Predestined Marriage Novel Chapter 873 – 874

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Chapter 873

Except for Miana, only Clifford is left.

Alyssa was not surprised that Clifford would do such a thing.

It just needs to be checked again.

After all, Clifford had used Grace before.

Almost let Grace in the fire…

Thinking of this, Alyssa gritted her teeth secretly.

“Mom, I’m full.” Grace’s voice pulled back Alyssa’s thoughts.

Alyssa regained consciousness and smiled and looked at Grace: “Come here, mom will wipe your hands.”

Grace came over obediently.

Alyssa wiped Grace’s hands, ate something casually, and got up to collect the lunch box.

She was going to play with Grace for a while after receiving the lunch box.

At this time, there was another knock on the door outside.

It should be Smith.

“Come in.” Alyssa said as she gathered her things.

The knocker pushed in from outside.

Alyssa looked sideways, and the person who came in was indeed Smith.

Seeing Alyssa collecting the lunch box he hurried over: “I’ll take it.”

“Uncle Smith.” Grace spent the whole morning playing in the office, and was very happy to see Smith come in.

Smith’s complexion was soft: “Grace has eaten?”

“I’ve eaten it!” Grace finished speaking, then asked, “How about you?”

“I have eaten too.” Smith reached out and touched her head.

Alyssa turned her head and saw Smith squatting in front of Grace, speaking with her eyes level.

The picture is very warm.

Smith’s usual ability to do things is first-rate, but in life, he is a calm father.

Alyssa couldn’t help but ask: “Mr. Smith, are you so kind to your son?”

Smith was taken aback and said, “No, boys are a bit more naughty, not too gentle.”

Alyssa nodded without saying more.

When he came in Smith wanted to help Alyssa clean up the lunch box.

He used to do these things for Karl, which was his habit.

But Grace kept pulling him to talk.

In front of familiar people, Grace talks a lot.

After going to kindergarten, she became more lively.

Children still love to go out and play, and no matter how smart and precocious children are to “play”, they have no resistance.

Alyssa thought of something for a while, and asked Grace: “Grace, do you want to play with Uncle Smith for a while?”

Grace nodded immediately: “Yes.”

Grace’s careful thought, Alyssa couldn’t see clearly.

She has been pestering Smith to speak, obviously just wanting to go out to play.

Alyssa smiled and said to Smith: “Mr. Smith, you can take Grace out for a tour, it won’t take too long, you will come back after.”

Smith is a trustworthy person, and Grace is more at ease if she asks Grace to hang out with him for a while.

They are all parents, and Smith knows very well that Alyssa is willing to let him take Grace out to play, because she trusts him greatly.

Surprise flashed through his eyes: “Okay.”

“Goodbye, mom!” Grace said goodbye with a smile on her face.

Alyssa said again: “Don’t go too far, just take her around the company.”

The weather is still very hot now, and it is very sunny when going out.

Although Grace had been to Adams several times, she had never looked around.

After holding back in the office all morning and being able to move around in the company, Grace must be happy too.

After Smith and Grace left, Alyssa picked up the phone to check other unread messages on WeChat.

She checked the Internet again, and there was no news about the word “Karl’s daughter”.

Chapter 874

There is no news on the Internet, but everyone around Alyssa knows Grace’s existence.

Is this a warning?

At this moment, a new short message came on Alyssa’s mobile phone.

“If you don’t want your daughter’s affairs to be exposed, see you at the coffee shop at eight o’clock in the evening.” The address of the coffee shop is also attached.

She has never been to this cafe, but the address is familiar.

The message to her was a strange number.

After work, Alyssa took Grace to Best Day for dinner.

Alyssa did not notify Peter when she passed by.

But as soon as she finished ordering, Peter came.

As soon as he walked over, he smiled and called Grace: “Little Grace.”

“Uncle Grant.” Grace turned her head and called Peter.

He teased Grace, and said to Alyssa with a slightly solemn expression: “You know about that, right?”

So many people knew and sent messages to Alyssa asking about Grace. This news spread to everyone who knew her. How could Peter never hear of it?

Alyssa nodded: “Yeah.”

“Then what do you plan to do?” Peter asked her.

Alyssa turned to look at Grace.

Grace was lying on the table, listening to them with a curious look.

Alyssa smiled at Grace, but said to Peter: “This is the end of the matter, what else can I do.”

Because Grace is still here, Alyssa’s expression is still very gentle.

But there was a hint of coldness in her voice that was not unusual.

Peter roughly understood Alyssa’s thoughts.

He asked tentatively: “May I check it for you?”

“No need to check, I know who did it.” Alyssa said, “I have something to deal with later. You can take care of Grace for me.”

Grace heard Alyssa’s words and asked her, “Where are you going?”

“There’s something wrong. You play for a while with Uncle Grant, and I will pick you up soon.”

“Okay.” Grace sighed old-fashioned.

Alyssa burst into laughter and reached out and rubbed the top of her hair.

After eating, Alyssa handed Grace to Peter and went to the cafe alone.

She parked the car at the entrance of the cafe, but did not get off immediately.

She looked through the car window, looked in through the glass wall of the coffee shop, and saw Rachel sitting by the window.

Rachel called her before, saying that she killed Isabel, so she didn’t regret it, she didn’t take it seriously.

After all, with Rachel’s temperament, Alyssa wouldn’t be surprised to say anything that reverses black and white.

Rachel seemed to be fidgeting.

She looked in the direction of the cafe door from time to time, stirred the coffee in front of her, took a sip, and changed her posture.

Alyssa stared at her for a while, then opened the car door and went straight to the door of the cafe.

As soon as she entered the coffee shop, she collided with Rachel who was looking towards the door.

Rachel seemed to be stiff, and pretending to be calm, she took a sip of the coffee in front of her.

“It turned out to be you.” Alyssa walked up to her and sat down with a surprised look.

Rachel seemed to be waiting for Alyssa to say this. She lifted her chin slightly with a smug expression: “I said earlier, you will regret it, how about it? Do you regret it now?”

Alyssa did not answer her question, but said with a calm expression: “Where did you know about Grace?”

Rachel seemed to finally have a chance to express her anger, and her face was even more proud: “Want to know? Please me.”

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