is seriously ill and that the Media Asia shareholders meeting has been postponed for five days.

Jason was really anxious when he saw such news. Although he was young, he, like Daddy, possessed an extraordinary sense of business.

Media Asia’s postponement of the shareholders’ meeting is obviously a helpless move.

And his mommy’s body must be too serious to travel.

Jason looked at the night outside the window, and at this moment only hoped that dawn would come soon.

There are still three days before the convening of Media Asia’s shareholders meeting, and he must successfully obtain his diploma before then.

At dawn, he will go to the graduation ring of the martial arts class and beat the drums of his graduation exam.

When the first beam of light came out from the horizon, he heard a “boom” from the legendary university.

A thick and sonorous drum sound came from the ring of the martial arts class.

Startled everyone in the academy to get out of the bed, one by one, sleepy and dumbfounded:

“What happened?”

“The genius just turned on? Who beats the drum?”

“It seems to be from the training ground?”

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