Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 1170

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Chapter 1170

Such a result, although it is speculation, is the clue that currently seems to fit the facts most. Although Jacob was more unwilling to believe this result than anyone else.

The boy’s hand hidden in his sleeve was suddenly clenched into a fist.

Luo Shiyu played the leading role, and Luo Mu and Silvia cooperated with her to carry on the slander of Irene to the end.

Luo mother cat cried the mouse fake compassion and said: “That Irene has bad reviews, spoiled and domineering, and vicious. If she likes you, my Grace will be her opponent. If I knew this, my Grace should let go earlier. Maybe it will not end up with no dead body.”

Silvia pretended to be a good person to comfort Mother Luo, “Don’t be too desperate. Miss Luo is just missing. Without finding her body, we can’t conclude that she is dead.”

Luo Shiyu filled with indignation: “For four full years, my sister has disappeared for four years. If she hadn’t encountered an accident, how could she not go home?”

As if Jacob’s ears were about to explode, a painful expression appeared on Jun’s face.

He feels guilty for his missing wife.

Luo Shiyu used her most affectionate and sexual character to destroy him and torture him, “Brother-in-law, you should recapture Media Asia and regain glory. Only in this way can you use your power to find my sister, and that two lovely children. Even if they are corpses, they should be retrieved so that they will not be lonely ghosts.”

Silvia added fuel and jealousy, “I know Irene best. I lived with her under the same roof since childhood. What she likes will definitely be her own, and what she doesn’t like will destroy it without reservation. I think that’s it. The selfish character made her do things to hurt Grace’s mother and son in order to get Zhan Xiaoyou. Later, because of the appearance of Yu Chengqian, a man richer than you, she became tired of you and destroyed you.”

Mother Luo said: “Your wife, your pair of sons, three lives, you should let Irene pay for it.”

Jacob’s head started to hurt sharply, he held his head in pain, thinking hard about the result.

The words of a few women may not be unbelievable.

After all, the first time he saw Irene, that stunning glance made him almost lose the self-control of a man.

He knew Irene’s position in his heart.

That is what can let him subvert the world and send her all the poisonous temptations.

Silvia and Luo Shiyu looked at each other evilly, and when their eyes met, the joy of victory was in sight in both eyes.

But at this moment, an angry roar sounded on the ground, “Shameless!”

Silvia and Luo Shiyu followed the prestige of teenagers. The faces of both people showed stunned expressions.

Luo Shiyu reacted quickly and smiled, “Yes, people like Irene are shameless at first.”

“I’m talking about you.” The young man said unceremoniously.

Luo Shiyu was very annoyed, “You kid, why you are so rude? If you say something, there is no reason for you to interrupt.”

The boy’s hand was taken out of his trouser pocket, and only then did Silvia and the others realize that his hand was clenched into a fist, and because of the force, the fingers were squeezed to be bloodless.

He looks very angry.

“You lie.” The boy’s voice didn’t have a hint of warmth.

Because of his words, Jacob seemed to have been redeemed, and his painful head was relieved.

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