Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 949

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Chapter 949

“You… Are you Grandmaster Lin?”

“That is, the King of the Blood Prison!!!”


After hearing the frightened voice of Bai Chen, Bai Wen and Bai Wu beside him could no longer contain the fear in their hearts.

They only felt their legs thumped and they fell to the ground.

Master Lin?

King of Blood Prison!

These two titles, like thunder rolling in the sky, making them completely stunned.

“No! Impossible!!!”

Bai Wen seemed to be mad, and shouted at the four grandmasters:

“You are mistaken, you must be mistaken! This little bastard is just a master! He is not a grandmaster at all!”

“You must have been cheated by him!”

After Bai Wu who was next to him reacted, his body trembled as well, and a gleam of light burst into his eyes:

“My brother is right! Bloody Buddha, don’t be fooled by this little beast! We have fought against him, and he has no such ability. You must not be deceived by this little beast. He is not the King of Blood Prison at all!”

They have red eyes, and it is always difficult to accept this fact.


After their words fell.

Huh huh!

The eyes of the bloody Buddha and the blood wolf suddenly splashed with seeping luster.

Little bastard?

Little beast?

“You two dare to insult our king, it’s almost death!”

The sorrowful voice fell.

The Bloody Buddha and the Blood Wolf-like ghosts suddenly flashed in front of Bai Wen and Bai Wu, two knives were swept out.

Puff puff!

Scarlet blood splashed instantly, spraying on the face of Bai Chen.

That kind of warmth and that kind of fishy sweetness made Bai Chen completely bewildered.

Especially, in his horrifying sight.

A line of blood appeared on Bai Wen and Bai Wu’s necks, and their heads slowly rolled down from their necks.


Seeing his bodyguards, who were crushed to death in front of his eyes, Bai Chen almost fainted with fright.


At this moment, he looked at Shaun again, more horrified and desperate:

“You… are you really the King of the Blood Prison?”

The voice trembled, incredible!

“Are you surprised?”

Shaun smiled and looked at Bai Chen as if looking at an ant:

“Unfortunately, it’s late!”

Hearing this, Bai Chen’s complexion was instantly pale as paper.

And the same!

In the backyard of Bai’s house, it was noisy.

They didn’t even know what happened inside. At this moment, the guests gathered in groups and kept talking.

“You said, Young Master Bai Chen will deal with Shaun in this way? I’m feeling Shaun is going to be dead!”

“That’s for sure! Young Master Bai Chen is a member of the Bai family in Jiangnan, their family is the white angel in charge! For Shaun, there is only one dead-end!”

“Oh! Speaking of it, that Shaun is not easy. After all, he can make Physicians like Zhang Shen respect him. He has some means! What a pity, he met someone from the Jiangnan Bai family!”


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