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Chapter 875

Alyssa just raised her eyes and glanced at Rachel, and said a word indifferently: “Clifford.”

A crack appeared on Rachel’s originally proud face.

From the beginning, Alyssa guessed that the person who spread Grace’s affairs was Clifford.

However, the person who sent her the address to meet her was Rachel.

This situation can only illustrate one problem.

That is, Clifford told Rachel about Grace.

It’s not difficult to explain why Rachel called her last time and said she killed Isabel.

Isabel was taken by Clifford to rescue his sister. Later, Karl disappeared and Clifford hurriedly left the country, only to find Isabel’s trace.

At that time, Isabel was brought back by the Hunt family, and she had only half her life left.

Even if you have to settle accounts, it should be counted on Clifford’s head.

Don’t know what Clifford and Rachel discussed, that could make Rachel think that Isabel’s death was related to Alyssa.

Rachel gave a dry smile, took a sip of the coffee in front of her, “Isabel’s death really has something to do with you.”

Alyssa looked at Rachel with cold eyes: “What does it have to do with me? Did I raise her like a useless person who has no ability to distinguish right from wrong, or did you see me hurting her body?”

“You know Clifford, he knows that you and Isabel had a faceoff, so you targetted Isabel!” Rachel’s expression looked very excited: “It’s all because of you! Isabel died.”

Alyssa looked at Rachel like a stranger.

Rachel has gone crazy in recent years.

It’s not like a normal person.

Isabel is not Rachel’s biological daughter, but these two people have no concept of right and wrong, and their ability to reverse black and white is exactly the same.

After a long while, Alyssa said quietly, “Do you know? I have something to thank you especially for.”

Rachel frowned and looked at Alyssa, wondering why she said such words.

“I’m very grateful. You didn’t care about me when I was very young. After I grew up, I was abandoned. Because of this, I didn’t live like Isabel. No ghost, and live like a normal person.”

Alyssa’s heart was cold.

At this moment, she thought that she had still had expectations for Rachel, and she felt extremely shy.

If Rachel really treated her as she did to Isabel, then the person buried in the ground today is most likely her, not Isabel.

Family environment and parental education have too much influence on a person.

She could not imagine if she lived like Isabel…

Perhaps Alyssa’s expression was too serious, and Rachel was stunned.

“Isabel was killed by Clifford, not me. I didn’t put the knife on Clifford’s neck and let him kill Isabel. I also didn’t put the knife on Isabel’s neck, forcing her to seek skin with the tiger. Don’t die, I advise you to stop doing unnecessary things, and don’t provoke Clifford.”

“The people who have been in contact with Clifford have no good end. Isabel is the best example, and so am I.”

This is Alyssa’s last advice to Rachel.

She once thought that Clifford was a kind and good person.

But she paid the price.

Grace almost burned in the fire.

Karl had no choice but to choose the next strategy to separate from her and fight against Clifford.

Few people can take advantage of Clifford’s ruthless character.

Chapter 876

Alyssa’s eyes were a shocking warning.

Rachel was shocked for a moment.

But she quickly recovered her expression, squinting her eyes slightly and said, “Isn’t it because of you that Clifford dealt with Isabel? If it wasn’t for you, why should he treat her like that? Don’t think about excusing yourself!”

After she finished speaking, she gritted her teeth and said, “Isabel was killed by you! You are a murderer.”

Alyssa curled her lips mockingly: “So what? What do you want to do next?”

Don’t know what Clifford and Rachel talked about. From Rachel’s words, she has been completely brainwashed by Clifford.

Anyway, no matter what Alyssa said, Rachel would count Isabel’s death on Alyssa’s head.

Rachel fixedly stared at Alyssa, and slowly and firmly said: “I want you to come to Isabel’s grave to plead.”

If Rachel in front of her was not Alyssa’s biological mother, she would be moved.

Such a mother who is dedicated to avenging her daughter, who can not be moved.

Alyssa only said two words softly: “Dreaming.”

Rachel’s expression looked a bit hideous: “Then don’t blame me for being cruel!”

Alyssa looked at her with a non-smiling smile: “Really?”

Rachel looked at Alyssa’s indifferent look, and even suspected that Alyssa was not her daughter.

Rachel said solemnly: “You weren’t like this before.”

“And you have always been like this.” Rachel has always been so ignorant of right from wrong, and she regards Isabel more than anything else.

And her biological daughter seemed to be just weeds on the side of the road, she hadn’t paid attention to her.

“Then let’s wait and see!” Rachel finished speaking, stood up and walked out in a hurry.

Walking fast, it is not difficult to see that her heart is full of anger.

Alyssa took a slow sip of coffee and turned to look outside the glass wall.

Rachel had already made coffee, and stood by the side of the road and drove away.

Rachel secretly came out to find Alyssa, and naturally wouldn’t let the driver at home send her out.

Now the most sober person in the whole Hunt family is Travis.

Travis naturally wouldn’t let Rachel come to trouble Alyssa.

Therefore, Rachel came to her on Travis’s back.

Watching Rachel’s car disappear, Alyssa took out her mobile phone and called Smith.

Alyssa got through the phone, and after a while, he answered the phone: “Mr. Adams.”

It was very quiet at the other end of Smith, and he might have found a quiet place to answer her call.

Alyssa didn’t talk nonsense, and said concisely: “Prepare a contract plan for the acquisition of Hunt’s. I will see it tomorrow morning.”

Smith seemed a little surprised, but he only paused and said, “I understand.”

“Thanks.” Alyssa bowed her head, finished the coffee in front of her, and got up and left.

The next morning, Alyssa held a meeting as soon as she arrived at the company.

The theme of the meeting was the acquisition of Hunt’s.

In Adams’ eyes, Hunt’s is a small company that is not worth mentioning.

The acquisition is just a piece of cake for Adams’.

Alyssa looked at the acquisition plan made by the people under her hand.

Putting down the last plan in her hand, she clasped her hands together, looked around, and said slowly: “What I want is a plan that you use legally to acquire Hunt’s at a price below the market price.”

Who didn’t know that Alyssa was the Hunt family’s daughter, and her remarks made it clear that she would not give the Hunt family a living?

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