Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 1171

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Chapter 1171

Silvia and Luo Shiyu looked at each other, and there was a panic on their faces. However, they quickly recovered their calmness, because they concluded that the boy didn’t know the truth at all.

Jacob stared at the young man, “You said they lied, do you have any evidence?”

Luo Shiyu sneered and said, “Brother-in-law, he is just a child of unknown origin. How can he know about you and your sister?”

Jacob looked at the suddenly silent young man, his sexy lips curled up with a self-deprecating smile.

He wanted to excuse Irene from all guilt so much, so even if it was a vague hope, he was like grabbing a life-saving straw and gave high hopes.

Just when Jacob almost believed that the young man was making trouble, the young man said again, “Grace is a straw bag. It’s not wrong for you to marry Grace. But…”

The teenager suddenly stopped following.

Silvia expected that the young man couldn’t tell any valuable information. He only felt that he was making trouble. She was very unhappy and said, “You boy, don’t interrupt me if you can’t tell.”

Jacob scolded Silvia angrily, “Shut up.”

Silvia was shocked by his deterrence.

Jacob dragged his tired body to the boy, squatted and asked: “What do you know?”

The young man suddenly said, “Forget it. You will definitely not believe it if I tell it.”

Jacob blurted out, “I believe it.”

The young man was stunned for a long time, raising his eyes to look at Jacob, “You don’t want to believe that Irene will do things that hurt you, right? Then respect your heart?”

Jacob said: “I want evidence.”

Luo Shiyu spoiled the situation and said: “You child, Irene has three murders hanging on his body. How can I make my brother-in-law respect intuition? Intuition can also go wrong, and evidence is the truth.”

The young man said: “It was false that you married Grace back then. What you really want to marry is your dead lover Irene. That marriage was a marriage.”

Jacob was rocked by the news.

Silvia and Luo Shiyu burst into laughter.

Luo Shiyu said: “It’s so funny, Irene is alive and well, when did she die?”

Jacob also felt that the boy’s words were too absurd, and a touch of disappointment appeared on his face.

The young man suddenly grabbed his hand and said, “Believe me.”

Jacob looked at the young man, and for some reason, this young man gave him a great sense of trust.

“If I want me to believe you, I should show more evidence.” Jacob said.

These words seemed to be the key to opening the juvenile chatbox, the young man said: “Twelve years ago, Irene and Grace died in a car accident.”

The juvenile cherishes words like gold, and the expression is obscure.

Jacob turned to look at Father Luo, probably because he also saw that the women in this room were good at acting, and their words were not credible.

Father Luo was shocked that the tea cup in his hand accidentally fell on the table.

Mother Luo calmly said: “This child is only half right. Irene and Grace were indeed involved in a car accident together, but a day later, my daughter Grace woke up inexplicably.”

Jacob asked: “Where is Irene?”

Mother Luo said in a panic: “Who knows? The Yan family took her body away. How would we know whether it was life or death?”

The boy’s voice said sadly, “Irene is dead.”

A huge surprise appeared on Jacob’s face.

Silvia shouted: “How is this possible? If Irene died, then her body would have rotted long ago. There should be no Irene in this world. But Irene is alive and fragrant!”

Juvenile said: “Irene who is alive at this moment is not only Grace. It is also Irene.”

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