Predestined Marriage Novel Chapter 879 – 880

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Chapter 879

Rachel listened to Colin’s words and nodded with a pleasing eyebrow: “Take medicine first.”

Colin didn’t say much.

Not long after he finished taking the medicine, Travis returned.

As soon as he entered the door, his gaze fell on Rachel.

Rachel didn’t know why Travis stared at her as soon as he came back, and looked at him nonchalantly: “Travis?”

Seeing Travis coming back, Colin frowned and asked: “At this time, you don’t deal with company affairs, what are you doing back?”

“Asking me what am I not doing?” Travis raised his eyebrows and pointed at Rachel who was sitting next to Colin: “It’s better to ask what your good lady did!”

Hearing this, Colin turned his head and glanced at Rachel, frowning more tightly, and said disapprovingly: “Travis, now is not the time for willfulness, go back to the company!”

“Alyssa is now the CEO of Adams’. She wants to deal with our company. It’s easy to do, so what if I go to the company?”

Travis walked to the sofa opposite the two and sat down, didn’t look at Rachel deeply.

Colin naturally knew that the current state was not optimistic. He took a few breaths full of anger and said, “You call her and I will tell her! Anyway, my blood is bleeding from her body. She can turn the sky over!”

“She won’t turn the sky, but it’s too easy to turn over our company.” Travis leaned back on the sofa, looking exhausted.

Rachel tentatively said, “It’s not that serious, she…”

“Do you think you know Alyssa well?” Travis sneered and said with a mockery: “I think you are right.”

Douglas and Isabel died one after another, and the blow to Colin was still great. After losing two relatives one after another, he seemed to wake up and finally realized that Rachel was his wife.

And he gradually cared about Rachel.

Hearing Travis mocking Rachel in this way, he defended her loudly: “How do you talk to your mother!”

“Where is she worthy to be a mother! If she hadn’t been able to educate Isabel well since she was a child, Isabel would not become what she was later on, nor would she be in vain! If she had fulfilled her duties as a mother, Alyssa would not, in turn, deal with our company!”

Two consecutive deaths in the family also had an impact on Travis.

Looking back at Isabel’s life, he felt chills in his heart when he saw Rachel.

Colin’s eyes widened, and angrily said, “How can Isabel’s death be blamed on your mother? And that Alyssa, this time she is completely ungrateful.”

“What’s the use of yelling at me? Go talk to Alyssa, and see if she wants to let our company go.” Travis was surprisingly calm.

Colin suddenly looked like a deflated balloon.

At this time, Rachel said: “Why don’t I… let me talk to her?”

Travis laughed: “Does your word work?”

Travis also turned to look at Rachel.

Rachel dodged his eyes and said, “Always try.”

Travis suddenly asked her: “The last time Alyssa came back to attend grandfather’s funeral, she was fine. Why is she suddenly dealing with our company? As her biological mother, don’t you know the reason?”

“She is not the Alyssa she used to be. How do I know what she is thinking.” Rachel smiled wryly.

Travis asked her casually: “What did you do when you went out frequently the last two days?”

Chapter 880

Rachel felt a guilty conscience when asked by Travis.

She reached out her hand and brushed the hair around her ears, and smiled stiffly: “I didn’t do anything, it was just shopping.”

“Travis, what the hell is going on with you today?” Colin frowned and said sternly: “As soon as you got back, you ran to the house and targeted your mother everywhere, and didn’t deal with the company’s affairs.”

At this moment, Travis’s mobile phone rang a new message alert tone.

Travis took out his mobile phone and clicked on the new message sent to him by the assistant. His expression was a little surprised at first, and he sneered after reading it.

He immediately raised his head to look at Colin: “I can’t handle the company’s business. Whoever stabbed the basket, will clean it up!”

When it came to the second half of the sentence, Travis’s eyes fell on Rachel’s body.

After Colin hosted two funerals in a row, although his attitude towards Rachel was better than before, it didn’t mean that he had no brains.

Although Travis usually ignores Rachel, he is not so deliberately directed at her.

What’s more, when the company had such a big problem, he made a special trip to target Rachel.

Although Travis’s abilities were average and couldn’t be a great weapon, he still knew the priorities.

Colin and Travis both looked at Rachel at the same time.

Rachel said with a guilty conscience: “I will pour you a glass of water.”

As the head of the family, Colin always likes to play with majesty.

How could this time give Rachel the opportunity to change the subject?

He screamed: “Stop!”

Rachel shuddered all over, and immediately stood there, did not dare to move or look back at Colin.

Looking at Rachel’s back, Colin asked in a serious tone, “Did you go to provoke Alyssa?”

“I…” Rachel moved her lips, always afraid to speak.

She also realized that Alyssa would not treat her as softly as before, but she never thought that Alyssa would really use any practical actions to retaliate.

After all, in her heart, Alyssa should just accept it and let her.

Sometimes she can feel that she has done a little too much.

But after another thought, Alyssa was her daughter, and even if she hated her again, she should endure it.

When she first heard about the company’s accident, she didn’t think about it at all.

“What are you doing? Does it seem that I have been too kind to you lately? You even dared to do tricks behind my back without letting me know!” The anger in Colin’s tone was already very obvious.

He doesn’t like Alyssa, but he also knows that he can’t afford Alyssa’s current identity.

Moreover, Rachel went to find Alyssa behind his back, which also didn’t take him seriously.

“No…No, I didn’t mean to keep you from knowing, I just wanted to get back justice for Isabel, I…”

“To shut up!”

Before Colin heard her finish her words, he interrupted her viciously with a grimace.

Isabel did all humiliating things in the following years, but Colin hurt her in the end, and felt a little sad about her death.

If you die, you die.

In the future, she will no longer be mentioned, and others will forget that there is such a daughter in the family.

But Rachel raised Isabel again.

“You don’t know what is the relationship between Isabel and Alyssa?” Travis laughed angrily: “You dare to go to the door and seek justice for Isabel? Are you acting stupid or really stupid?”

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