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Chapter 871

When Smith heard the words, he was taken aback, then smiled and nodded slightly, and went out.

Alyssa reentered the lounge, planning to ask Grace to get up for the meal.

Grace usually has three meals on time, and it was time for it.

Therefore, when Alyssa called her, she woke up.

Her face was red in sleep, the hair on her forehead was messy, and she was at a loss as she just woke up, so cute and charming.

Before Alyssa spoke, Grace said softly, “I dreamed of Dad.”

“Really?” Alyssa lags slightly: “What did he say to you?”

After she finished speaking, she dressed Grace casually again.

Grace dressed with Alyssa, tilted her head and seriously recalled the scene in her dream.

After Alyssa dressed her, she looked at her expectantly.

As a result, Grace thought for a long time, then frowned and said, “I forgot.”

The little girl has a rich expression, frowning when she gets annoyed.

A frown will make her brows look like old men.

Alyssa laughed: “Let’s eat first, are you hungry too?”

“Well! I’m hungry.” Grace nodded heavily immediately.

Alyssa asked her to get out of bed and put on shoes before taking her out of the meeting room.

As soon as Grace came out, she saw the food on the table.

She couldn’t wait to run over, exaggeratedly exclaimed: “Wow, so many delicious things.”

Grace looked back at Alyssa, her eyes sparkling.

Looks really greedy.

Alyssa speeded up and walked over, putting the food on the table one by one.

Grace cleverly helped Alyssa to uncover the packing box, but it was a bit laborious to uncover.

In order to prevent spilling halfway, the lid of the packing box is designed to be particularly tight.

Alyssa worried that Grace would be given hard time by the lid of the lunch box to open it with too much effort, so she stopped her with a loud voice, “Leave it for mom.”

“I can uncover it.” Grace pursed her mouth and secretly worked hard, and her small eyebrows were wrinkled together again.

Then she opened the lid of the lunch box with a “pop”.

Grace smiled and handed the lid of the lunch box to Alyssa with a happy face: “Look, mom, I can open it.”

Alyssa encouraged her: “Awesome.”

When it was the turn of the lunch box that contained the soup, Grace was in trouble. She pushed to Alyssa: “This is your turn, the soup will spill out.”

When uncovering the lid of the soup box, the uncomfortable strength is indeed easy to spill.

Alyssa opened the lid of the soup box with a smile, and filled a small bowl of soup for Grace: “Drink the soup first.”

Grace learned how to use tableware when she was very young, and she was very good at eating when she got a little older, especially now that she is four years old, she can eat independently.

But she still wants an adult to help her pick up vegetables.

Alyssa looked at Grace who was eating well, feeling soft.

The phone placed aside suddenly vibrated.

It is the alert tone for new messages.

It was a moment in the beginning, and then it kept shaking.

Alyssa had a bad feeling in her heart.

Grace also noticed Alyssa’s cell phone vibrating constantly, and cast a curious look.

Alyssa picked up the phone.

The unread new message on the WeChat icon already shows “99+”.

The phone is still vibrating, and there are always new messages coming in, making her hands numb.

The last time she encountered this situation was also a major event.

Alyssa opened WeChat, and all the familiar and unfamiliar people on WeChat sent her messages.

When she was with the group, she added a lot of staff’s WeChat and other people’ she needed to deal with at that time.

She didn’t have time to read the feeds, but turned off the vibration mode first.

Chapter 872

There were too many people sending messages to Alyssa, and she couldn’t come over.

She glanced at the people who sent her WeChat, and saw some content vaguely.

There are too many people who have sent messages to her, and she can’t find anyone she knows for a while.

Her complexion changed slightly, she clicked into the address book, found Tina WeChat, clicked in and clicked “Send Message”.

When something goes wrong, Tina will send her WeChat.

From Tina, she can understand the state of things the fastest.

She entered and she saw the message Tina had sent to her.

The time display is two minutes ago.

“Alyssa, everyone is rumoring that you and Karl have a daughter. The news has spread throughout Rostenvel. Everyone has a nose and an eye. I think someone deliberately released the news.”

“I’m going on a show soon. It’s not convenient to call you. If you see the message, please reply to me.”

Alyssa glanced at other people’s messages just now, and probably knew that this happened.

She couldn’t be sure until she saw the message of Tina.

Alyssa turned her head and glanced at Grace before replying to Tina: “I see.”

Tina’s end was about to enter the shed. Seeing Alyssa’s reply, she immediately sent another message: “You have finally returned a message to me, and I was about to call you.”

After she posted this one, she quickly posted another one: “You have to be careful these days, there will definitely be reporters who change the law and want to take pictures.”

“Are you going to be on the show?” Generally speaking, Tina would call her directly when such a big event happened.

Tina didn’t call right away, which meant that she might be busy and couldn’t get away.

Tina replied: “Yes.”

“Be on your show with peace of mind, you don’t have to worry about me. I don’t need money or people.” After Alyssa sent the message, she turned her head to see Grace.

Grace was holding the paper towel, picking up the rice sprinkled on the table one by one.

Alyssa laughed: “I’ll make it after dinner.”

“Yeah.” Grace responded, but the movement on her hand still kept on.

Grace just picked up the spilled rice grains before continuing to eat.

While picking rice, a carrot fell out of the rice bowl and onto the table.

Grace tilted her head and took a look, then took the chopsticks and put it in her mouth.

Alyssa: “…”

Grace turned her head and saw Alyssa who was staring at her, and explained, “The table is clean and not dirty.”

On the contrary, Alyssa didn’t know what to say.

At such a young age, don’t know who to follow.

She smiled and nodded: “Yeah.”

Alyssa looked at Grace, and the smile on her face gradually faded.

No matter who exposed Grace’s existence, the person who exposed it must be uneasy and kind.

As Karl’s daughter, she was destined to arouse other audiences.

However, Grace is only a child, not a public figure, and does not need to disclose her identity to the public.

Now that Grace is exposed to the public, it will definitely arouse a lot of criticism.

Most people want to live a smooth life and want to be calmer.

But there is always someone who makes you uneasy.

And your blind retreat will only make him worse.

At this time, is there still a need to give in?

Alyssa sipped the soup slowly, her eyes gradually becoming firmer.

There are only a handful of people who know Grace exists.

In addition to the people around her, Miana knew of Grace’s existence.

However, Miana is in prison.

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