Predestined Marriage Novel Chapter 877 – 878

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Chapter 877

The people under the office looked at each other.

Although Hunt’s was originally a humble small company, because of the marriage contract with the Adams’ family, it also has a certain reputation in Rostenvel.

Later, Colin publicly announced that he would abolish his father-daughter relationship with Alyssa.

Isabel entered the entertainment industry, became Gerald’s girlfriend, and later Rachel did something…

These things brought Adams’ family into everyone’s field of vision.

Alyssa used to be the young lady of the Hunt family, and the grudges between her and the family are not a secret.

But she has never done anything to the family.

She doesn’t seem to be a vengeful person.

But what is surprising is that everyone temporarily received a notice from Mr. Smith last night, asking them to prepare a plan to acquire Hunt’s overnight.

They had to stay up late to prepare for the acquisition of Hunt’s plan.

But after listening to Alyssa’s words today, they came to understand that she meant that she wanted to hostilely acquire the business and not give the family a way out.

“Why don’t you speak?” Alyssa stretched out her hand and tapped twice on the table before slowly saying.

As soon as she finished speaking, someone said: “We will hand over a plan that satisfies you as soon as possible.”

“The team that handed over the better plan in the faster time, the bonus doubled.” After Alyssa finished speaking, she got up and went out.

Smith followed her out together.

As he walked, Alyssa asked him, “You don’t ask me why I want to buy the Adams family?”

Smith seemed to be quiet for a while, and then said aloud: “Boss actually thought about doing this before, but he didn’t do it later.”

Alyssa paused, and it took two seconds before continuing to move forward.

As she walked, she asked, “Why didn’t he do it?”

“Although Boss didn’t say it explicitly, I probably understand what he was thinking.” Smith’s speech slowed down a bit: “Boss rarely interferes with Hunt’s affairs since he was with you. It’s indifferent, but he still cared about your relationship with the family, so he didn’t do things so absolutely.”

“Hmm?” Alyssa sneered, “Karl would also have some scruples? He is the most arrogant and confident. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have such a big game.”

Speaking of this, Alyssa was still angry.

Smith was silent and did not reply.

Mainly because he has nothing to say.

After all, this time, Karl was indeed irresponsible.

He has followed Karl for so many years, although he can understand Karl’s intentions, but he can’t agree with it.

Alyssa had a bad life since childhood, so she was more sensible and transparent than other girls.

Although she seemed to be very angry with Karl, Smith knew that Alyssa was just too angry.

Not really angry.

The relationship between Karl and Alyssa, had already matured after so many things over the years.

Smith couldn’t tell, but he knew it all.

Travis took a plane to travel to other provinces early in the morning.

After landing, the local partner entertained him for lunch.

Halfway through, the partner went to the bathroom and came back, but his complexion was a little strange.

At first, Travis didn’t think too much, he just thought it was the partner who suddenly felt uncomfortable.

After drinking for three rounds, Travis raised the matter of cooperation, but was vaguely passed by the partner.

Travis has taken over the business for several years, and has been exposed to many such things.

Naturally, he understands that this cooperation may be out of date.

When he left the hotel, he was about to call the company, and a call came in.

“Mr. Adams, something is not good!”

Chapter 878

Although Travis was a little unsure in his heart, he still said softly, “What’s going on in a panic?”

“Several of the cooperations signed before, all called to say that they would terminate the cooperation with us, not only that…” The person on the other end said a lot.

When Travis heard from behind, he was a little confused.

“How could this be?”

“Listening to the gossip, it seems that Adams’ Group is going to acquire our company…”

Travis was a little surprised when he heard this.

Because Alyssa didn’t go to see the last thing about Elder Hunt, Travis also felt that she was a little too indifferent.

Nevertheless, he still felt that she could not do such an excessive thing.

The Hunt family has been going downhill in recent years, and it has not been easy to maintain operations.

How could the current Hunt family stand the toss of Alyssa?

Alyssa is not the one who has fallen into trouble, she doesn’t have to take action against Hunt’s family.

“I see.” Travis hung up the phone and called Alyssa.

At this time, Alyssa was eating.

Seeing a familiar number flashing on the phone screen, she just turned the phone on silent, and put the screen down on the desktop.

She would not answer Travis’s call.

She had checked Travis’s itinerary before, and he happened to go on a business trip today. If he can’t make a call to Alyssa, he will naturally come back.

Alyssa never answered the phone, Travis was anxious.

Immediately let the assistant book a ticket back to Rostenvel.

When he landed at Rostenvel International Airport, his mobile phone was just turned on and a call came in.

This time it was Colin who called him.

“Where did you go? I can’t get through your call? Do you know about the company?” Colin’s tone also sounded anxious.

Colin’s health is also not very good, and now he doesn’t care about the company’s affairs. Important decisions and major events are all made by Travis.

“I just got off the plane and I heard about the company. I will go to Alyssa to ask about the situation.” Travis said as he walked towards the parking lot.

The assistant trot behind him.

Colin on the other end was about to say something, Travis heard Rachel’s voice resounding on the other end: “Take medicine.”

Hearing Rachel’s voice, Travis thought of something, and said, “I’ll be back soon.”

Colin asked, “Aren’t you going to find Alyssa?”

The answer to him was the busy tone of the phone hanging up.

Rachel heard him mention Alyssa, and asked, “What’s wrong? Why did Travis go to Alyssa?”

“All of Hunt’s cooperation has been suspended now. There is news that Alyssa wants to acquire the company.” Colin said with an angry expression: “This ungrateful thing will fly to the branch. Deal with us in turn!”

Rachel looked surprised: “Could it be a mistake? How could she treat us? She…”

Colin looked up at her and sneered: “Oh, are you still protecting her?”

“I am not, I just think that Alyssa has never been a cruel person, how could she have treated …” Although Alyssa had a bad attitude towards her every time, she didn’t do anything to her either.

Therefore, Rachel felt that Alyssa would not do anything to the Hunt family.

“She’s just an ungrateful thing!” Colin still doesn’t feel that he has any reason to feel sorry for Alyssa.

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